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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Elisabeth Rose
Full Name: Elisabeth Lucretia Rose
Nicknames: Elise, Lissie (twin only)
Birthdate: May 15, 1877
Current Age: 14 Years
Gender: Female
Occupation: Fourth Year
Reputation: 10

what you likely know

  • The Rose family are pureblood, old money, and are Swiss-French in origin.
  • The Rose family is known to conservative & blood purists.
  • Elisabeth & Johanne are the first of the Rose family to attend Hogwarts, as their family largely went to Beauxbatons.
  • Wilhelm Rose is a gentleman of leisure & his wife was a socialite.
  • Fortuna Rose died during the Laughing Plague of 1884.
  • Lavinia Hemlock is a spinster & following her sister's death, took over as the twins' chaperone / female authority figure.
  • Elisabeth is in the Book, French, Leisure Sports, & Music Clubs at Hogwarts
what you might know

  • Elisabeth & Johanne are set to go to Pendergast's School for Young Roses come September.
  • Johanne is not a blood purist at all, though Elisabeth is still in the process of unlearning the bigotry.
  • Since her second year, Elisabeth has grown a bit of an interest in learning about Muggles.
  • Elisabeth almost got burned & scarred in her fourth year due to @Christopher Darling spilling his experiment on her.
what you don't know

  • Johanne Rose is transgender and identifies as a man - Elisabeth has known this since their third year.
  • Lavinia Hemlock wants to marry Wilhelm Rose & so she's subtly been preventing him from remarrying.
  • Wilhelm Rose hasn't remarried because he doesn't believe he'll love anyone as much as he did Fortuna.

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Elm, 9.5", Swishy, Unicorn Hair
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Upper Class

the rose family
Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, the Rose family has bounced around the French side of Switzerland & France itself for centuries. Members of this family are known to have platinum blonde, nearly white hair, blue-grey eyes, and sharp features. Historically, they have been blood purists, conservative, and have very high expectations for the men of their family. All members of the Rose family have attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for their training if they were of magical birth, but if they were Squibs they were often cast out and burned off of the family tree as they were disgraces to their family. There also may have been a few that either ran away to be with those who the family deemed unfit to be in their ancestry and were cast out as well. Currently, there are a few branches of the Rose family still living in Geneva, Switzerland, but some have spread out to other places in Europe, such as England, France, and Germany.

Valentine Rose | 1820 | Paternal Grandfather
Amélie Rose née Weiss | 1829 | Paternal Grandmother
Valentine II Rose | 1848 | Paternal Uncle
   wife & children

Wilhelm Rose | 1850 | Father
Fortuna Rose née Hemlock | 1859-1884 | Mother
Johanne Rhea Rose | 1877 | Twin

the hemlock family
Founded originally in Rome, Italy, the Hemlock family has not moved a whole lot in the past few centuries, though in the last few decades has finally branched out to parts of England, France, and Switzerland. Members of this family are known for having names derived from Greek & Roman mythology, being trained at Beauxbaton Academy of Magic, having conservative and blood purist ideals, and producing far more daughters than they do sons. Despite the latter, they managed to put up a good fight and not die off. It’s common in this family to have many children to make sure there is at least one male. It is said the family gets their name from how mothers would poison their children if they were born Squibs, fathers would poison Mudblood lovers of their daughters, and so on. There is little evidence that exists that this ever happened, but you could argue that’s because evidence has since been destroyed.

Abraxas Hemlock | 1825-1891 | Maternal Grandfather
Daphne Hemlock née Knotts | 1835 | Maternal Grandmother
Lavinia Hemlock | 1855 | Maternal Aunt
Abraxas II Hemlock | 1872 | Maternal Uncle


height | 170 cm
weight | 54 kg
build | thin, but with slight curves
eye color | bluish-grey
hair color | platinum blonde
wand hand | ambidextrous, but prefers her right
scent | edelweiss
face claim | loren gray
fashion | her father has always spoiled her with all the latest fashions that could be found in witch weekly or on fashion plates, whether it be dresses or accessories. elise has a particular fondness for pale pinks, lavenders, and baby blues so those are often what you'll see her in. even when she is in her hogwarts uniform, however, she often wears two important pieces of jewelry - one is a delicate locket necklace that belonged to her mother (containing pictures of her parents when they were young) when she was still alive and one is a sapphire poison ring that obviously contains no poison inside of it, but it is an important Hemlock family heirloom she treasures.
demeanor | she was raised to be poised, graceful, and otherwise elegant with all that she does - polite smiles, gliding as she walks, charming laughter, and always mindful of proper etiquette, however, she has been known to let some of it slide when she's in private company with her twin or close friends that don't mind it. when she is telling a lie, she tends to play with her hair, whether it be fixing her bow or just twirling it around her finger. though she tries to mask it, it sometimes shows a little on her face when she's thinking something different than how she's behaving, for example, when she politely smiles you may see a flicker of judgment on her face.


