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During the Victorian era, knitting became a staple of a well-bred woman. Queen Victoria is even reported to have been a fan of knitting herself. It was during this time that knitting wasn’t just restricted to plain yarn fabrics, but changed to involve bead and lace knitting. — Fallin
Yuri didn't know what being a steamed patron was but it sounded like it might be painful.
Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

Lonely Plots
Lonely Plots

Have you got a grand idea for a plot but need a role (or roles) filled in before it can really take off? Post below describing the sort of character you need, your intention for them, and, if possible, how many threads you might require! 

For example:

Quote:Wanted for Jeremy Rohlwing: a potioneer he can pay to brew an (unsuccessful) Eyesight-Improving Potion for him. MC/LC AB, professional or amateur, does not have to be reputable. Estimated 1-3 threads. Contact MJ by Skype.

You can be as vague or as detailed as you like!  Requests for specific characters to be created must instead be posted in plottable characters. This thread is intended only to recruit existing characters into your schemes.

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Tilda MacFusty, @Marlena Scamander, or @Elsie Kirke with any questions, issues, or concerns.


So Ailsa designs and sells lingerie under the name Fraser's Foundations AND in the last year she has been mentioned in both the Prophet and Witch Weekly which to her mind can mean only one thing - the time is right to expand! With this in mind Ailsa is seeking two kinds of people:

1) MC/UC ladies who in the most genteel ladylike way possible will be her brand ambassadors and namedrop her in exchange for free lingerie.

2) Less well-off MC or WC ladies who would be a model and be photographed for her brochure. This too will be mostly respectable, tastefully done and absolutely definitely going to go wrong in some as-yet-undetermined way. There is also a free lunch and a fee to be earned. Ailsa also doesn't care that much about reputation assuming you're not an actual murderer.

I'm after 1-2 threads of Ailsa being charming and mildly embarrassing with #1 and basically the same with #2 except there's a fair chance both of them will be in lingerie because Ailsa doesn't want them to be overly conscious of themselves while they test model the goods!

Still searching as of June '21
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[Image: oDchrqE.png]
oh MJ mama likes ;)
Before the summer of 1889, one of Florence's paramour's leased a home in Bartonburg for her so that she could be in easier reach to him as she was living in London at the time. Thus, this man is located in Hogsmeade and is either on the wealthy side of middle class or is upper class. Everything else about him is pretty open, he can even be married. He's obviously pretty smitten with Florence and she has been enjoying her cushy home. He probably has no idea she's a con artist but might possibly be aware he isn't the only man vying for her interest and affections.
still seeking as of june 27th, 2021

    - The Good Samaritan that saved Friendless's life in this thread even though he is now a werewolf instead of dead. I would love for them to end up continuously running into one another and maybe developing a sort of odd friendship.
    - Someone to teach him how to read and write
    - Some regular clients would also be cool but mostly I want the first thing. XD He prefers men but he does both because #money.
still seeking as of june 27th, 2021


Five years ago, Hector Cartwright disappeared without a trace—no message to family or to his longstanding best friend. Lavinia has set up shop in Hogsmeade now, and is due for a run-in. What could a vague sense of recognition when meeting an unknown woman lead to? That's what we're here to find out!
  • MC or UC male from a magical family
  • Ravenclaw if meeting in school, open house if neighbours growing up
  • From London if childhood neighbours
  • Started Hogwarts in '72 (can do a couple years earlier or a year later for the right, currently played character)
  • OPEN natal family & marital status
  • OPEN occupation
  • Not generally an asshole, at least not in his youth

Still seeking June 2021~

[Image: 23zugat.png]
mj is a legend ♡ —
Still seeking as of June 23rd, 2021
Seeking Roommate
Angie needs a roommate to share a London flat in a less-than-stellar part of London.

WCAB female; can be as far back as '88 or new, we're not picky!

Only caveat is that she must be willing to take care of Angie's cat or there will be consequences. Ash is everything to Angie. Ang travels frequently but pays more than half the rent in fairness of the roommate doing all the upkeep.

These can be existing or new characters! Hit me up via PM or Skype!

[Image: lafpGn.png]

I have a craving for a whirlwind courtship type of thing where a pair of characters go from strangers/acquaintances at best to courting/engaged or something of the like pretty swiftly, even for VE standards.  I am open when it comes to class, blood status, rep dings and some scandal~. Of course this is assuming they click.

I am adding to my previous ad because I very much want Munny to end up marrying stupidly young. But to facilitate my plot dreams, he needs the girl. 16-21 in age, acab. He tends to like feisty redheads with adventure in their souls and would not click very much with quiet, demure types. But of course hair color is of little importance, just thought I'd say. xD
still seeking as of june 27th, 1891

A more well off (mc/uc) male friend that likes to test George's innate inability to say no to things by dragging him places, I.e brothels, random portkey trips, parties, etc.

Ideal character would have been friends with George since their Hogwarts days as George would feel even more unable to decline requests.
still seeking as of june 27th, 1891

Seeking a male character, acab, 18+ for a deeply romantic affair with Tycho. Would be a new thing so would take a few threads to develop and see if theres chemistry.

The reason for this being that I have a myriad of Seer plot ideas centered around the fact he has a strong emotional connection with this guy. I am not saying them all now but one includes "I foresaw your death so yes, let's avoid that pls, no going near dogs" and he keeps foreseeing it so they keep managing to avoid death.

Update: I would also be game for this to be unrequited from the other parties end. In this instance, I would want Tycho to be close enough friends that an emotional bond of some kind is mutual. They would likely get anonymous secret admirer letters & love poems but he would make zero effort to hide his handwriting so that would be a thing if your character is the sort to recognize handwriting.

