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Lupus Jameshill
Everything is standing still; it was only my head that made it revolve.
Everything was fine until it was awful instead, now watch me dissolve.

Full Name: Lupus Charles Jameshill

Nickname(s): Lou by most. He went under the alias Charlie Williams for about a year in 1887.

Birthdate: September 16th, 1853

Age: 34

Occupation: Depressed Mess Express

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: The Cabin In The Woods (Elsewhere)

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Blackthorn and dragon heartstring, nine and one-half inches, rigid. A smooth bone handle was added to the wand during his school years, though it was cracked during the collapse of the Wizarding World Market in summer of '87.

Family: Charles Jameshill, Father [1820 – present] A very successful and very proud man, Charles is irked that his family is considered “new money,” and therefore is obsessed with propriety, believing that it is the only way to assure that his children smoothly transition into the upper class.
Cassandra Jameshill nee Vablatsky, Mother [1830 – present] Although quite progressive in her ideals, Cassandra is completely devoted to Charles, which leads many to believe that she is a model wife and mother. She is passionate about making jewelry, and is the silent owner of Isabelle Jay Jewelry, though it’s a very poorly kept secret.
Amity Humphrey-Mavis nee Jameshill, Sister [1861 – present] Quite a poised and accomplished, Amity is also a skilled diviner, though her predictions are usually vague and she’s shy about sharing them. Because of this, she often feels like an outsider to life, powerless to stop bad things from happening even when she knows they’re going to happen.
Barnabas Theodoric Jameshill, Brother [1867 – present] The “Son of Consolation,” Theo feels like he isn’t on the same page as his parents after Lupus’ death, and isn’t quite comfortable in his new role as heir.

Daniel Merricks, Faithful Servant. Daniel has been with Lupus through everything, and the two are incredibly close as a result—though sometimes Lou is a bit antagonistic towards his “babysitter.”

Gabriel, a Newfoundland. A gift from his parents after he was bitten in 1873, Gabriel rides out full moons with Lou and keeps him calm enough to prevent him from harming himself.

A bit tall at 5’7”, Lou could once have been described as lanky, though in later years he’s put on a bit more muscle because without an occupation… there just isn’t much to do. He has an average build, with muscles that are defined if one is looking at his bare skin but aren’t particularly noticeable while he’s clothed. He was born right-handed, but after an injury in 1882 that took his right hand out of commission for several months he taught himself to use either hand. Because of the same accident, the smallest two fingers on his right hand are now slightly crooked—though you have to really be looking in order to notice—and he can’t completely close them if he tries to make a fist.

Lou has thick, dark chestnut hair, which curls slightly of its own accord when it is long enough, giving him something of a permanently wind-blown look. His shaving habits over the past few years—namely, that he doesn’t do it much—add to the general feeling of chaos about his appearance, as he has some omnipresent stubble covering his chin. His wardrobe is eclectic. He is occasionally sent new, fitted clothes, which are stylish and display the wealth of his parents, and he takes extremely good care of these clothes and wears them infrequently, which keeps them in good condition. This does mean, however, that the clothes he wears more frequently are twice as worn and threadbare as they might be otherwise. Depending on the day and on the impression he wants to give, Lou can either come off as a polished, wealthy man or a scraggly member of the slums.

Lou has soft facial features, with heavy, expressive eyebrows. His lips are full and redder than most women’s are naturally. His eyes are grey, and depending on the light can also look either muddy blue or brown. He has slight bags under his eyes most of the times, but otherwise clear, pale skin. His clothes have a woodsy smell to them, like pine trees, on account of his typical proximity to the woods. If he's shaved recently he also smells very faintly of lavender.

Werewolf coloring reference

— Boggart —
A series of loved ones, mauled by a beast and left for dead. The beast, of course, being him at a full moon.

— Amortentia —
Whatever Xena smells like.