1820-1876 | Valentine Rose and Amélie Weiss are born in Geneva, Switzerland, Abraxas Hemlock was born in Lyon, France, and Daphne Knotts was born in Paris, France. All four of them attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic when they came of age. The ladies only stayed long enough to get their basic magical training before attending a finishing school in their respective countries, whereas the men both graduated with their NEWTs. The Rose and Weiss families arrange an engagement between Valentine and Amélie and they are then married. The Hemlock and Knotts families arrange an engagement between Abraxas and Daphne and they are then married. Valentine and Amélie have two sons: Valentine II and Wilhelm, both born in Geneva, Switzerland, and also attend Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Abraxas and Daphne have three children: Lavinia, Fortuna, and Abraxas II, all born in Lyon, France, and also attend Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Valentine II and Wilhelm graduate with NEWTs, Lavinia and Fortuna stay long enough to get their basic magical training before attending finishing school in their respective countries. Valentine II marries and has children, the Rose and Hemlock families arrange a marriage between Wilhelm and Fortuna and they marry, Lavinia never marries as she is jealous and believes that she is in love with Wilhelm and hates how her sister was chosen over her. Abraxas II is still quite young but becomes Hemlock's heir.

1877 | Wilhelm worries for his family's safety, especially with a baby on the way, as tensions between the Wizarding world and the Muggle world grow stronger so when he hears about Hogsmeade, an all magic community, he sells his estate in Switzerland and moves his family out there. The other branches of the Hemlock and Rose family stay behind, forging themselves a new place to live within their own respective countries. In May, the married couple is blessed with twin girls*, which they name Johanne Rhea and Elisabeth Lucretia, respectively. Fortuna's health remains fragile even after the initial recovery from birth as it was a particularly rough pregnancy. She is also worried about her family's curse of having mostly girls, as it might mean she's unable to provide her husband with a proper heir.

1878-1883 | Despite being twins, it was clear that they were not alike at all, though their parents seemed to enjoy dressing them up and treating them like a duo as it was endearing to them. Elisabeth took to her etiquette classes right away, always such a proper little lady, and she seemed eager to make her governess proud of her. She enjoyed her music lessons as well as her lessons in French, which was mostly just learning the differences between it and Swiss-French which was largely spoken at home. That’s not to say Miss Elisabeth didn’t have her mischievous ways, even as young as she was. She quite enjoyed exploring the grounds of her family’s estate, peering at plants, small animals, and other wonders - though she would get quite a scolding if it meant she messed up her dress or tore her stockings because she fell while climbing a tree to inspect a bird’s nest. It was a common thing for her to be reminded that she must stay pretty, look neat, there was no reason for her to be so inquisitive. Elisabeth also found that she loved reading and the vast library of books that her father collected was her favorite thing. Of course, she could only read what her parents allowed her to read, but it didn’t stop her from longing to read the forbidden ones. Besides her twin, whom despite their differences, she loved very much, she was particularly close to her mother, who would often tell her (as long as she didn’t repeat it in front of her father) that she was destined for more than being a wife, and someday she’d understand. She’d cuddle with her mother while she read her stories, even non-fiction books, sometimes ones that Wilhelm wouldn’t approve of as Fortuna wanted to nourish her daughter’s curiosity, not squash it out. It should also be noted that Fortuna's younger brother, Abraxas II, started at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in 1883 and he'd regularly write letters to his sister and her husband about what it was like. Wilhelm often treated him like a son or a nephew, rather than a brother-in-law and he'd give him advice and would send him anything he asked for, just as he would do for Valentine II's children.

1884 | What was supposed to be a delightful Summer turned tragic when an incredible amount of disasters struck Hogsmeade; a drought, a fire, and a plague. The fire damaged much of their home, but it wasn’t that disaster that truly broke their hearts, it was when Fortuna, whose health never quite improved since the birth of her children, was infected with the Laughing Plague and passed away. Wilhelm, who was now widowed, traveled to France to be with his in-laws and have his wife’s body laid to rest at the graveyard where many of her ancestors were. It also helped because they could stay here while their home was being repaired and the last of the damage of the disasters could be cleaned up. Elisabeth was absolutely devastated, as she was closest to her mother, and she’d hide in her mother’s closet in her childhood room and refuse to come out. Abraxas, along with her cousins, as Valentine II and his wife and children, made the journey to France to support their extended family and did their best to cheer her up. What helped was her Grandmother, Daphne, giving her the locket that belonged to her mother and allowing her to wear it, even if she was only seven. Once the Rose Estate was finally repaired, they returned to Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade. Lavinia Hemlock, the children’s Aunt, was a Spinster by now, and she elected to come home with her brother-in-law as she would take over the mantle of raising Johanne and Elisabeth, as he could hardly do it without a wife. Of course, nobody knew that she had hoped that he would fall in love with her and marry her eventually.

