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Kill the Professional Reputation

29th April, 1888
Mr. Keene,

I hope my letter finds you well. By all accounts, you are doing a splendid job handling your recent promotion, and are to be commended!

I write to inform you that a Miss Annabelle Scrimgeour was recently dismissed from the St Mungo's internship programme, without reference due to a lack of professionalism and general unreliability. I had overlooked her frequent appearances in Witch Weekly as idle gossip, but she has proven to be more the dizzy debutante than the helpful healer.

An aside—my wife has been after me for the better part of a month to invite you to dinner. Please forward acceptable dates, that she might be appeased.

With regards,
C. Jameshill
Hospital Director, St Mungo's
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lady makes pretty things <3
April 30th, 1888

Mr. Jameshill,

I am doing about as well as expected I suppose, there's always a learning curve with a position like this. Your confidence in my abilities is a welcome boost to my own confidence.

As I am woefully unaware of anything published in Witch Weekly aside from their continued inclusion of me in a list of "Hospital Bachelors" that my sister keeps me updated on, I am unfamiliar with Miss Scrimgeour, but I assume based on your letter that she was not suited to the job in the long run. It is always unfortunate when a young hopeful proves to be otherwise. I will make note however, though I doubt she'll be turning up at Hogsmeade.

I would gratefully accept a dinner invitation. I haven't any plans in the near future that I'm aware of, though I will see to ask my darling sister, who seems to have become my event manager as of late. I'm sure I could make any date of convenience to you with a little rearranging.

Baxter Keene
Hogsmeade Hospital Director
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