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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
sobing alone in front of a haunted piano

30 May 1891
Dear Holliday,

At long last! I would say 'tell me everything' but I fear that would require too much of your time, which will shortly be put to much better use than sitting around composing pages-long letters to me. So, instead, please tell me which of the new debutantes had too much champagne and fell into the Black Lake on the boat ride back, and what trouble she encountered at the hands of the Mers. And if that didn't happen, tell me about it anyway; it's not as though I'll ever know the difference and I should like to be entertained.

But, most sincerely: congratulations.

Love always,
T. Urquart

PS: I hope this takes you an age to properly clean up and I hope you have to do it with a headache because I hope you danced all night and had a lot of champagne yourself and have sworn off mornings for the whole summer at least.
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Charmed to throw sparkly confetti in every direction when unfolded for the first time.


31st May, 1891

You shall note the absence of any endearments in my salutation, for you are horrible and shall have to work a great deal for my forgiveness! Alas, as you will no doubt know from Ruby, we seventh years lack the privilege of remaining past the stroke of midnight, and so I am wonderfully rested but still not overly fond of your embellishments.

I shall waste no time putting any further ink to page, bar to invite you to visit at your earliest convenience.

With affection,

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1 June 1891
Dear Holliday,

Oh, I couldn't possibly visit you, you live at a resort and I'm not fit for company. I wouldn't want to pull focus away from you. If you aren't terribly busy dancing all the time, though, you are of course welcome to come here whenever you like. I'm certain my father wouldn't mind, so long as I give our cook enough of a notice to have something ready for you to eat so we don't seem unprepared hosts.

T. Urquart

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