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Superstorm at the Sanditon - Daily Prophet - September 27, 2021

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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
September 27th, 1891
Superstorm at the Sanditon
Death and Destruction as Weather Charms Go Wonky

Celebration turned to devastation Saturday evening as corrupted weather charms prompted a substantial hurricane to form over the Sanditon Resort and Sanditon Terrace in Sussex.

A number of guests were killed or injured in the storm and substantial damage was done to the property itself.

The resort's last ball of the Season was in full swing when windspeeds began rising, causing both dramatic swells of ocean water along the beach and substantial structural damage throughout the area. The extent of this damage and flooding will likely not be known for some days, and those in the know suggest that even if all involved properties were insured, reparations and replacement costs could be substantial.

"There were no indications beforehand, of course," noted celebrated Hogsmeade weather witch, Miss Solstice Storm, "but that is how it often is with weather charms. They are quite handy until they go rogue."

Weather charms had been employed at the resort since its opening, treating guests to a more Mediterranean climate that was previously enjoyed by many.

"We are looking carefully into the incident on the night of September 25th," said a representative from the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes—something that truly describes this tragedy. "Of course, all use of weather charms should halt immediately whilst the matter is investigated."

This publication will, of course, endeavour to keep its readers appraised of any updates.
Fidelia Spiller
Written by Kayte