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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

It's Time.
April 29th, 1892 — The Darrow house in Irvingly

It had been more than two months now, but the fact still hung in the air: Miss Clearwater had been gone a month, and in those months Charity had learned what it meant to go without her. Now, she wasn't so sure if she could be without her again.

It was like Miss Clearwater was going anywhere. On the contrary, it was herself that was going somewhere. September was approaching quickly, and with only months before her eleventh birthday their lessons had shifted. No longer was Miss Clearwater introducing new subjects and material, instead using their time together to review what Charity knew. Miss Clearwater never said it out loud, but Charity knew: their time together was coming to a close, and her governess was making sure she knew everything she needed to by the time she boarded the train at the Irvingly Station.

Her heart felt heavy, and as she closed her French textbook she found herself staring blankly at the large capital "F" on the cover, her lips drawn down into a frown. "You could do better than this, you know," she said, breaking the silence and sounding strangely exhausted as she did. "I know you could. You're so smart."

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Despite being gone for two months, Louisa had fallen back into her normal routine quite easily. It was peaceful in a way, knowing that nothing had changed really, at least where her mornings were concerned. After having been stuck in a trunk as a small insect, the ability to cross her room to the other side in three strides was a merciful blessing, and so was eating breakfast with her two hands. She even had a bit more patience for some of Charity's more....eclectic brand of questions. Somehow she found herself answering those with more enthusiasm than she had thought possible. But the fact of the matter was, she hadn't missed the questions so much as the person asking the questions. Over the past few years since she was employed by Mr. Darrow, she and Charity had gotten to know each other, Mr. Darrow had gotten married, bringing along Mrs. Darrow. Now Charity was almost due for Hogwarts, and it was suffice to say that Louisa had done her job right; they were merely revising and had been well before she had been kidnapped, but it still felt as if they had lost a great deal of time.

Which was why Louisa had wasted little time once she'd returned to start revising with Charity again. But as the summer drew closer, so did their studies. Oh, they would still revise, but even Louisa thought some rest and relaxation before school would do little harm, especially to a student like Charity.

But all of this meant that Charity would be leaving for Hogwarts, rendering Louisa's time as a governess moot. It was time to move on. She should be used to this by now, which she most certainly was. But there was always a bit of melancholy that came with seeing children off to Hogwarts. Not only would she now have to get used to a new setting but a new student. There was always hope that Louisa would keep a correspondence with her children while they were at Hogwarts, though having witnessed the marvels of the castle in person some times the children would get so wrapped up in their new studies and new home that the letters eventually dwindled away, just as the children got used to life at the castle.

Such as it is, Louisa would always tell herself, and though there was a sting of rejection that always happened, she would never dare to begrudge a student the joys of Hogwarts.

These were the thoughts swirling in Louisa's mind this afternoon as their lesson winded down. In fact, she was more distracted than usual and found herself completely missing the first part of Charity's statement. "Mmm?" She perked to attention not for the first time that afternoon. "I beg your pardon, Charity, I was miles away." The governess rested her hand affectionately on top of Charity's head in apology before she moved to completely face her. "What did you say?"

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