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Oil and Water
September 11, 1889 - Flint Mansion

For Lucille the Lecuyer name had become synonymous with dread. Her intended more so than his daughters, but in the past month her interactions with the Lecuyer sisters had not been pleasant. She had tried at first, she’d tried to be polite, friendly either, but it was clear their distain for herm, or perhaps for the situation in general, would not allow for amicable relations between them. The dread had only become worse with the plans that Lucy had built that soon would be played out. Less than a week more of this. But her mother did not know that, and in an attempt to smooth out any unpleasantness for Lucy in her upcoming marriage had strongly suggested that Lucy host a tea for them.

Now, seated in her parlor Lucy felt that it was going even worse than expected. They had run out of pleasantries and each topic Lucy broached was sunk by one of the sisters, leaving them with little to talk about. It did not help that Lucy felt there were very few safe subjects to steer them toward, especially after her last conversation with their father.

Her light blue gown, the latest fashion of course, seemed to pale as her very personage did next to the Lecuyer sisters, much as she remembered it had in school. Then it had been best to steer away from them, now she could not. Only five more days, she reminded herself. Only five.

Steeling herself Lucy set her teacup down and smiled at them. “I heard that the famed Ms. Valentine will be around for the holiday season.” When all else failed Lucy tended to lean toward gossip. “I heard much about her last Season but did not have the opportunity to meet her. What are your thoughts on her?” Perhaps matchmakers was too touchy a subject, but if she didn’t take a risk at all Lucy would have a very silent and very disastrous tea on her hands, she had to at least make it look like she was trying.

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