— Sex Life —
Lou is heterosexual and casually biromantic but too Victorian to ever realize that unless he was approached by a man. Since meeting Xena he's mostly just been Xena-sexual anyway and hasn't even had eyes for other women so good luck with that. Lou is also a virgin, because the one time he tried to visit a prostitute she was startled and confused by the fact that he is circumcised, which lead to him losing his nerve and bolting. No further attempts have been made.

— Religion —
Lou is Jewish and does believe in God, but thinks that He's a major dick. He avoids discussing religion or any sort of cosmic philosophy out of fear that God will be listening in and get angry and somehow find a way to make his life worse. He is conflicted about the idea of circumcision but would have gone along with Xena's wishes had they actually married.

— Languages —
Lou can read, write, and speak Hebrew, though doesn't do it often. He learned French at one point but has largely lost it due to disuse.

— Special Skills —
Lou is very skilled at Transfiguration and has done all of the book work necessary to become an Animagus; however, he can't bite the bullet on actually attempting the transformation. If asked he would talk about how dangerous these attempts are and how horribly they can go wrong, but the truth is that he'd afraid he'll discover his animagus form would be a wolf, and he doesn't want to believe that his condition is that instinsically a part of him.

Although Lou was able to conjure a patronus during his NEWT classes and during his career as an Auror, he has been unable to create a corporeal patronus since his "death" in 1881.

— Transportation —
Lou prefers apparition to other magical methods of transport, though is a capable flier.

— OWL & NEWT Grades —
OWL Grades
Care of Magical CreaturesAcceptable
CharmsExceeds Expectations
Defense Against the Dark ArtsExceeds Expectations
Ghoul StudiesAcceptable
History of MagicAcceptable
PotionsExceeds Expectations

NEWT Grades
CharmsExceeds Expectations
Defense Against the Dark ArtsExceeds Expectations
HerbologyExceeds Expectations
PotionsExceeds Expectations
1853 - 1860

After several years of marriage (and a little magical help), Charles and Cassandra Jameshill produced a son. Cassandra was very anxious that everything should go perfectly for their child, and so she insisted on going to a Naming Seer, who said they ought to call the boy Lupus. Charles acquiesced to his wife’s demands—though from the earliest ages the only thing he was called was “Lou.” As the only child in a very comfortable middle class home, Lou was a very content and quiet child, and played well with anyone his parents put him with. It wasn’t until late in his toddler years that his adventurous streak came out and he started to wander—often getting away from his nurses and nannies to go exploring and causing his parents no end of worry.

Perhaps as a consequence of his unusual name, he tended to get a lot of wolf-themed presents—stuffed animals, embroidered blankets, clothes, all manner of things—from his extended family. His mother was at the time delighted by this, and sometimes sentimentally called Lou her “Little Wolf Tamer,” though now, with everything that has happened, the memories of this cause her no end of pain. His first sign of magic came when he is four or five, and made his favorite stuffed animal start purring so that he could fall asleep better. Nevermind that wolves don’t purr; five-year-old Lou didn’t have much experience with animals besides the family cat, and he didn’t know any different.

1861 - 1865

A new baby arrived, in the form of a little sister! He didn’t get to play with her much because she was so tiny, so one day he kidnapped her and took barely-one-year-old Amity out to the park. His parents were not pleased. He left his sister out of his adventures in the future. A frustrated nurse tried to get him hooked on adventure books instead of actual exploring, with mixed success. What eventually tamed the little boy is promises that if he behaves, the nurse will do magic for him. Lou couldn’t wait to go to Hogwarts and learn magic, and asked for increasingly extravagant displays.


He finally got his letter and headed off to Hogwarts! Of course, it was no surprise to his parents when he is sorted into Gryffindor. He immediately took to his classes—especially Transfiguration, because how cool!—but also got into his fair share of trouble with his new friends.


A baby brother was added to the family. Although Lou was frequently annoyed by his younger siblings’ existence, they have a very tight-knit family, and even though he loved Hogwarts, he often got homesick on holidays—even the little ones, like Easter.

