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Whenever possible, Witch Weekly writers love to reference IC happenings. One issue that we run into is that we often lack for content - either because by the time our issues run, threads have yet to be started or are only just getting off the ground, or because the vast majority of characters who attend parties won't have threads. While this is understandable (do you need to have a thread at every party with your wallflower standing about looking awkward, or would you prefer to only have one or two?), it does make our job more difficult for event coverage and scandal hunting.

That's where this thread comes in! From time to time, Wenches may post here soliciting input for what was going on at a particular event, regardless of whether you plan to thread it or not. You may also post here at any time with anything interesting your character may be doing. Examples might be:

Annabelle Scrimgeour is attending this ice-skating party in the park, but expect her to spend about 90% of the time falling down.

Grace Grimm is not coping with the Holyhead season very well, so expect her to be drunk and possibly embarrassing at this Quidditch party.

You can also post more general things, like:

Prunella Vaisey can be assumed to be loitering awkwardly on the edge of every party she's invited to. She doesn't have great social skills.

Aldous Crouch's limp will be more pronounced over the next two months because he broke his old cane and this new one sucks.

Obviously, posting here implies you consent to being mentioned in Witch Weekly. This could include more speculative gossip - i.e., "Miss Scrimgeour could hardly stay upright at the ice-skating party; do you think she was intoxicated or is she always this graceless?"
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Marmaduke is as much a charmer at parties as ever. Still trying to woo girls with prose about 'til death do he part - and goodness, is he vivid about the death part.

Two (or more!) witches who would have attended the harvest ball in some harvest/crop-inspired attire. You can tell me what it is, or if you don't care and don't want to waste the mental energy I can make it up and you can be surprised when you read about it in WW ;)

A tribute who would have attended the Singles Soiree and is open to having some sort of mishap occur which will then be discussed and speculated about in a WW feature this coming weekend.

Suuuper open but one possible example: deb has a very public wardrobe malfunction, which the article speculates was intentional because they're just so desperate for male attention.

You can come up with the incident and let me know (or link me to an open thread), or I can and you can roll with the punches ;)
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@William Abbott and Diana are officially courting as of April 14th! They'll be together at the Swan Lake Ball (with appropriate chaperoning); thread to be linked anon).

Stand by, we’re working out logistics we neglected to pay attention to. Type of ball might change lol
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We're doing a #FlashEdition of Lonely Hearts this weekend! Please send them to @Ursula Black if you have any characters (or unplayed relatives :P) who would be inclined to send one in!

set by MJ <3

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