However, I will be transparent and say that I would really prefer a mutual scenario because Tycho in a romantic affair would be a lot more fun for me to write because I have ~ideas as to how he would be. Think of how dramatic he is in day to day life and imagine that with romance. He's also one of my go-to muses these days so I can almost guarantee immediate posts and rapid-dates. It'd be a fun time all round so yes, pls love him. XD
still seeking as of july 6th, 1891
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The Pause Button
I feel like I'm missing something for Will. Anyone wanna make a few past threads with hurling. Maybe an established will they, won't they can be established? I'm open to discussing a connection OOC as well. Go ahead and let me know!
The Arrangement

And here's the current news, Will would like to find a man for an arranged match for Lillian because...

(June 6, 2021 – 4:42 PM)Will Avery Wrote:  But what was more, was that this loss was an eye opener. Lily had a less secure future than she once had months ago. Months ago, she had a father and brother to secure her future, now it was down to Will. Will, who had no heirs. No wife to produce heirs, for that matter. Should his life be lost, what would she have? Perhaps she would be an heiress, but that came with gold diggers that he would be unavailable to protect her from. This incident made it clear that anything could happen in the next year before her debut.

Got any men who would at least hear Will out? Feel free send me a Skype, Discord, or PM.

Still looking as of June 9, 2021.

Elaine made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
For Wystan
[Image: dwmlqD9.jpeg]
This role could be filled by an existing character who meets all specific details! This commitment is 3-5 threads between now and the end of the year, with the possibility of more depending on how things go! Pictured is Ann Skelly but I am not fixed on PB or ethnicity.

THE GIRL: Pretty, seemingly quite benign, and with an easy smile.

THE PLOT: Potential romance. Probable flirting. Definite drama. Not suited to anyone who demands a set outcome or guaranteed happy ending.
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graphics by the glorious mj!
Are you going for prefect or HB/HG and want the potions prof and slytherin HOH support? Then sign up to Meserimus' summer potions intern - house points, brownie points, and of course actual cash.

Not much commitment - maybe a thread or two

[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing
Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs Prewett?

[Image: ConventionalSmoothDachshund-small.gif]

Fitz has to get it from somewhere right?

Attractive widow of independent means seeks handsome boytoy for sex and…mostly sex but she’ll feed him and give him good wine to keep his strength up. There are several ways this could go but at the moment I’m not looking for this to become a scandal so should anybody find out it will be characters adjacent to Harriet and the man in question.

Is he just hustling Harriet for her money? Does he need a rich investor for some nefarious scheme and is laying on the flattery? Is this potentially a sweeping May-December romance for the ages? Is he just out for a good time and into being bought tailored suits and expensive cigars by a nice rich lady?

  • Ideally working class but slightly dissolute middle class may also work. 
  • No connection to her sons as far as Harriet knows.
  • Ideally between 20-30 but a little older would be fine as long as he’s a bit of a disaster. Open marital status because Harriet dgaf.
  • To begin with I’m just seeking some highly flirtatious threads that may lead to more.

Message me on Skype or PM with suggestions!
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[Image: l2NTPe.png]
Lady is magnificent and so is this set <3
Quote:Quidditch Sponsorship: Promising quidditch players—must have played at least two years on their house team—can have their sixth and seventh year paid for in full by a professional quidditch team. In exchange, they must contract to spend the first five years after graduation playing for that same team. This benefits the players because tuition, and the teams in that their incoming players are better trained than if they just shoved some fifteen-year-olds on their third string. Each team may sponsor one player at a time.

Do you have a WC/MC incoming fifth or sixth-year student who has played quidditch for a while and sees themselves doing it in the future? Need a reason to justify their education post-OWL level? I'd love to exchange letters where Raf offers them a spot <3

in Henri's history:
By the beginning of her fourth year, Henrietta's confidence is at an all-time high and she is finally beginning to smile at people other than Helga. She makes a few friends, one of whom (a dormmate) intends to stay at Hogwarts during the winter break. Henrietta determines to stay as well, which means she is not at home when her eldest brother disappears. She learns about it only shortly before the papers do, and is wracked with guilt over not being at home during such a tumultuous time — though it's probably for the best, anyway. Her presence certainly wouldn't have helped matters. In absolutely-positively-definitely-unrelated news, her dorm room catches fire and her friend is rather severely burned. The girl spends two weeks recuperating in the hospital wing. She and Henrietta do not often speak after that.

Can you be this girl? Requires a burning (which you can have totally healed from or have lingering scars from, up to you) in January 1886. Must be Hufflepuff and female-presenting. Ideally in Henri's year (born fall 1870 - spring/summer 1871) but for a played character I could flex up or down one year if we claim they were sleeping slumber-party style during break.

I'm open to: incorporating this into new characters if it works for you; retconning this into existing characters; making this canon for an NPC family member/friend/etc of a played character. There's fun potential here now that her mom has died so please come love me <3

Rune made this! <3
From Cleon's app:
Quote:While technically still living in the Broadmoor family home, he regularly spends days or even weeks staying in the residences of various friends.
I would love it if a few more of those friends were actually played for some fun sleepover threads. Some could also double up as being a bed buddy (Cleon's gay), if you're so inclined but that obviously isn't a requirement. Just needs to be pals that would let him crash at their pad.  Most likely in the MC-UC range though he'd be friends with any class. I just doubt WC folks would have the capacity for him but I won't rule it out completely so pseudo-open to WC crash pads too. xD

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