1885-1887 | It was a quiet few years in the Rose household after the death of Fortuna Rose née Hemlock, as it was clear now that she was the light and heart of their family. Wilhelm spent most of his time in his study, barely interacting with anyone but his staff, and so the twins were left for their governess and their Aunt to deal with. Elisabeth didn’t really care for her Aunt Lavinia, who was nothing like her mother - she was cold, strict, and sounded much like her father when she scolded her for any little hair out of place. She didn’t let her nourish her curiosities or read her books - she was more interested in drilling her and Johanne on their language assignments and their art lessons. As children often pick up on things that adults don’t realize, Elisabeth noticed that her Aunt paid more attention to her father than perhaps she ought to, but as she was still young she didn’t understand enough to make anything of it. Her close-knit relationship with her twin only grew and she relied on him heavily for support as she felt he was the only one who understood her. In 1887 the Blishwick School of Domestic Magic opened and it was then that their mother’s old lady’s maid, Dorothy Hughes, who currently served Lavinia, sent her daughter, Nellie, who wasn’t much older than the twins, there. The hope was that someday she would rise through the ranks like she did and become the lady’s maid to Elisabeth or Johanne when they had families of their own. Elisabeth wasn’t typically allowed to play with the staff or their families, but she liked Nellie well enough anyway from the few times that they did play, so she was quite pleased to hear that she would be around more once she was trained up some, even if she was going to be working.

1888 | As they were the first of the Rose Family to live in this part of Europe, Elisabeth and Johanne became the first of their family to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when they turned eleven. Despite some sadness that she couldn’t go to the school her parents spoke so fondly of, Elisabeth was actually quite excited to see what was different about this school. Upon arriving at the castle, she found herself sorted into Slytherin, though she was a hat-stall as a potential for Ravenclaw, and she found herself fitting right in among the other young ladies. Right away, she found she had an affinity for Potions and seemed to always get high marks in that class and it would often be remarked that she’d make a fine Potioneer, though, of course, Elisabeth knew she would never have a career of her own. Wanting to make friends, she found herself joining a few clubs, particularly the Book Club, Leisure Sports Club, and Music Club. As she and her twin were in separate houses, as he was sorted into Gryffindor, she was forced to deal with a lot of things out on her own that she may have needed his support for. During her first year, she would not speak to anyone who was Muggleborn any longer than she had to, as she had been taught bigotry by her family. She would not use the slurs that her father would use, as she hardly thought it proper for a lady to use such language anyway, but if she heard another young lady whisper it she wouldn’t say anything to her either.

1889 | Elisabeth found herself missing Hogwarts more than anything when she came home for the summer, especially now that she was back with her controlling Aunt scolding her about every possible thing. Though it seemed Lavinia had it out for her twin more than her, and as much as she felt for him, she appreciated her distraction. What made the summer bearable was being able to talk to Nellie, who was home on weekends to practice what she had learned at her domestic service school. Though, Elisabeth had to be careful not to let them get caught otherwise she was sure her poor friend would get into a lot of trouble. When she wasn’t bothering Nellie, she was shut away in the estate’s library again, reading books that she hadn’t read yet and reviewing the textbooks she had from her first year. She also got more into playing her violin, as it was her favorite musical instrument and it was calming to play it as it reminded her of her mother who also played. Come September, she was back at Hogwarts for her second year, and this time she was far more confident about not having her twin’s attention all of the time. She continued to excel at Potions and Charms, though she floundered a bit in Herbology. Despite her interest in plants, especially flowers, she seemed to have whatever the opposite of a green thumb was. Her twin introduced her to a few of his friends and one of them was Muggleborn. She wasn’t surprised, exactly, but she was still rather apprehensive about it - especially as she knew their father would not like it. However, by the end of that school term, she had warmed up enough to them that she wasn’t so stand-offish and she even began to develop a bit of a fascination with Muggles and what they created, how they lived, and so forth. Of course, she didn't quite make this info public knowledge about herself, for fear of her father.