In his third year, he added Divination (he sort of felt obligated, being part Vablatsky), Care of Magical Creatures, and Ghoul Studies. He didn’t have much talent for divination—though it’s certainly interesting!—but enjoyed Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies. Nothing, however, ever compared to his first love, Transfiguration. He was enamored with his Transfiguration professor (in a non-creepy way), and decided that’s what he wanted to do when he grew up.

This dream was soon out of reach, however—during his fourth year his father received a promotion, and Lou’s grandfather died. This resulted in a sudden increase in income for the Jameshills, and now that Lou was considered upper class (weird), a professor’s life wasn’t really in his future. At least, it wasn’t in his father’s plans; Lou was given some not-so-subtle hints that he was destined for a career in the Ministry or the hospital—i.e., a career like his father’s—so that the Jameshills can stay upper class.


The Jameshill’s luck just seemed to be getting better and better; his mother’s jewelry company, which has always been her pet project, became incredibly popular. The increased cash flow was certainly nice (and helped secure their position as “new money”), but really it was great because it made his mom so happy.

Lou took his OWLs and got passable grades; though his failure in divination made him frankly embarrassed to tell his mother. He still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life (besides transfigure things), so he took as many NEWTs as he could, to keep his options open. During his sixth year, a spot opened up on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. After trying out, he became Gryffindor Keeper, though he regretted it soon after. He enjoyed Quidditch, and had always been athletic, but he hadn’t really realized how much time Quidditch took up, especially with his full NEWT schedule.

He decided to try and become an Auror, since that seems like the most adventurous type of Ministry career—and forget being a healer! After talking to a guidance counselor, he dropped everything he didn’t need to be an Auror, which freed up his schedule significantly, and made the Quidditch team less of a burden.


Lou’s seventh year saw little changes; he spent all his free time studying to get the grades he needed to get into the Auror program—and, of course, Quidditch practice.

And he barely pulled it off! Five nerve-racking NEWTs and a handful of frankly painful interviews later, he was into the program! His sister seemed worried, but she was just a kid—not even in Hogwarts yet!—so Lou shrugged it off and devoted himself to the program.

In 1872, Amity started Hogwarts and soon befriended a girl named Xena Fisk. Although Lou had met many, many Fisks during his Hogwarts years (Ari, Julian, Katia, Konstantin, and Marlena, to be exact), he didn’t meet Xena for several years after she becomes friends with his sister.


1873 changes everything. While in his second year of Auror training, he overheard some actual Aurors talking about a case, and thought they were missing something obvious. Never one for caution, he tried to follow up on it, knowing that the actual Aurors wouldn’t take him seriously if he just tells them he was eavesdropping and now he’s got a hunch. His recklessness, in this instance, did not pay off—he ended up following his hunch to a remote country estate on the evening of a full moon.

Lou never knew who the werewolf who attacked him was; whether it was a member of the family that he was trying to spy on investigate, or if he was simply in the wrong forest at the wrong time. He did manage to fight the wolf off and escape with his life—and inflict some wounds that were probably a little long in the healing on the wolf’s side—but he knew he’s been bitten. Terrified, Lou tried to think what to do. Life as he knew it was over—he couldn’t be an Auror as a werewolf, he thought, or even go back home to his family. What if he hurt someone?

He stayed in the forest overnight, unable to sleep and afraid to go anywhere—when would it start? Would it happen tonight?—then, the next morning, walked into his father’s study. At first his dad thought he’d been drinking all night, but when he saw the way Lupus’ hands trembled, he knew something was seriously wrong. Lou told his father everything—though it took some time, since he broke down in frantic tears after the first few sentences. His father was shocked, but promised Lupus that his life wasn’t over. He told him to go to work and train and pretend nothing had happened—and while Lupus tried to do just that, Charles went to break the news to his wife.

