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In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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March 9, 1892 - Transfiguration Class
Staring down at the letter in her hands, June was unsure what to make of it; as an upper class woman there were little expectations for her to amount to anything in life outside of being a wife and mother, although that wasn’t to say she didn’t have aspirations of her own. For one, she was going to mull over every curse that existed until she found the perfect one to exact her revenge, and two, Juniper wanted to be much more than a housewife. A career was out of her reach but it didn’t mean she couldn’t do something else - a hobby, a charity, something to occupy her time outside of social events and tea parties. (Granted she enjoyed both, although there was only so much she could take of either.)

It was why when she, along with the other seventh years had received letters to Flint Institution she had stared at the letter for far longer than she should have. While she knew she couldn’t waltz in and demand to be taught dark arts (seeing as they were taught defense against the subject), she did consider how wandless and non-verbal magic might be helpful for her future goals. Plus learning how to duel even more properly would give her an upper hand when it came to Ophelia. June briefly wondered if her twin would want to continue her own education but waved the thought off, finding she didn’t care. They would be under the same roof and in each other’s pockets soon enough.

The letter crinkled in June’s hand as she tightened her grip on it, green hues mulling over the words for the hundredth time - she could probably recite every word from memory. It would certainly give her something to do with her time and something she would enjoy (and put to good use!), plus it would give Grace a heart attack. She huffed quietly as she picked up a small blue book, tucking the letter into the inside of it for safekeeping; then she placed it on top of the dreadful essay for Professor Foxwood she was finally ready to turn in - she could only hope it would help her NEWT grade at this point.

Walking to Professor’s Foxwood office felt like a walk of shame - last time he’d rejected June’s request for access to the restricted section and instead given her an essay to write to help his research. (She still wanted to walk in and toss the stupid book that hadn’t helped her at all at his head but he would probably frown at her and give her detention.) She paused at the door before exhaling lightly and tilting her chin higher. Then Juniper knocked lightly on the door. “Professor? Do you have a moment?”

He should know by now that Juniper wasn’t enjoying his class, and if it hadn't been for the essay she wouldn’t be bothering him at all with questions about Flint Institution. Still, she’d rather kill two birds with one stone than go visit another professor after this.

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Basil was surprised, to say the least, when Ms. Juniper Edevane showed up at his office door that day. He knew by now, after teaching her for almost four years, that Transfiguration was neither her best nor favorite subject. Honestly, he wondered why she’d elected to take it to NEWT level at all, but he was never one to discourage higher education in arguably the most important interesting subject at Hogwarts. Still, she owed him an essay and a book he’d leant out, so perhaps that was what brought her around all these weeks later.

Turning in his seat towards Ms. Edevane, Basil put down the quill he’d been using to grade. “Of course,” he replied. “Come in and, er— don’t mind the mess.” Basil stood to move a heap of papers and texts off a small stool in case she wanted to sit. It was that time of the year when things were starting to pile up: research inquiries to reply to, papers to grade, practical exams to plan and the whole rest of it all. Basil knew his organized chaos must appear like an absolute mess to an outsider and he felt warm under the collar at the thought.

Setting aside that heap on the floor just behind his own chair, Basil stood and dusted off his hands. “What can I do for you today Ms. Edevane?” He asked lightly.


June, offering Professor Foxwood a strained smile before thanking him as she stepped into his office, took a moment to glance around the room. It was quite messy with books and papers strewn about, and she wrapped her fingers tightly around the blue book in her hands as he cleared a spot. The Slytherin common room looked much the same, with books and papers strew about as people found any space to practice and study. June had taken over a spot in the library so she could study with Ida and Poppy, finally taking the time to finish the essay he’d assigned her a few months ago. It wasn’t her best work, but it was the most amount of time she’d taken to do anything for his class in quite some time.

So, she sat on the stool and slid the parchments with the book on top over it, the letter from Flint Institution tucked inside. “I, well…” June paused as she looked down at her hands neatly folded in her lap. She didn’t know why she suddenly felt nervous - would he think little of her if she chose to continue her education and not focus solely on finding a husband? Professor Foxwood was upper class, and she knew what his brother would think of her.

But, if he thought that, why would he consider a position there? June unfolded her hands and slid the pile over to him. “I’ve heard some rumbling that you may be helping the Flint Institution this summer, and before I wrote to Mr. Flint, I wanted your opinion of it.” She folded her hands back into her lap. “Is it worth it, even just for pleasure? Would this make me look strange…” A pause, then, “er?”

At that moment Juniper couldn’t decide why she’d decided to unload the question on Professor Foxwood, but she certainly couldn’t take it back now.

