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A Peculiar Race - Daily Prophet - October 7, 2019

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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
7th October, 1889
A Peculiar Race
Pumpkin Regatta Launches on Black Lake
Hogsmeade played host to a different sort of race this week-end as dozens came to participate—and still more to view—in the village's inaugural Pumpkin Regatta. Participants of all ages boarded large, hollow pumpkins to row across the lake for glory—and a great deal of fun.

The victors of the magic-less competition were, unsurprisingly, noted seafarers and adventurers Pablo Madina and J. Alfred Darrow. The pair received the Golden Gourd for their efforts, but they were not the only champions of the day: "Best Dressed" went to Mrs. Ailsa Fraser, wife of Ewart Fraser, and her son, Tyr Fraser, a student at Hogwarts. Best performance was to be awarded to Reuban Crouch and Arthur Pettigrew before judges decided their ersatz sabotage was "not in keeping with the spirit of the event" and the pair were altogether disqualified. The judges could not agree on a suitable alternative.

Harvest Festival organizers intend fully to run the event again in years to come. In the words of this paper's own reporter, Leopold Trelawney, "It's something to break the monotony, that's for certain."
Gulliver Doran
Written by Kayte