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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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a thousand words, in graphite
March 3rd, 1892 — Hufflepuff Common Room

It wasn't uncommon to see Sera curled up in one of the armchairs in front of the fireplace, holding a well-loved sketchbook that wasn't her own, gingerly flipping through the pages. What was uncommon was for her to be static, staring at one elegant portrait, one singular piece of her late mother's art that made her ponder.

What's he like? she thought, staring at the light eyes, the noble nose, the smile. Is he a good person? A good vampire? Where is he? Why hasn't he found me? Logically, she knew these answers. First and foremost, he lived in France. He probably couldn't be bothered to look for a bastard daughter whose mother probably never sent him a single letter letting him know she even existed. She couldn't risk it. The parchment, the ink, it was all more than they could reasonably afford. It was ink or food. Paper or the roof over their heads.

And then she'd been killed.

He was handsome, though. For a black and white sketch. But Sera didn't even know his name — her mother had felt it was too sad to talk about. "Who are you?" she muttered, tracing the edge of the page.

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Yuri didn't spend much time in what could be called 'deep' or philosophical thinking, it wouldn't do him much good and there were no answers to any quesitons that might occur to him. And yet- he could see it in others and as his own thoughts were often uncomfortable he assumed it to be the case for others. In this instance his assumption seemed to be correct.

'Are you alright Sera?' he asked, moving from the alcove near the fire, that was essentially his favorite spot to sit closer to her, on the proper sofa's. 'You seem...sad?' he bit his lip and perched on the edge of the sofa.

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Sera looked up from her mother's old sketchbook at Yuri's approach, giving a light smile by way of greeting as he spoke. Her fellow second year was one of the only ones who really understood some of Sera's plight. His story was arguably just as sad as her own, in its own way. "I am a little sad," she admitted, turning the sketchbook to show him the piece she was contemplating. "Mama always said this was my Papa. She met him in France, she said, and he was extra nice, for a vampire. But she never wanted to bother him about me. He had a life of his own."

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'You ought to write to 'im' he said, with all the sage reflection and circumspection of an orphan who would give his left eye for any semblance of a family. 'You never know how he might think' The words fell out of his mouth in a tumble, enthusism and childish excitement acting in equal measure to come up with this genius plan.

'my Pa's prolly dead, and maybe a muggle, but I would still give about anyfing to see him,' he added 'But if I thought an owl might find 'im, let him know I were 'ere I don't think I could be stopped.' he shrugged, 'You never know he might want you, you might have a dad, or maybe other siblings, if they was grown and with families you could stay with them - or even just to pay for school.' it was all excitement and babbling.

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It was nice to think about, wasn't it, that her father was out there somewhere. That he might care to know about her. That he might want her. There was just one snag in Yuri's plan, and it was a major one.

"Don't know his name, Yuri," she stated plainly, tracing the drawing's shoulder with a finger. It was old enough now that it didn't smudge. "Mama never told me. She promised she'd tell when I got my letter for here, but she got killed before it happened." Sera didn't talk about her mother very often, and when she did, she got a little extra sad. After all, she'd watched the woman die. It was terrible, confronting the mortality of a parent at such a young age.

That was why she brought her mama's notebook to school. Because even if she didn't talk about her, she carried something of her around, and kept that memory alive.

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'We could try and find him!' Yuri exclaimed enthusiastically. 'I know a vampire, and I'm sure some of the professors do as well' he explained, thinking of the one that hung around the Hogsmeade graveyard that he had trades jibes with. 'They might know some!

'People track down on families all the time There was a chance for Sera to find someone from her family, maybe even some human relatives - since vampires had those too. 'We should try at least!' he almost pleaded. 'You never know!'

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"Be kinda hard here at school," Sera sighed. She didn't doubt the faculty knew of vampires in the area, but she did doubt that they associated with them. Most people didn't associate with vampires, and she knew it. "I don't even know where he is now. I doubt your vampire friend would know him."

It would be like finding a needle in a haystack without a name.

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'owls is able to find people all over with only vague locations! he exclaimed, so now entirely taken up with the idea, 'Please let me try! he begged, 'If I find him, then you'll have someone in the world, and if not -then...sure you're no worse than now.'

What he wouldn't have given to have had even the vaguest hope of finding his mother. He had tried it himself once, he had written addressed only to 'the mother of Yuri Podsnapper' and the lady who ran the home for inconvenient children got a letter only back from a ministry person telling him not to send owls to muggle workhouses and confirming that his mother was dead.

So both of his parents were likely dead - even if he had been able to find his father, he would be old now, older than most peoples his ages parents at any rate - and he had no where to start, not a shred of information to go on, what little that might have been preserved was lost to him when he was turned into a statue for 15 years - it had taken all of the ministries sleuthing to find his name and the last known orphan house that he had been farmed out to prior to his transformation in order to discern that much. And there was no need or care to sleuth any further.

If he could do anything to reunite with his family, however lowly they might be, he would do it. Although the thought felt like a betrayal of Mister Mondragon's kindness.

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Sera thought. For several moments, she was just quiet, thinking, wondering what she could do. She opened the sketchbook again, and one finger gingerly traced the jawline of the man in the drawing. She wondered what he was like. Was he kind? Was he cruel? Would he accept her?

"You really think I could do it? Just write a letter and address it vaguely, and the owl would know where to go?" she finally asked, closing the book again and looking Yuri straight on. Maybe she would do it. Maybe she wouldn't.

Who knew?

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Yuri nodded, in complete conviction, 'I can do it if you don't want to' he volunteered. he had already thought of a few people in the village who might have some ideas or suggestions as to where to start and he wondered if Mister Mondragon's upstairs maid, a rather angry French woman, might even help him write the letter in French. Yuri assumed that she was angry, he didnt understand her most of the time, she just spoke very fast and very loud.

'Nuffin to loose if it doesn't' he added hastily in answer to her general question. 'An' if you find 'im he might be interested - 'e might not, but nuffin changes if he doesn't.' it was easy to be philosophical, when you had nothing to lose, and he assumed that almost everyone lived in that very cavalier space.

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Seraphina closed her eyes and the sketchbook, flopping backwards into the back of the seat and sighing. It couldn't be that easy, could it? There was no way. "I'll think about it," she huffed. "I don't even know if I really want to meet him. What if he's one of the bad vampires? One of the ones who kills people? Maybe he wasn't back then but he might be now."

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Yuri nodded enthusiastically, 'Do!' he begged, 'Like I said some of the vampires I know from 'afore would probably help, they ain't so bad really. ' he said, thinking of the many oppertunities they had to eat him and no one would have cared. 'and sure if he's 'orrid you just dun need to talk to him again, if he's far away and just writes then he's not likely to bother you.' Yuri explained, all of his enthusiasm barely contained by the capacity of his childish frame. 'And he wouldn't dare, not if you tell'em in the letter that you've let people know you're getting in touch wif' 'im.'

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