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Basil accepted the essay and the text that Ms. Edevane slid across the desk towards him, gratefully. It was one more thing to grade, but he was pleased that she’d taken it seriously. There had been a moment there were he was beginning to think Ms. Edevane simply had decided not to complete the assignment at all and he’d been rather disappointed in her. Now, especially as he picked up the essay and quickly skimmed the first few sentences, he felt more pride in her work than he had… probably ever. A pleased little dimple dotted the side of his face as Basil set it aside and focused on the girl herself.

She looked nervous, which immediately drew a crease to his brow. Leaning back in his seat, Basil picked up the text and flipped open to the pamphlet inside. He unfolded it carefully and studied it as Ms. Edevane spoke. He frowned a touch as she mentioned his working at the institute; the only place she could have heard that was from Poppy, who in turn heard it from… Atticus. Well, at least his brother was taking his position seriously, like it or not.

“I’ve considered it, yes,” he replied carefully. He didn’t want to confirm her suspicions, lest the news get out too entirely. He hadn’t yet had a chance to inform the Headmaster himself and he certainly didn’t want Black hearing it as passing gossip. Then, Ms. Edevane confided in him and something inside of Basil paused, forcing him to set aside his usual ‘higher education is always worthwhile’ lecture. She was concerned about being… strange. Now here was a more delicate topic that he did not feel prepared to manage.

Clearing his throat a touch, Basil considered her question. “Strictly speaking as your transfiguration professor: higher education, especially at an accredited institute is always a good thing. It can only serve to further your knowledge of the wider world, and this is an admirable ambition.” He offered her a gentle smile, hoping she realized he fully, righteously believed every word of it! “As a somewhat… reluctant member of the ton however,” Basil shifted in his seat uncomfortably. “I understand your concern about not wishing to appear odd to your peers.”

And he did understand. Just because he himself didn’t mind being whispered about as an academic, even an eccentric, didn’t mean that a young lady would tolerate the same! Especially one he’d never considered… particularly academic to begin with? At least not where his subject was concerned. He decided to give it to her flat. “It really comes down to what you believe is most important, Ms. Edevane. There will be naysayers, regardless of what you do. If not poking at your academic pursuits, then your… dress or shoes, or your last dance partner being unsuitable.” He frowned, pointedly. To him it was all ridiculous chatter. “But one thing is certain. If academia is where your interests lie, do not for a moment set your dreams aside for fear of being odd. Take it from someone who, decidedly, is.”

Perhaps that’s why Juniper had come to Professor Foxwood. She knew of his family dynamics from Poppy, and from the few times she’d overheard Atticus speak on the matter, but being someone tittering on the edge of an outcast never seemed to bother him. But he has those luxuries as a man - he could marry someone her age at fifty and no one would bat an eye, but if she had a few failed seasons, her life would be in shambles. Juniper didn’t want to be desperate. (Perhaps a life as a spinster would be good for her.) As it stood she didn’t have the luxury of being odd to her peers - who in their right mind would willingly court her when there was a smorgasbord of other debutantes who were much more willing to conform to their husbands whims?

She knew how to handle the naysayers; a well timed hex would take care of that. But Professor Foxwood was right. Debutantes - women in general - were catty and found absolutely everything and anything to mock about someone else. The blonde wasn’t an exception to that, either. It didn’t help that June would be compared to Ophelia every step of the way, from their dresses to their manners, to their dance partners and to their dowries being smaller because there were two of them presenting at once. She hadn’t even realized how overwhelming the entire process might be, but she wasn’t going to worry about the here and here. (Juniper wanted her mom more than anything right now.) Instead she’d whine to Poppy before she dumped all her emotions on Professor Foxwood. She smiled nervously back at him, amused by his passions. He’d always been one to go above and beyond for his students.

Juniper opened her mouth and shut it as she considered her words carefully. She smoothed her hands over her robes before entwining her fingers together. “It’s not that I’m reluctant to enter society, it’s just…” How would she put this? June raised her eyes for a moment, although she was quick to look elsewhere. “Professor, if I may speak frankly, I will go absolutely mad being a socialite. I… I understand what is expected of me, and I will conform, but I don't think I’m ready to.” Juniper lowered her gaze to her hands in her lap. “I worry that when it happens I will lose myself. My interests become my husband’s, my opinions kept to myself because they no longer matter. But Flint would be mine, and mine alone.”

Another sigh. “I want to, more than anything. I have dreams and goals that Flint will help me achieve, but then what? Will I be allowed to use it, or will I be stifled merely because I was born a female..” She trailed off, not finishing the thought. This was not going how she imagined it. She had just hoped he’d tell her no, it wouldn’t be strange, and that would be the end of it.

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