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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

This Is: Gus

This is Gus. He's a former Hufflepuff who ran off at the age of eighteen to be a Curse Breaker because needed an adventure, woke up one morning terribly homesick and well, came home. Now he's the DADA professor at Hogwarts, so yay. He's a pretty happy guy; he laughs a lot, especially in uncomfortable situation and he's always in motion.

Friends: Gus is a MCPB who hasn't been around in like a decade, outside of the occasional visit home. Any friends from Hogwarts are welcome, or even any people he may have met throughout his time travelling the world. Curse Breaker colleagues, now and or in the past are always welcome. Any current Hogwarts staff too, he'd probably try to befriend.

Love Interests: Well, he's in love with someone, oops. (Looking at you Basil, plslovemeback) But currently they're not ~together~ so any hookups are warranted. He's not interested in women, although if some lucky lady wanted a past experience with him (where the experience was so bad and lackluster he swore off women lol) at Hogwarts, sometimes in '79-'80 sure.

Disdain: Gus can be a lot to handle to some. He's a little too happy, he like to presume things and then assume he's right. I'm sure he rubbed people the wrong way. (He might not notice though lol)

Other: I'll toss him into any situation at least once. He'll be fine

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   Basil Foxwood
My Hogwarts crew includes @Sloane Bixby who likes his class, but it super bad at it. @Mason Skeeter herbology professor, older by a bit, though they may have overlapped in Hufflepuff for a year? Sorry easygoing guy and a veteran teacher with almost 10 years on the job. @Phineas Black is your asshole headmaster, but he's reclusive and mostly useless.

Outside school I have @Eugene Scamander who was a year above him, but also a Puff, he works in the beast division of the ministry. Chatty and generally likeable chap, does have was tiny scandal cloud hanging over his head in the form of an elopement and the son he now raises on his own xS

@Jesse Hatchitt is also in the age bracket, as is @Bronwyn Moony and @Lennox Vaillancourt. Those three are a mixed bag of wildly different connections, but hey, why not? Lol

[Image: l4aokx.png]
delightful Daff!set by MJ
Eldritch Morgan, obviously - we can chat more details about them on Discord and get a thread started whenever you want one!

Also Ford here was a few years behind him in school and also a Hufflepuff. He's bisexual, heartbroken and pining so... prime "one-time-hookup-to-distract-from-my-other-issues" territory ;) If you want to throw them together sometime when Gus is outside of Hogwarts and see what happens I'm game!

Bree made this because she loves me <3
Did someone say Hogwarts staff? Well, I do have some potential friends, just let me know if either interests you <3

I have one panicky, disaster tall the librarian Beth, who appears the opposite of your boy here and has absolutely no backbone (and hardly a hateful bone in her frail body) lol. Would be too scared to make friends and is very awkward but wouldn't have the gall to stop him from befriending her if he tried most of her friends are probably just more extroverted persons adopting her introverted self ha

I also have the nurse, Aunty Ruth (@Genevieve White ), who hasn't really met a member of staff she doesn't like yet. Charming, mischievous ol' Southern Belle who is always good for a friendly cup of tea (sweet tea, not the nasty English stuff) and a chat <3

(Otto is out of his social circle and too old to have been close during Hogwarts, unfortunately!)

Lovely set by Kit <3
[Image: qLh1ks.png]
[Image: f-is-for-friends-who-do-stuff-together-spongebob.gif]
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   Daffodil Potts, Ida Chang
Aww, Gus might try to help @Sloane Bixby, but makes no promises lol. @Mason Skeeter will probably be bothered a lot because Gus is brand new at this and probably is like IDK what I'm doing or why I decided to do this career, helpplease.

@Eugene Scamander Aww, we could still throw them together, or have them be Hogwarts friends. I think Gus would like him haha. I don't think Gus would be bothered all that much but his scandal, or, well, probably even know about it haha. Can't say he kept up with much while he was doing his own thing as a Curse Breaker.

@Jesse Hatchitt, @Bronwyn Moony @Lennox Vaillancourt, I would throw Gus at all of them and see what happens lol. He can be kind of awkward, but oh well. He just laughs when he's uncomfortable.
@Eldritch Morgan Haha, yes! I'll be around more, so I can actually reply to things.  Not sure quite how obvious his feelings around, but I mean, ohwell lol.

And yesss. We should 100% throw Ford & Gus together because Gus is also slightly heartbroken/hopeful/whatever else he's feeling atm, so they should definitely meet up and see what happens.

@Bethel Nye Gus is friendly so I think he (might?) try to befriend her; or just assume they are friends from one meeting and that's that lol. Even if it's disastrous and awkward. He'd probably just laugh it off and oh well. (Also totally joked with Fox that that's the kind of person Gus is when I was making him - he'll just adopt all the introverts for himself.)

And aw, yes! I had plans to post on her intro today but you beat me to it. I'm sure she saw a lot of him as a student (he wasn't troublesome, he just liked to get into things), and may see more of him as an adult. More mature, probably not. He's Irish, so I think he can relate to the tea thing, though he prefers his with lots of milk vs. sweet.