They lost no time. In a week they’d secured a house in the country. Three weeks after the incident, the work on the basement had been completed, and Lupus was introduced to the small, heavily fortified room where he would be spending two or three nights a month. One month after the bite, they had moved into their country house—though his younger two siblings were rather baffled by the move, and its suddenness—and their old house was on the market. Lupus’ parents tried to make the best of things—his father kept saying it was time they got a nicer house anyway, something they could throw parties in, and his mother was all smiles—except when she cried herself to sleep at night, thinking that somehow this was her fault, for going to the Seer and naming him Lupus.

The secret didn’t stay secret for long—it was hard to keep it from Lou’s little brother, Barnabas, when the boy was still living in the house. Amity, at least, was off at school when it all happened, so she stayed blissfully ignorant of her brother’s condition… for the time being.

1874 - 1878

Nothing good lasts. Amity got the impression that something was ‘going on’ with Lupus—mostly because her kid brother was abysmal at being subtle—and during the summer of 1874, she discovered his secret. Of course, she promised never to tell anyone—and the subsequent punishment Barnabas received for spilling the secret induces him to be much more careful in the future, as well.

At the end of the year, Lupus graduated from his Auror training and becomes a real Auror, which gave him some hope—like his dad said, things are going to be okay! It is possible to have a normal life, even with his “condition.”

After much begging, their parents agreed in 1875 to let Amity invite friends over for week-ends during the summer holiday. This was when Lou first met Xena Fisk, though she was little more than a child at the time, and he thought of her as nothing more than his sister’s best friend. Still, he took notice of the pretty little girl, because Amity did talk about her an awful lot. As Lupus focused on his work over the coming years, and got more and more comfortable living around his little problem, he started to think that maybe Miss Fisk had a bit of a crush on him—which his sister confirmed, though she was absolutely mortified to admit it. Lou chalked her discomfort up to the fact that Xena was her friend, and he’s her brother. Besides, it’s not like he really liked her, anyway; she’s fifteen!

But then she’s sixteen, and then she’s seventeen, and then she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Despite his sister’s vague feelings of foreboding, it didn’t take long after Miss Fisk graduated before Lou was knocking on her family’s door, asking to court her in order to see more of her—which he did.


With Barnabas finally away at school and Amity at home, the dynamic had changed—and Amity's constant fretting about his relationship with Xena meant that things moved a little slower than they might otherwise. Lou soon found himself head over heels in love with her, but he was nervous about taking the next step. His mother shared his hesitation, but tried not to show it. His father, on the other hand, was nothing but encouraging, and it was with his blessing that, on the fifth of December, 1880, Lupus proposed. And she said yes!


It seemed his happiness was not destined to last. Xena discovered his secret while Lou was only moments away from a full moon, and though he begged her to wait until the next morning so that he could explain the matter, she left immediately — leaving behind a letter that broke his heart, and her engagement ring.

Considering that he had been raised in an incredibly loving and understanding family and so far this news had been met with nothing but support and sympathy, Lupus was stunned when Xena reacted… poorly. Very poorly. She was heartbroken, and inconsolable, and what’s worse, she didn’t see this as the sort of issue she could move past. Lou couldn’t comprehend why the girl he loved was reacting this way—when clearly he’d been living with this issue for years, without killing and/or maiming anyone—but there’s no getting through to her, and she made it quite clear that she had no intention of marrying him.

Heartbroken and devastated, Lupus retreated to his room and spent several days sulking before he broke the news to his father—and was met with even more bad news. Even though it had only been a few days, Charles had already heard rumors about a broken engagement between Mr. Jameshill and Miss Fisk—even been asked about it!—and there was simply nothing to say. He’d taken the liberty of talking to Brannon Fisk, to try and see what they could do in the way of damage control… but Brannon was not amused that anyone in the family would have seen fit to keep this a secret from Xena or him, and would not even attempt to talk Xena into keeping Lupus’ secret. While Lupus didn’t believe that she would actually tell anyone, Charles wasn’t convinced—after all, a week ago, Lupus would never have believed that anything could happen that would make Xena stop loving him.

