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Assistant Head of Potion & Plant Poisoning
Assistant Head of Potion & Plant Poisoning

29 year old Pureblood
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played by Bree
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Valerian Macnair

Full Name: Valerian Octavius Macnair


Birthdate: August 26th, 1861

Age: 29

Occupation: Assistant Head of Potion & Plant Poisoning, St. Mungo's

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Inverness-shire, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumnus ('79)

Wand: Elm, 11 inches, Basilisk skin, Flexible

Eustace Macnair, Father [18XX]
Mariana Macnair (née Lestrange), Mother [1840] Agrimony Macnair, Brother [1864]
Betony Macnair, Brother [1864-18XX]
Yarrow Macnair, Brother [1868]
Germander Macnair, Brother [1871]
Sage Macnair, Brother [1872]

Valerian's appearance very much favors the Lestrange side of his family, his hair dark and his eyes light. He is tall, but not overly so. He's always looked a shade too fair, which makes him look as though he's sick even when he's not, and his heavy brow and high cheekbones only exaggerate the effect. He's never been particularly handsome, but he always looks well put together with his extravagant robes and carries himself with a confidence of a wealthy white boy who's never been knocked off his high horse. He wields his wand with his right hand.

Smooth. Sensitive. Prideful. Ambitious, though not outwardly so. Doesn't enjoy being in the spotlight. Good conversationalist, but terrible at making friends. Impressionable. Meddlesome. Obsessive. Finds joy in things most people think are weird, and the people who know him best might think he's a little eccentric. Protective of his family, but doesn't trust any of them.
  • Languages: English, French, and understands written Latin, Italian, and Ancient Greek.
  • Magical Abilities: A skilled potioneer and hobbyist alchemist, dabbling in everything from basic potions to ancient brews to poisons, the latter which he usually helps his mother with. He is also a legilimens.
  • Patronus: A firefly, but he hasn't cast it since leaving school.
  • Sexuality: Bisexual and aware of it. He prefers men sexually, but does not engage in affairs with them regularly out of fear of being caught. He's much less drawn to women, but does find himself attracted to one on occasion.
Ancient RunesE
Ancient StudentsEA
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
Earth MagicOO
History of MagicA
1861 | Valerian is born the first son and child to Eustace and Mariana Macnair. He is swiftly handed off to nurses and nannies, and rarely sees much involvement from either parent. He is an easy child and gives little trouble to those responsible for his care. His first year sees him catch every illness that enters the home, but he swiftly recovers each time.

1864 | His mother gives birth to the twins, Agrimony and Betony. Despite their closeness in age, three-year-old Valerian show little interest in entertaining the newborns and frequently complains to his nanny about how loud their cries are.

1865 | In a sudden effort to bond with her child, Mariana introduces Valerian to her snakes. He thinks they are more interesting than any cat, owl, or toad, and is confused when it is explained that he could never bring one to Hogwarts. (It is his belief that owls are more dangerous than snakes, anyways; they get moody and have talons that are sharp enough to draw blood. How could a mellow python do that?). Mariana begins her internship at St. Mungo's, and Valerian, having idealized his mother, believes that he will follow in her footsteps.

1867 | Valerian is six years old when his first sign of magic makes an appearance. Annoyed by his brothers who seem determined to ruin his afternoon by building a block tower in the family library, Valerian angrily shuts his book. The small of puff that would normally be unnoticeable turns into a gust of wind that knocks their blocks—long with a handful of books—across the room.

1868 | Her mother gives birth to another child, this time a boy named Yarrow. Valerian, having never been fond of brotherhood, only grumbles when introduced to his the babe and aspires to avoid interacting with him entirely. He's almost eight, he says, he has no reason to be playing with babies.

1871 | Germander is born. He is just another child in the long line of potential replacements for him, but he finds that it becomes easier to ignore each new addition to the family than the previous. He doesn't worry about competing for attention; the next year he will be off to school, and he won't have to think about any of them until Agrimony and Betony join him at school.

1872 | Valerian goes off to school and is sorted into Slytherin. No one in his family has much to say about it, because it's not uncommon for people in his family to find themselves in the house of the ambitious and power-hungry. He immediately takes a liking to Potions and Herbology—partially because it's his mother's specialty, but also because he's genuinely good at it. (Sage is also born that year, too. Valerian does not remember it well.)

1874 | Third year arrives and Valerian selects Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies, and Earth Magic for his electives. The broad range of topics make him feel more accomplished when he receives good marks, and soon he finds himself seeking additional reading material outside of class.

1875 | Valerian's first experience with scandal takes place when Tybalt Lestrange's rampage at the Ministry leaves thirteen dead and another child in their home. Valerian does not think much of Tatiana at first; she is not yet of Hogwarts age and she's a girl, but during the summer he decides she is easier to talk to than literally any of his siblings.

1876 | Valerian enters his fifth year and is appointed Slytherin prefect. Betony and Agrimony join him at Hogwarts, and his four blissful years of being alone at school are suddenly over.

1877 | After successfully passing all of his OWL examinations, he decides to continue with seven NEWT-level classes: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Earth Magic, Herbology, Potions, and a new addition, Alchemy.

1878 | Valerian unhappily finds himself spending the summer moving from London to Hogsmeade. He has more important things to worry about than what room he will claim for himself or what paper they will put on the walls. His mother transfers to Hogsmeade Hospital as the assistant head of her ward, reinforcing the ever persistent idea that he will one day follow in her footsteps.

