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May 1892
May 1892

This month, the full moon will be on Wednesday, May 11th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of May.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


ACAB | REP #6+ | Flower Show/Dance

What: Flower Show & Spring Fling
Who: Those of good reputation of any class are welcome to enjoy the daytime flower show. The evening event will be catered more toward the middle class and respectable working class, but will not turn away those of the upper class who don't mind a middle class event!
Cost: Donations strongly suggested and will benefit local charities
Where: The Potts Family Home in Hogsmeade
Why: Because Laurel likes to show off her daughters family's hard work and talent!
When: May 14th, 1892

During the day, a large tent and gardens will be transformed into a flower show of epic proportions. Laurel spares no expense in showing off what The Florist Potts has to offer in regards to young ladies needing to be married flowers, arrangements and exotic fare. Flowers and local artists will be on display; arrangements to be purchased and there will be a small workshop on creating arrangements for anyone who would like to participate! The youths are welcome to this portion of the day, as it falls on a Hogsmeade visit from Hogwarts!

The evening is, for all intents and purposes, more of a country dance than a ball, and is a little looser in propriety, leaning more toward an Irish Ceili, with lively music, group dancing and light refreshments. Don't worry, there will also be some more traditional society dances mixed in as well if you unsure of the steps.

Contact Player(s): @Daffodil Potts


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delightful Daff!set by MJ
ABAB (some upper MC)| REP 6+ | Horse Race

What: Hogsmeade Derby
Who: Bankrolled by the Blackwoods, and Foxwoods (contact me if you want in on this)
Anyone in the WC or MC can buy a ticket and attend to the lower circles

Ginny is giving invites to all of her usual fun people set regardless of blood - if you are UCPB assume an invitation has been issued by her parents.
Hanover Enclosure - 2 sickles for upper stands, nosebleed seats, noisey, crowded, and with a questionable view
Merlin Enclosure - 1-5gs - there are some different MC seating options within this areas, broadly Upper MC to UC segregation.
Upper Circle - no cost, invitation only by one of the sponsoring families- Minister for magic and wife get an invite, but no other ministry unless UCPB's.

Derby Ball - No Cost

A cost to enter horses - 20g - if you think you've got one fast enough, but a large purse for the winner. If you enter a horse you'll be invited to the Upper circle regardless of class - how you're treated is another question.

Where: A magically created racecourse accessed from near padmore park
Why: The Blackwoods especially are mad for horses and Royal Ascot is a big ol' thing and its an opportunity to see and be seen.

When: 15th May

Race day kicks off early, lots of fun, boisterous carnival atmosphere in the WC and lower MC tiers. Beer and food will be available.

Merlin Enclosure - more sedate but also more exclusive, sunday best expected - afternoon tea and set menus available, betting agents will come to you.

Upper Circle - Decadent food and drink options, everything comes to you and is comped

There will be a ball at the Blackwood estate afterwards for the usual UC and upper MC set. You might not be invited to the Upper circle but may get a tap for the ball.

Contact Player(s): Dante


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