1890 | Abraxas II Hemlock graduates from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and he comes to Hogsmeade to visit his brother-in-law and his nieces* as they’re both home from Hogwarts for the Summer. As he’s closer to their age, he is something like an older brother to them and often takes the twins out to explore the village. Part of his reasoning for doing this, besides the fact he was quite fond of Johanne and Elisabeth, as he’d sent them letters just as often as he spoke to his brother-in-law, was because he needed time to breathe and to think. His father was getting quite ill and there was impending pressure on him to take over his estate and care for his mother. He was thinking of getting a job in the Ministry, just to have something to do, as being just a Gentleman of Leisure seemed absolutely boring. Abraxas II stayed even after his nieces* went off to Hogwarts again in September and did his best to get advice from his brother-in-law on what he ought to do. Elisabeth was particularly looking forward to her third year, as it was when she was able to take some extra classes. She chose Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, and Ghoul Studies and she added the newly formed French club to her list of extracurriculars. She had been curious to take Muggle Studies, but she knew that word would get back to her father and she couldn’t risk that - but the forbidden nature of it just intrigued her. Just before the winter holidays started, her Grandfather, Abraxas Hemlock, passed away in his sleep. The family went to France for the winter holidays to mourn and otherwise try not to have the most depressing Christmas ever. Elisabeth enjoyed seeing her cousins again as well as her other family members, but she wished she could spend it in Hogsmeade where she’d be able to visit her friends. While going through some of her grandfather’s things, they find old things of Fortuna’s among them and one of them is a sapphire poison ring, an heirloom, and it’s given to Elisabeth to wear as Johanne didn’t seem interested in it. Abraxas II Hemlock acquired a job at the French Ministry of Magic as well as fully inherited his father’s estate, which clearly seemed to overwhelm him, but he did not let anyone see it. After the winter holidays, Elisabeth and her twin go back to Hogwarts, though they are still in mourning, as their father believed it was important that they finish their term. It was this year that Johanne decided to confide in Elisabeth about his gender identity, which he’d figured out for sure while he was spending so much time with their Uncle Abraxas II. At first, Elisabeth was angry, confused, and didn’t listen to her twin, but after some time, she believed she loved him dearly and wanted him to be happy. So, in private, she began to refer to him as her brother, with masculine pronouns, but she warned him not to tell anyone else as nobody would understand the way she did - especially not their father and Aunt Lavinia.

1891-1892 | It was decided during the summer of 1891 that twins last year at Hogwarts would be their fourth year, and just like their Mother, Grandmothers, and Aunt, they would go to a finishing school. Pendergast's School for Young Roses seemed like a wonderful place for them to learn how to be proper society wives* someday. This decision made Elisabeth think of her mother and what she told her about how she was destined for more than just what she had done and Elisabeth loathed to think about how much she’d miss Hogwarts and her friends there. She confided heavily to Nellie, who by now was an official, employed housemaid of the Rose family, and she just reminded her of how lucky she was - perhaps she was right, Elisabeth would think. Upon returning to Hogwarts that September, she knew she would have to make the most of her final year there. She was kinder to those who spoke to her, she gave younger years good advice, and she spent a good portion of time in the school library reading all that she could about subjects she’d probably never get to read about again once she was in a school for learning how to hold a proper tea party. When the winter holidays came, a bitter feeling in her stomach came to pass, as the date of her last day at Hogwarts came nearer. Though she was in Switzerland with her family, as Valentine II held Christmas this year, she couldn’t help but send tons of letters back to Scotland, England, and Wales - wherever her friends happened to live as she wished she was there. Sometime after returning to Hogwarts, an incident occurred while she was working on some potions homework in the dungeons, quietly across from another fourth year student. His potion exploded, and it didn’t just explode like a normal potion, it went out with a bang that blasted her dress with not just whatever potion ingredients he put into it, but also some sort of chemical compound she’d never heard of before. There was a lot of screaming as it burned a hole through her dress, almost to her sensitive skin that would have had chemical burns for quite a while. The apologetic boy gave her his black robe to cover herself before she became immodest and she was taken immediately to the hospital wing. Thankfully, she was not harmed, but the dress was completely ruined and Elisabeth had to throw it away. During the meeting with the Headmaster, the Slytherin Head of House, and the Ravenclaw Head of House, the Darling family was billed for her dress, and a large number of points were taken from Ravenclaw, but Christopher would not be expelled as long as he didn’t cause a single problem for the remainder of the term. Elisabeth felt that this was fair, as she had not died or otherwise been harmed by this accident, but she had peers who believed he’d done it on purpose. As the final exams approach, Elisabeth spends most of her time in the Hogwarts Library, but you will also find her spending time sitting outside by the Black Lake, thinking quietly about how much she doesn’t want to leave Hogwarts forever.


