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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

The One with the Eggnog
He scrunched his face at her.  That wasn't how things were supposed to work but he also didn't have anything to say against it.  In a perfect world he'd provide for his wife but she'd used his own challenge against him and how could he argue with that?

"I would." he said confidently, mostly trying to call her bluff but then she mentioned snoring.  And he realized he hadn't really thought things through.  A flurry of images flashed through his mind and a flush crept on to his cheeks as he fumbled for something to say to that.

After a moment he cleared his throat and managed "Your dad might like me but not that much." 

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"Good that's settled then," Daff quirked an eyebrow at him. She wasn't really kidding. Well, maybe she was trying to get a rise out of him, but, that was neither here nor there. The more she thought about it, the better and better the idea thought. "Oh, I doubt that. A legal way to actually call you his son?" Daff took a pensive sip of her eggnog while she considered her thoughts and the look on his face.

"I'm being serious, Jack," Daff said softly after a moment. "If I hit spinsterhood and you haven't caught some pretty young lady's eye, it could be worse." She proposed carefully, hiding behind her mug for a moment.

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He scoffed but once again she had a point.  He wanted to insist that Mr. Potts would never allow his daughter to marry down like that but he couldn't imagine him saying no to this.  He shook his head, dismissing all the thoughts that kept popping up.  It didn't matter anyways, they were just joking like normal, right? 

"Merlin, Daffy!"  Still a bit flushed, his sputtered exclamation came in stark contrast to her soft and measured tone.  "You're not going to be a spinster."  he said with a shake of his head.  He just couldn't see it. Her older sister though...

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"Neither of us knows that." Well, she did more than he could, but again, that was not the important part. "It would be nice to have a solid back-up plan. Not that you are ever my second choice, but you know what I mean." They were not a traditional match, being the same age and of different stations, but things like that had never bothered Daffy before, why would she start now.

"We could easily make it work, if I stick to decorating the Christmas cookies." She teased lightly, looking down at the mess between them.

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He stared at her for a long time, face nearly frozen in the same expression of baffled alarm.  Try as he might he couldn't come up with any more solid arguments against it.  Who would've thought he'd need more than 'constable's wife'?  Maybe he should have started with the fact that he has flatmates to make rent.

"Wouldn't it... I mean it doesn't matter so much to me but - wouldn't people judge you for it?" his alarm had softened into a more solemn expression.  "I won't have you brought down because of me."

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The look on her face clearly said he should already know the answer to that. "Haven't worried about that for my entire life, why would I start now? I certainly don't think it would matter if I made it close to thirty unwed." Daffy laughed. It was several years down the road anyway and he would certainly find some nice young lady to fall for between now and then. It was her that would reach the need, not him. Then again, she supposed there was no need to marry at all, but it would be nice to have that sort of lifelong companion, somebody you cared for by your side. It would be comfortable and happy, if nothing else.

"Just an idea, no pressure to it." She shrugged though she meant it. The likelihood of it being necessary was very low anyway, but it was nice to have in their pockets for a rainy day.

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He shook his head, still in disbelief that they were even having this conversation.  He knew she wasn't the sort to be caught up in knots about what people thought but marrying the likes of him...With a sigh his folded arms dropped to his sides, releasing his tension and misgivings with it.    

"You're a nightmare, you know?" he said breaking into a grin.  "There's no arguing with you - you'll have the run of the house before I can even blink."  He knew this with absolute certainty and realized it didn't bother him even slightly.  With a smirk he added "Besides, apparently all you need is a proper suitor to bring you eggnog and you'll be all set to marry.  At this rate you wont make it to spring and I'll be left to find my own backup."
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"Ah, but you do love me." Daff chuckled as she touched one icing-covered finger to his nose, effectively decorating him like a cookie as well. It was true though, as platonic as it may be, Daff certainly loved Jack as a member of the family after all.

"I highly doubt that," She sighed softly, though smiled all the while. Things with Noble seemed quite closed and she still wasn't sure what to make of things with Mr. Grimstone, though she did enjoy his company very much. Perhaps it was the eggnog talking, but she let slip, "I've muddled things once, probably best not to do so again." She could be content with her life as it was. Maybe open her own shop down the road, carve out a name for herself somehow. Everything would work out how it was supposed to.

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His recoil came late and he made a noise of protest as he felt the icing smear on his nose. A quick swipe of his hand got most of it and he proceeded to lick the sweet decoration off his fingers with a grin. "Nightmare" he repeated with impish emphasis.

When her demeanor changed a crease formed between his brows, watching her closely as if waiting for more. He couldn't remember anything happening that might count as 'muddling'. He raised his brows at her in a silent question, inviting her to continue.

"At least with me you know you cant" he offered with an optimistic shrug. "It'll be my job to muddle things up."

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