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Posting Wizard of the Month - Charming - February 11, 2018

Posting Wizard of the Month

The Posting Wizard of the Month Contest is a program that counts all In Character posts posted during the course of one real life month. The people with the highest total posts win bragging rights as well as stamps for their stamp collection:


— For a person with multiple characters, each of your individual characters posts for the month will be added together for one total count. Only ten characters per player may be signed up.
— All accidental posts that are in the IC forums must be taken care of. i.e. posts under the wrong account, wrong forum, etc. or deleted.
— In order to register, post here as a reply with a list of all your characters that are participating via the template, please list characters alphabetically.
— There will be two winners per month. The first winner must be someone who hasn't won a competition yet or someone who hasn't won in 12+ months. The second winner can be a repeat winner. If everyone who signs up for that month has already competed, the highest post count wins.
— You can enter as many times as you'd like. If the winner has already won the contest once, they can use these winnings toward the 3, 6, or 12 times of winning Posting Wizard of the Month stamps.
— If you win one month, you cannot signup for the following two months. I.e: if you win January's competition, you cannot enter February's or March's, but you can enter April's.
Sign-Ups close on Activity Check Day. The competition will last throughout the entire month of competition and end with the following Activity Check.

Past Winners can be see on this >>Lovely Spreadsheet!<<

RE: Posting Wizard of the Month - Charming - February 11, 2018

May Entrants:
Bree Cameron Gillenwater
Charity Lloyd
Dionisia Fisk
Grace Greengrass
Flora Mulciber
Helga Crouch
Raphael Malfoy
Fox Basil Foxwood
Olixander Blackwood
Poppy Dashwood
Vincent Iago
Kit Aristide Selwyn
Clarissa Cosgrove
George Robins
Kenneth Cosgrove
Lycoris Dempsey
Mundungus Macfusty
Richard Gladstone
Tycho Dodonus
Tristan Michaud
Wallace Bixby
Miri Charlotte Beauregard
Viola Foxwood

RE: Posting Wizard of the Month - Charming - February 11, 2018

Sign-ups for May Posting Wizard are now CLOSED

Please sign up your characters in ALPHABETICAL ORDER!