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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
sobing alone in front of a haunted piano

Lonely Threads
Lonely Threads

The purpose of this list is to post the links to your lonely threads in order to bring other players' attention to it. Simply post here with a link to the thread. If you'd like a certain type of person to join or have a particular plot in mind for it, feel free to include that. Once your thread has been replied to please edit your post and say so. The staff will then delete your request to keep things nice and neat.

In order to help the staff keep the list tidy, please refrain from grouping all of your open threads into one post. Post a new post  for each thread instead!

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Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Amelia Evans, @Marlena Scamander, or @Elsie Kirke with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Calla is headed right towards you and has quite figured out how to stop in her new skates. Set in Padmore Park on July 7th. Counts for the July challenge.

[Image: rerGI6.jpg]
Lady is utterly amazing!!
Ross is walking by the water at the Sanditon in the morning
— Open to a MC or WC adult —

PLOT SPROUT: Begin with the end middle in mind! Your character has witnessed or been victim to a crime at some point in the last few days. Here, we find ourselves at the middle: the incident has happened (and can be back-threadded), and how the matter proceeds kicks off from here!

Are You a Believer?Join the Faithful!

— graphics by rune ❤ —

PLOT SPROUT: A misdelivered parcel from Idunn's Secret Summer Potions Business has shown up at your home. You're not entirely sure what the potion does, but you hold onto it. Whether you take it or give it to someone else, well, that's up to you, but the effects of the sense-enhancing tonic (ALL the smells! ALL the sounds! See for MILES!) could be a blessing or a curse...

Graphics by MJ ♡
You surprised a centaur saboteur! (Open to Quidditch professionals/adjacents or Ministry types who could reasonably be investigating mayhem at Quidditch pitches)
Bastille Day and Henri is being accosted by a Parisian. Available for the July challenge if you need it but I'm not fussed if you want to go slower!

Rune made this! <3
Birthday? Yes. Happy? LOL no.

[Image: 3atPRkT.png]
graphics by MJ ♥ —
A centaur is snapping wands in a quidditch locker room
Someone is smoking up Percy's office ... by their ears

Pretties from Lady <3
Galina is walking in the forest and you've seen her.

July challenge eligible.

[Image: xKclfq.png]
an amazing bee work of art
Malou is lost in the Ladies Maze

Open to anyone at the Art of Gardening Exhibition (UC/MC)
July Challenge Eligible

[Image: FLXUg8.png]
An amazing MJ set
mermaid off the port bow! but really its just neridan singing on a rock

Lavinia's having a minor ~moment in the retiring room

[Image: 23zugat.png]
mj is a legend ♡ —

ST MUNGO'S FOLK: Balt is not at all a forthcoming patient.

[Image: bPQ55w6.png]
mj makes pretty things!

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