He didn’t have a defense against his father’s worries, and he didn’t know what to do or say to convince Xena—or her family—to let them part ways in peace. His father told him he thought it best if Lupus went away for a while, and let Charles handle the damage control. Feeling helpless, and almost as scared as he did the night he was bitten, Lupus agreed.

His parents had always been efficient. Two days later, he was living in a cabin—or ‘laying low,’ as he thought of it—in the Forbidden Forest, with the servant who had been slated to become his butler (and who knew his secret) living with him to discreetly take care of his needs.

He wasn’t sure what everyone else thought, but he didn’t really care much. Lou was depressed and nearly catatonic, and it was hard to care about anything. When a few weeks elapsed and he was still in the cabin he figured he probably didn’t have a job anymore. The cabin was gradually fortified for his full moon nights, with the servant, Daniel, there to help him through. His mother brought him clothes—though nothing near his full wardrobe, which perplexed him—and was suspiciously dodgy when he eventually asked her how much longer he ought to stay here.

In the end, it wasn’t his father or his mother who broke the news to him, but Daniel. There was only one way to ensure that the Fisks would keep his secret—they were told that he was dead, chased off by a werewolf hunter. Now everyone thought he was dead—though most people thought he’d been attacked and killed by a werewolf.

Maybe he should have been, Lou thought. For the next three months, he didn’t say a word to his mother when she came to visit.

1882 - 1885

It got pretty dark for a good long while. Lou alternated between making lazy references to suicide attempts he never followed through on, and coming up with desperate schemes to try and win Xena back. Honestly a little frightened by Lou’s depression, Daniel decided to make up a lie about Miss Fisk to shake him out of it. He claimed that she, believing him dead, had met and subsequently married someone else, and that she now lived abroad—somewhere in the continent. This did not have quite the desired effect, though it certainly shook Lou. He appeared to take the news in stride, but as soon as Daniel was away for a moment and Lou was left with his thoughts, he started punching a wall—and kept doing that until he broke his right hand.

Since they couldn’t exactly take the dead man to a healer, the two had to set it and wait for it to heal in the Muggle way. Lupus regretted having been so dismissive of the healing arts when he was studying, because werewolves are not exactly known for being careful on full moons, and he repeatedly reinjured it while waiting for it to heal. As a result, it took much longer, and when it did eventually heal he still didn’t quite have the full functionality of two of his fingers. On the upside, though, he had to learn to do everything with his left hand, and the process of having to put effort into something made him a little less laconic.

Eventually, he started warming up to life again. His relationship with Daniel grew and developed into something like friendship, and he spent his time a little more productively. He sent Daniel in to town for books, and got back into the study of transfiguration. He started giving his mother more than ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers when she visited, though things are still rather tense. The longer he stayed in the cabin, the more his feelings for Xena Fisk changed, as well. What was once hopeless devotion became bitterness. In Lou’s mind, Xena had obviously never loved him the way he’d loved her—or else she would have been able to see past his condition, to the man he was, the man he had always been. He knew that she’d had ideas about marrying up, and it had never occurred to him while they’d been courting that this might have been her motivation, but now he was convinced that she had liked his ‘new money’ status more than she’d ever liked him.

She’d never loved him, and he’d loved her more than life—and in his moment of greatest vulnerability, she’d turned on him and had ended up destroying his life. He’d had everything—a loving family, an exciting job that he enjoyed and that paid well, and a small fortune waiting for him when his father eventually passed. Now, he was living in a cabin in the Forbidden Forest with a man who was more jailer than servant. Although he and Daniel had become friends, Lou knew that he had been given ground rules by his parents—let Lou do this, don’t let him do that. Don’t let him go out into town, don’t let him meet anyone.