1879 | Valerian graduates from Hogwarts with seven passing NEWTs and an apprenticeship under a local potioneer who claims he's capable of brewing potions that are banned in mainstream potion recipe books. The man is old, and admittedly a little eccentric, but his claims of power do not come without proof. He shows Valerian well-preserved potions books from the 1400's, and begins teaching him legilimency after it comes up in conversation. Yarrow goes off to Hogwarts in September and is sorted into Slytherin.

1880 | His apprenticeship with the potions master comes to an abrupt end after he is taken advantage of during an routine legilimency lesson. He always knew his thoughts would be read, but he never imagined his mentor would go searching for the things he kept close to heart: his desire to be like his mother, his insecurity in his family, and—even more embarrassingly—his attraction towards men. In fear of having his secrets revealed to the world in a blackmail attempt, Valerian attempts to discredit him with claims of madness. He begins an intership at St. Mungo's, in the Potion and Plant Poisoning ward.

1881 | Valerian finishes mastering the art of legilimency on his own, a sort of "fuck you" to his former mentor.
1882 | His mother is drafted for the Irvingly expedition. He will not admit it, but he spends an unhealthy amount of time worrying about her, and is only relieved when she returns home. She is promoted to head of her ward at Hogsmeade Hospital, and Valerian is promoted to full healer at St. Mungo's.

1883 | Germander goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw.

1884 | His mother is pregnant, and then the laughing plague strikes Hogsmeade and she loses the pregnancy. A number of his family members die—aunts, uncles, and even cousins. His mother resigns from the hospital, leaving Valerian rather confused by the sudden change, but too in shock from the summer's events to question them. Betony dies later in the year, and Tatiana graduates from Hogwarts and enrolls in Pendergast's School for Young Roses. (Where she should be, he thinks jealously once realizing how much his mother misses her.)

1885 | His mother begins her secret business, which he naturally becomes involved in. His skill with potions and poisons makes him a good experimentation partner, and, more importantly, he is able to make sure she does not get caught up in anything she's unable to get herself out of.

1886 | Agirmony leaves the house, leaving only him and Yarrow at home with their mother during the main part of the year. That is until Tatiana graduates and returns to the Macnair household, becoming the main focus of his mother once more. (Valerian had never wished to be a girl, but sometimes he thought, in some ways, it might be more convenient.)

1887 | Germander is appointed prefect at Hogwarts, proving he is not as useless as Valerian once thought. He purchases his brother a new set or rune stones, making it believe he put more thought into the gift than simply picking them up at a pawn shop. His Aunt Olivia dies, sending him into mourning.

1888 | Sage is appointed prefect. He is more useful than Germander in Valerian's opinion, but much less a joy to be around (not that he's particularly fond of either of his youngest brothers).

1889 | Valerian is appointed assistant head of the Potion and Plant Poisoning ward of St. Mungo's.

Presently | Continuing to do his job while balancing the responsibility of assisting his mother with her business. At twenty-eight-years-old, he has no intention to marry soon, but then again—very rarely does his opinion matter when it comes to family matters.
  • Valerian is assistant head of the Potion & Plant Poisoning ward at St. Mungo's.
  • Through his mother, he is related to the Lestranges, Selwyns, and Pendergasts.
  • Valerian is assistant head of the Potion & Plant Poisoning ward at St. Mungo's.
  • He spent the first years after Hogwarts training under a potioneer.
  • He has weird tastes in... everything.
  • Valerian is a legilimens.
  • He is bisexual.
  • Agrimony and Betony are/were bastards.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour; Skype

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Character Survey: Bridgerton Edition OOC - Community » Charmers' Chit Chat
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Character: Valerian Macnair
Age: 29
Sexuality: Bisexual, favoring men.
Are they aware of their sexuality: Yes. He knows he's attracted to men but thinks of it as a taboo and "temptation" to avoid rather than something unique to himself.
Are they aware of masturbation: Yes.
Do they masturbate: Sometimes.
If you had to choose one, which played character would they marry tomorrow: He's probably up until recently assumed that his mother would have found a way to pair him off with @Tatiana Lestrange, but otherwise he's probably eyed @Rosamund Bones or @Seneca Lestrange as potential options.
If you had to choose one, which played character would they marry tomorrow: @Verity Greengrass or @Seneca Lestrange down the line.
Are they a virgin: No.
If not, describe their sex life: He does not have sex much, mostly because his attraction towards men surpasses his attraction towards women and yet he's afraid to get caught. He probably visits a prostitute like... twice a year, when he's super frustrated and just needs it.
Any romantic dealbreakers: Dumb and prone to unnecessary scandals.
How would they react to catching someone with a member of the same sex: Blackmail them.
If you've seen Bridgerton, which character(s) are they most like: Anthony Bridgerton but with the LGBTQ+ coding of Benedict.


Marry for love or for duty: Duty.
Marry for love or for money: Love, he doesn't need money.
Marry at all or not at all: Marry.
Embrace or deny a 'simple' child: Hard deny.
Attend a boxing match or a ball: Ball.
Attend an art sex party thing or bone after the opera: Sex party.
Spill or keep a scandalous secret: Keep but under conditions.
Have sex out of wedlock or wait until the wedding night: Wait until the wedding night, at least with his betrothed.


What would it take to get him to duel: Being called a coward for not wanting to duel.
Who would be his second: Idk, one of his friends??
Would he marry a woman he knew to be pregnant already: LOL No.
Pay calls on a lady or remain "hard to get": Pays calls.
Listen to the wife or remain firm in the weird grudge vow you made on someone's deathbed: A mixture of the two, probably.
How would he go about wooing a lady: Directly.

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