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String of Mysterious Deaths Continues
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
August 18th, 1892
String of Mysterious Deaths Continues
Hogsmeade in Chaos?

The string of perplexing—and unsolved, and sometimes gruesome!—deaths that began in the spring seem to be continuing, with three more mysterious deaths having been counted in Hogsmeade in less a fortnight.

A brutal slaying in London, sibling pair falling from the sky, and child's death (which lead to the lockdown of Irvingly), it appears, were just the beginning of  a troubling pattern.

August 5th: Mr. Owen Beauregard (20, of Hogsmeade) choked to death on seemingly nothing in full view on Hogsmeade's High Street, shocking countless onlookers and, no doubt, bringing a great deal of sorrow to the large Beauregard family. There are no leads in the matter, though no fewer than three witnesses believed quite fervently that magic was involved.

August 8th: Miss Orla McCrae (40, of London), a photographer for this very paper, was found sleeping in Padmore Park. A good Samaritan attempted to wake her, and alerted authorities when she could not do so. Miss McCrae passed not long after mediwizards arrived on site.

August 16th: In perhaps the most shocking of this latest trio, Mr. Ernest Mulciber (44, of Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade) was found by his wife turned to stone in their own garden. In this instance, it appears the Department of Magical Law Enforcement might have a concrete lead, as the now widowed Mrs. Rufina Mulciber (36) was taken into custody yesternoon.

A spokeswizard for the Department of Investigation (under the greater Law Enforcement umbrella) states that all cases remain treated as separate and that there is no evidence at this time that they might be connected—however a source within the Ministry of Magic suggests that this information is false.

Residents of Hogsmeade, and the greater magical community, are reminded of the importance of reporting any suspicious behaviour to the authorities and ensuring one takes adequate measures to protect oneself from harm. All six deaths mentioned within this article are being treated as "Suspicious" by authorities, and remain unsolved.
Olla Mirage
Written by Kayte

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