More and more, he resented being hidden away, like something to be ashamed of. He became convinced that his father was ashamed of him—had probably been ashamed of him, ever since he’d first been attacked, and probably resented having to work his picture-perfect, nouveau rich life around Lupus’ dark secret. He had probably jumped at the chance to ‘kill’ Lupus, when the justification for doing so presented itself; now the rest of the family could go back to being nice and normal and proper.


Late in the year, Lupus had an accidental run-in with a lady while walking in the Forbidden Forest—someone who is neither alarmed at having met someone who was supposedly dead, nor running in terror from the werewolf. In fact, she doesn’t recognize him at all—and why would she? He was just another Auror, back in the day, no one special, and he’d been ‘dead’ for years. The realization that he wasn’t exactly infamous brought Lupus to an important decision—he wanted his life back. Well, maybe not his old life—that seemed rather impossible, without utterly destroying his family, and he wasn’t that bitter—but he wants a life, anyway.

He had it all figured out. The clothes that he’d been saving in his closet over the years (sentimentality, mostly; at first it was things that he thought Xena would have liked, and then it was just things that reminded him of his old life) were decent kinds of clothing, and if he could get some money from his father, he could buy a shop in Hogsmeade and live off of that. He wouldn’t be wealthy, but he could be comfortable—and he could spend a few nights a month out in his familiar little cabin. It wouldn’t take much of a loan to get him started, and he thought his father owed him that much, at least—after having killed him. And he didn’t particularly care what he had to do or say to get his hands on it.


The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and by the time Lou confronts his father that spring he fails to ask for any money--mostly because the man is quite adamantly opposed to his leaving the cabin at all, and compromises had to be made. He picks up a job in Irvingly with a pair of Muggles who don't recognize the signs of his condition and lives quite comfortably for a few months--until, perhaps inevitably, he begins to run into Xena's myriad of family members. Zelda Fisk doesn't know who he is, and against his better judgement Lou uses this opening to try and find out what has happened to Xena in the years he's been 'dead'. He finds out that she isn't married at all, nor has she left the country, and in a very ill-advised attempt to see her ends up almost giving himself away. He quits the job in Irvingly and devotes himself to being more conservative so as not to ruin everything he's achieved over the last year.

In the meantime, he makes unintentional contact with first one, then a second werewolf - the second being the unfortunate victim of the first. Just when he had begun to feel as though he had a comfortable safety net, however, news breaks that the Minister's daughter has been attacked on a full moon. Although he knows himself to be innocent of the attack, he is consumed with guilt all the same and decides to turn himself over to the justice of the Werewolf Capture Unit. This leads to his briefly reconciling with Xena, as he decided he ought to tell her that he's alive before she hears about it from the paper. To his amazement, Xena professes to still love him, which makes his decision to hand himself over that much harder.

Ultimately, he never makes it to the Ministry; his younger brother, who has since become an auror, recognizes him in the atrium and is able to pull him away before he can reach the proper place. In his haste, Theo splinches Lou, who spends the next few hours desperately clinging to life before his father and brother, realizing the imminence of the full moon, have to abandon him in the wilderness for the night. The next morning he is slightly recovered, but must face the wrath of his father. Keen on protecting the family's reputation, Charles Jameshill forces his oldest son to take an Unbreakable Vow to prevent him from attempting to turn himself in again. At a loss as for what to do next, Lou returns to the cabin and lapses once again into a near catatonic depression.

— Lou Jameshill died in 1881 after being attacked by a werewolf. His corpse was mauled to such an extent that a closed-casket funeral was necessary.
— At the time of his death, Lou was engaged to be married to Xena Fisk and was very much in love with her.
— You may recognize Lou if you were a schoolmate, an auror prior to 1881, or a relative. Avid readers of Witch Weekly may also recognize him as he was recently featured.
— "Charlie Williams" arrived in England in 1886, but has been more or less missing in action for the past several months.
— Mr. Williams was originally raised in Australia, though to British parents.
— Mr. Williams lives in a very small house in the country with one servant.
— That Lou is still alive, unless established in character.
— That Lou is a werewolf, unless established in character.
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