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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Violet Vivienne Valentine
Full Name: Violet Vivienne Valentine.
Nicknames: Vi.
Birthdate: April 27th, 1873.
Current Age: 18.
Gender: Female.
Occupation: Doomed Debutante; Memoir Writer.
Reputation: 4-5? [avoids chaperones, spends time with the opposite sex, general oddness, plus whatever staff's discretion is towards her parents shipping her off to her grandmothers in Hogsmeade.].
Residence: Hogsmeade; Wellingtonshire.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumni. [1884-1891].
Wand: 10 ⅜” - Cypress - Unicorn Hair - Supple.
Blood Status: Halfblood.
Social Class: Upperclass.

Father - Vernon Valentine
Mother - Victoria Valentine nee ‘Blank’ - [Beauxbatons Alumni]
Brother - Victor Valentine - [Hogwarts; 1874-1881]
Sister - Viola Valentine - [Hogwarts; 1885-1892]
Brother - Vincent Valentine - [Hogwarts; 1889-1896]
Sister - Venus Valentine -  incoming first year [1892-1899]
Brother - Vigo Valentine - incoming first year [1892-1899]
Grandmother - Veronica Valentine

Standing at an impressively short 4’ 10”, Violet rarely shows anything but confidence and joy on her smiling face. She is quite slender, and despite her height still manages to look a bit willowy. Her deep dark brown eyes match her dark brown hair [which almost looks black], and both standout against Violet’s extremely fair skin. Her hair is waist length and wavy. She had higher cheekbones, and a general innocence to her facial features overall. All of her dresses are of the latest fashion trends as Violet’s grandmother still does her best to keep the girl dressing as pleasingly as possible. Although nowadays with the mischief and adventures that Violet embarks on it is common to see the hems looking slightly miskept.

Violet was born the third child to the Valentines. While on the surface the Valentine’s seemed loving and caring and like they have all of their children’s best interests in mind, for their children that are actually living through it, the control that monitors their lives has been rather crippling. Everything for all of the children has always been planned and perfected as best to avoid any mishaps or hiccups in the plans for their futures. This path shaped Violet into a rather introverted, shy and meek girl as she would often obey everything to a tee and should anything unplanned happen she’d become rather withdrawn as she was fearful of messing up. Often finding that her presence was to follow ‘Be seen, not heard.’, and only speaking up when spoken to.

-Academic Years:
Quickly sorted into Hufflepuff, Violet’s introverted personality helped her naturally lean into a more studious nature. She often had to be approached first by others as she was too shy to actively seek out friendship on her own, and because of this only had a smaller group of close friends that she made over the years. While her shyness did make things difficult, once Violet got over the awkward small talk of making a new friend she quickly opened up and would do anything for them. Her classes at Hogwarts were: Alchemy, Astronomy, Ancient runes, Charms, Divination, and Herbology. Her favorite class by far was Herbology. Violet had always loved painting various things outside with her sisters, and found the greenhouses to be an excellent space of comfort and focus when it came time to study before exams.

-After Schooling:
Since graduation Violet has had her life turned upside down when herself and a group of her closest friends went to go see a renowned seer over the holidays [winter 1891]. While the other girls were told tales of a happy and hopeful future, Violet was instead greeted by a look of fear and devastation on the seer woman's face before she announced confidently that Violet was sadly going to die around Hallows’ Eve 1894. It was a bold statement that left Vi rather shell-shocked for the month following as suddenly her life of listening and doing everything she was told seemed to gray around her in a blur of depression.

In February 1892 Violet seemed to have a revelation as she started to dodge her chaperones and begin attempting anything she would have previously been far too shy to even muster up half of the courage to do. With her desire to adventure seek, and a countdown forever shadowing her, Violet has become almost recklessly fearless as she’s determined to enjoy the last few years of her life. A jarring change of personality for those around her as the only ones that know of her fate are the girls that were in attendance with her. She often finds the confidence and bravery from the knowledge that while something is dangerous, it in theory isn’t what kills her.

This concept has fed in with her careless exploits, as prior to finding the courage to take on such things she’d often read books and admire the main characters' feats as ones she would have been far too meek to go forward with. Nowadays she will often assess situations and whatever seems most likely that a main character would do, that is the route she will take. Wanting to leave something behind as she has fallen in love with this new found sense of self and freedom [something that felt like a distant dream with how her parents expected her to be], Violet has begun to write about all of her adventures in a diary style memoir.

Violet’s parents have recently shipped her off to live with her grandmother in Hogsmeade as her reckless abandon toward societal norms has left them perplexed and embarrassed. While not completely disowned, it is quite obvious that she is being hidden away from the Valentine’s regular guests at their London home. They don’t want Violet’s sudden dramatic change to hinder her brother Victor’s chances of finding a woman to marry as it is a task they have been suffocatingly eager about arranging.

Taurus; Introvert turned Extrovert; Recklessly Fearless; Brave; Adventurous; Adrenaline Junkie; Impulsive; Confident; Passionate; Determined; Studious; Motivated; Ambitious; Blunt; Direct; Confrontational; Stubborn; Secretive; Caring; Loyal; Warmhearted; Cheerful; Enthusiastic; Gullible; Speaks her mind; Doesn’t care what others think about her; Good at controlling her emotions;

-Patronus: Spotted doe.
-Amortentia: Old books, flowers, fresh rain.
-Boggart: Herself, completely alone and forgotten.

-Loves sketching and painting. Prefers using watercolors and gouache, and will normally paint scenery.
-Has kept her love of plants from her school days but now enjoys exploring and finding unique subjects to draw.
-During her school years she would go out of her way to study in the greenhouses as often as possible.
-Fluent in English, French, and Korean.
-Can play the violin.
-Is a bookworm. Loves losing herself in a great adventure read.
-Probably the only thing that she still lacks the confidence to do is anything flirting/love related.

Name: Stefanie.
Age: 32.
Contact: Discord.
Other Characters: Imane Tuttle, Barnabas Beck, Beryl Wixeldorf, and Ludwig Minty.
How did you hear about us?: Overlord Kayte.
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