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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

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Roberto was hardly surprised to hear that this was not exactly her first choice in events. It was not for most women of her stature. He was curious what sort of event was. The Malfoys tended to be...
Roberto was initially not quite sure what to say in response to the young womans rather dour words. Though there was some truth to it. He knew most women were rather invested in their public appea...
Roberto smiled kindly as she thanked him. He was more than glad to help though he also couldn't help remembering that one time his wife had fallen into a koi pond early on in their acquaintanceshi...
At her consent, he began performing a couple of wordless cleaning and drying spells. Soon, her gown was back to its original state before the incident had occurred. "That should feel a lot better,...
@"Roberto Devine" was a year above him and was prefect, Head Boy and was on the Slytherin Quidditch team. He's also in Blacks. He would be tolerant of him but definitely aren't friends. @"Lionel Lupi...
It had been a rather riveting game and as always, Roberto had a fair bit of adrenaline pumping through his system despite the fact that neither team were his own. He was friends with a couple of t...
The first documented prank phone call was in 1884. And was done to undertakers.
@"Josiah Rohlwing" and @"Philip Aymslowe" are Irvingly residents! Josiahs a muggle postman whose deliveries are mostly to muggles since wizards use owls. Philip is the owner of a bakery/baker. He has ...
[post] So, I have been contemplating changing my main account and have sifted down to a final five selection of characters. @"Aristide Selwyn" - I just think he's neat mostly. -insert that Marge me...
We will be running a Missed Connections collection on Sunday, November 14th! Please PM any submissions to @"ROBERTO DEVINE" by Saturday, November 13th, early evening EST. Make sure you've read the gui...
We could friend hurl him and @"Timothy Ainsworth" who is likely in the shop quite a lot! Like to the point employees recognize him on sight xD
Feel free to start something for Roberto!
January def does!
For potential crushes, I offer either @"Aristide Selwyn", @"Cane Backus" or @"Wallace Bixby"! @"Alcyone Slughorn", @"Milo Nox" and @"Leander Hobday" are all in her year.
I'm all for reactivating Eros/Charity! And he could send letters! Tell me not to make a new, Irvingly child character for the sole purpose of being Charitys friend xD Also would love to keep going on...
Christopher Gorham https://64.media.tumblr.com/91da55c941d9576deba0199845aa4c76/tumblr_inline_orz6rm5d8x1udmlkp_250.gifv and I don't know if its just me but he looks like he kinda looks like he co...
My final choice came down to @"Cleon Broadmoor" so please give me all the threads for him. He has the added spice of a slowly unravelling sanity thanks to plotty things ;) .
Immortality Discount, please!
@"Roman Crouch" is her sister in laws brother. I don't think he'd have much to do with her but like. He exists xD @"Loretta Browne" was a Hufflepuff prefect in her year and Brynn probably bullied h...
I have all the options for both~ mostly for Calla though, I think.
[post]NANO time! I have narrowed my selection down to the following aka the characters I'm planning on using in Posting Wizard for November: @"Alistair Darrow" @"Aristide Selwyn" 1 @"Clarissa Cosgrove...
Juliette Fernsby Wrote: (October 29, 2021 – 6:01 PM) -- Anyone wanna rapid? Priority is existing threads, but I'm open to a new one! -- Our Juliette and Leonid thread? Any of the others we ha...
After he had been set to rights, Roberto cast a spell that would knock the other man back. @"Julius Scrimgeour" / @"Aldous Crouch"
@"January Lynch", @"Zaid Ragge" (dropped out in 84) were in her house and year. @"Garrett Cavey", @"Tycho Dodonus" and @"Clarissa Cosgrove" were all in her year. @"Cleon Broadmoor" is Persy's brot...
sub urban - cirque Quote: -- Don't need to be in love to have a little romance -- Quote: -- Sing it on the spot to watch the crowd dance -- sub urban - cradles Quote: -- I live insi...