strengths | ambitious, responsible, charming, intelligent, shrewd
weaknesses | snobbish, petty, judgmental, outspoken, stubborn
likes | politics, fancy gowns, greek & roman literature, gossiping, music, muggle science, stargazing, the color of lavender, her tea with an uncomfortable amount of sugar, winter weather, ice skating, edelweiss, leisure sports, unicorns, travelling to france & switzerland
dislikes | smell of alcohol & cigars, her twin's behavior, being compared to her twin, the world's sexism, needlepoint, the color orange, being talked down to, being talked over, insects & arachnids, pigeons, being told it's more important to look pretty than to have brains
habits | silent conversations with johanne just by looking at each other, gossips & meddles when she shouldn't, hums to herself if it gets too quiet, takes notes when people explain things and tends to ask for clarification to check her comprehension, always looks in the mirror when she passes it, taps her nails when she's thinking, tends to second guess her decisions, is a really sore loser in playing games
thoughts on class & blood | the rose family are known blood purists and have never really ventured out of the upper class if they could help it and so these principles were passed down to their children. while elisabeth knows her twin has never cared, though he has taken care so far not to embarrass them by stepping out of line, she is still a bit apprehensive about blood status and her twin has taken to trying to help her unlearn the bigotry. since then she has been kinder to muggleborn students in her class, but she wouldn't say she's particularly close to any of them in case her father hears about it. as for class, she will interact with middle class students as long they have a good reputation, though she knows better than to associate too heavily with the working class in an overly friendly way (although, her own closest confidant is her lady's maid in training, nellie hughes, and she has always been kind to her father's staff)


Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Ghoul Studies
History of Magic


  • Fluent in English, Swiss-French, & French
  • Plays the violin, piano, and has had voice lessons
  • Highly proficient in potions, has maintained an O for 4 years
  • Fairly good at Badminton & Lawn Tennis


amortentia | An indistinguishable scent of potions, freshly fallen snow, and new books
boggart | Herself as a bored, socialite housewife like her mother
hobbies | Brewing Potions, Music (piano, violin, singing), Leisure Sports, and Reading
patronus | Swan
pets | Janus (Horned Owl) - shared with Johanne

Sample Roleplay Post:

Elisabeth felt a wee bit like a cupcake, dressed in a frilly, baby pink gown, matching ribbons in her hair, and some of the finest pearls in her mother’s collection adorning her neck, but her mother had simply insisted that she look as elegant and ladylike as possible in order to win Mr. Fairchild over. As her lady's maid tightened her corset far more than usual, to the point where she was sure that she’d stop breathing, she wondered if maybe her brother had the right idea in running away from home before they subjected him to this mess. If only she had the courage to do it - but, alas, it was too late now and she’d have to put on a happy face if she planned on not completely embarrassing her family by failing at wooing Mr. Fairchild. Though, it was of her own opinion, that her loudmouth father and his public disdain for Mr. Fairchild’s mother having a position of power rather than being her husband’s personal servant, did that all on his own.

She had been idly wandering around the tea room until she’d been told to sit still and be a lady by her chaperone just in time for Matthew to join her. Elisabeth thought he was quite beautiful, she would give him that; he had golden hair and bright green eyes, like straight out of a fairytale, and that smile of his, it was far too charming for his own good. She was well versed in how the most beautiful of creatures could be the most deadly, so she would keep her wits about her. “They’re lovely, thank you, Mr. Fairchild,” she spoke as she graciously accepted the bouquet before handing them off to one of the maids to find a suitable vase to put them in. “It is quite wonderful to meet you as well. Please, if you’d like you may call me Elisabeth, or Elise, as we’re meant to be friendly, no?” They both took their seats and she made a note of the look that her chaperone gave her - it seemed perhaps she was being a bit too friendly.

Elisabeth recalled her etiquette training to know how to properly ask him about his tea preferences and pour his cup without spilling a drop - to swallow down the tea without as much sugar as she would have preferred because she didn’t want to look insane by putting five whole cubes in her teacup before they even had a chance to talk properly. “I do hope your trip here was agreeable. I find portals endlessly fascinating, but not the greatest on the stomach,” she winced, as motion sickness was hardly the topic to start with when one was trying to prove to be a worthy bride. She tried to salvage it by offering him yet another tea sandwich as a distraction from what she had just said, “Do, please tell me about your work. Do you work in the Council like your mother and your brother? I can’t understand it much, but I will do my best to keep up.” As I have a small, woman brain that cannot think deep thoughts, she thought with heavy sarcasm to herself all while daintily sipping her slightly sweetened tea, smiling sweetly, and keeping her doe eyes trained on Matthew.

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