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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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April 27, 1892 - Hogwarts
It was a true miracle Gus didn’t trip over his own two feet while rushing out the door of his office, the wailing still ringing in his ears. He half apologized to a student as he nearly ran them over, finangling his way around them as he pushed open the door leading to the outside, nearly cursing at how cold it was for April. Gus was a warm weather person; he’d sit outside all day even dripping in sweat. During the winter he’d rather be bundled up next to the fire with a hot cup of Irish tea.

Instead Gus made his way down to the greenhouse where he hoped Mason was currently at. It had been some foul joke to put a screeching mandrake in his office, and Gus, unknowingly, had stumbled into the room carrying his latest batch of essays, when the piercing screech of a young mandrake shook him to his core. A prank, he supposed, by a student who was still trying to prove his worth as a professor. He had to do a much better job at remembering to actually lock the door to his office when he wasn’t in it.

Proven at his time in Hogwarts Gus neither had a green thumb or good enough herbology grades to know how to deal with the baby mandrake on his floor - even as he’d run out the door and closed the door behind him, he could still hear its wails. He could only hope it wouldn’t cause harm to a student.

Panting, Gus pushed open the door as he barged into the greenhouse, thankful he wasn’t interrupting one of his classes. Taking a quick glance around, he could only notice all kinds of pots and plants, although he knew he couldn’t name a single thing. He took a minute to regain his ability to breathe, leaning against the glass windows. He was thankful for a beat of silence before he finally spoke

“Skeeter, I know you’re probably busy, but…” Gus always needed something from the elder professor: advice, a shoulder to lean on, someone to listen to his lame joke at meals. He mustered up an embarrassed laugh as he rubbed the back of his head. “How fast do you think we could move a mandrake from, let’s say, a certain professor’s office to here?”

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Gus' intrusion into the Greenhouse was met with a raised eyebrow and a skeptical quirk of his head. A mandrake? Really? Mason wasn't sure how one of those would end up missing from his greenhouse, nor how it wound up in Guss office, but he was already unamused. "Considering you're still standing, it shouldn't be too hard. However I do not envy the student behind this, as stealing from my greenhouses will earn a long consequence." Even the teenage ones could knock a fully grown man out for hours; the repercussions of such a prank could legitimately be deadly.

"Luckily, mine are still young enough to be handled easily enough." Mason sighed as he stood up, and brushed the dirt from his hands where he'd been planting sunflower seedlings. "I hope nobody else was around..." He mumbled to himself, shaking his head.

"My beeswax is in my office, let's go." His outdoor office, and really the only one he used, was attached to greenhouse one. The small one he had inside, as well as the classroom reserved for lessons only in the extreme cold, had yet to be used in his tenure thus far. Frankly Mason always wished his living quarters could be out attached to the greenhouses too, but understood he was quite useless out there.

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magic by MJ the magnificent
Gus couldn’t help but laugh as he rubbed the back of his head; of course he had plans to deal with the student himself, but it hadn’t crossed his mind Mason would do so as well. Maybe they’d just have to deal with that together when they crossed that bridge, although seeing as it was Mason’s mandrake that had been stolen, he’d let him take the reins. He breathed out as the other professor stood up, thankful he was willing to help him. Gus hadn’t touched nor come in contact with a mandrake since he’d been at Hogwarts and it hadn’t been a surprise to anyone when he’d dropped Herbology after his OWLs. A green thumb was not something he had, nor would he ever.

Nodding, Gus followed Mason into his office. He could only hope the wailing wouldn’t reach the ears of anyone else. “Beeswax? To stuff our ears?” He asked, pausing to take a glance around the room. He hadn’t even realized this part of the greenhouse existed, as he’d always found Mason in one of two spots when he came looking: the office he’d barged into, or the classroom where he luckily had yet to barge into when there was a class going on.

“I did kind of leave it on my floor.” Gus mumbled as he stayed in the doorway waiting for Mason to grab the items, his fingers twisting against his robes. “I forgot how loud they are.” Because that was helpful in this situation.

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Thoroughly disgruntled at the carelessness of whomever tried to pull his off, Mason threw open the cabinet in his office and rifled through the shelf and pulled the jar from the back. "The mandrakes are still young but can cause damage if not tempered." He growled to himself. Somebody was going to be in big trouble indeed.

"You're lucky you're not knocked out on the floor with it." Damn foolish children. There was some hard labor in someone's future. "Grab that pot there." Mason gestured toward a stack by the door while he moved toward the sack of soil on the opposite side. If they were lucky the thing fell asleep, but Mason somewhat doubted that. They liked the dark of the soil to do that.

Mason emptied some soil into the pot and hoisted it easily in one arm. "Come on," He scowled and pushed through the door once more.

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magic by MJ the magnificent

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