If you'd like any starters, my boy here is super musey and annoying!

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   Basil Foxwood, Daffodil Potts
I'd love to do Mason/Gus to start if you like! I can't start it this weekend :)

Also now that I think about it, Winnie is a prime candidate for his past hetero hook up, she is bi and fairly flagrant about it, so wouldn't judge at all haha. Could be something to explore!

[Image: l4aokx.png]
delightful Daff!set by MJ
(January 28, 2022 – 1:59 PM)Daffodil Potts Wrote:  I'd love to do Mason/Gus to start if you like! I can't start it this weekend :)

Also now that I think about it, Winnie is a prime candidate for his past hetero hook up, she is bi and fairly flagrant about it, so wouldn't judge at all haha. Could be something to explore!

Oh, yes! Definitely. That works for me :)

And yesss. Aw. I'd love to explore that, and maybe even after they could be friends lol.
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   Elsie Kirke
Yeesss I would love him and Beth to have basically only interacted once or twice in passing and he's just assumed they're friends lmao I will make Beth have friends even if it kills me, no matter how much she fights me on it

Ruth hasn't been the nurse at Hogwarts long, unfortunately! Just since the beginning of December; so she wouldn't know him from when he was a student sadly! But she probably has some kind of record of him coming and going often (y'know, medical records kinda deal) and has made herself with the familiar of reoccurring names in the hospital wing logs/records.

I was thinking maybe either a Beth/Gus thread with your typical extrovert trying to get an introvert to do something (get out of the library for once, eat with a group, etc.) they normally don't or a Ruth/Gus thread where's he's coming by for either medical help (DADA isn't the safest field lol) or to chat (maybe looking for relationships advice??? who knows

Lovely set by Kit <3
[Image: qLh1ks.png]
@Bethel Nye Hahah, that sounds like Gus xD I like this. Gus can def use some friends too right now. I'd be down for Gus dragging Beth to eat in the Great Hall because he heard they had some special kind of feast (probs a lie, but oh well).

And yesss. Eventually he'll have to go to Ruth, probably for something dumb he tried to do, or something went wrong trying to impress his kids oops lol. I don't know about relationship advice because he's still working through all his ~feelings~, but maybe eventually, just vague xD

I can definitely start a Beth/Gus thread this weekend!
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   Bethel Nye
for you! let me know if you wanna chat Winnie/Gus on hangouts!

[Image: 3tdNen.png]
magic by MJ the magnificent
@Mason Skeeter Absolutely! I’ll definitely poke you in a bit about them.
So depending on when he gave up curse breaking @Somersby Fudge started training as one two years ago.

And as for hurls I have @Felix Prewett who is a reporter so maybe they could have met in his curse breaking days?

I may have more, but I'm sick and my brain isnt working. So if I think of more I'll let you know.

[Image: q9Nf8q.png]
thank you MJ <3
@Somersby Fudge So he just quit in December, so Gus definitely could have taken him under his wing and showed him the ropes the past couple years. He was one for about 10 years, and loved pretty much every second of it lol. (Minus a few where things went array, but whoops.) And would he use his one free weekend a month at Hogwarts to come out if needed him on occasion? Absolutely. They just need to be friends lol, because Gus is ready for this. Feel free to ping me on discord or in PMs if you want to flesh anything out, if you're interested.

@Felix Prewett Yes. That would be fun and now that's home he can awkwardly hit him up and see what happens some odd years later lol.
Piling on another Hogwarts student :D

Ida is deeply mistrustful of men until they earn it, basically. Especially new professors, especially the young and handsome types (basically the more girls swoon = the more she thinks he probably just got in on charm and being a man). This made her act out when she was younger, and Basil eventually got through to her with lots of patience and niceness, but her attitude is still about the same even if she's gotten more tactful about it. Think like, "wth everyone says this Chang girl is supposed to be one of the best students in her year but why is she so mean?" lol. Especially if he finds out that Ida does plenty of her own self-guided study on the side and can be more helpful than she lets on. If they do get to a place with good rapport, who knows what this might do to Basil who thinks of Ida as his protege. xD

Though she spends a tonnn of time around Basil for the internship she definitely doesn't know Basil and him know each other, that would probably increase her trust in Gus once she found out. That and him actually being demonstrably good at what he does haha.
@Ida Chang Hahah. So I haven't threaded him with a student yet (plan on stealing some open threads when I finally get some free time in life), but I bet swooning will make him thoroughly uncomfortable and it will be a beautiful moment. He only inwardly swoons for Basil, so whatever haha. I guess he's no matter than some of the girls. If Basil sees her as he protege I don't think he'd try to steal her or go out of his way to teach, but he might respect her a bit more. xD Especially once he learns that she does all sorts of practice on her own.

Maybe, eventually, he could barge in to bother Basil and she's there too haha. He'd be awkward about, because well, he is. He's good at DADA, but stands to be seen if he's a good professor lol. (Also planning on posting some classes soon, so I guess we will see xD)
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