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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Wallace Murphy
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Played by Finn
67 year old Halfblood
6 ft. 2 in.
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Full Name: Wallace Ezekiel Murphy

Nickname(s): Murphy, Murph, or Wally (By childhood friends)

Birthdate: May 4th, 1823

Age: 67

Gender: Male

Occupation: Eccentric Magizoologist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Somewhat of a Nomad, but his previous "home base" was Colorado.

Hogwarts House: N/A - Thunderbird (Ilvermorny)

Wand: Spruce, 12 1/8", Flexible, White River Monster Spine

Family: Homer Abraham Murphy | 1803 | Father

Amelia Michaela Murphy Nee Cook | 1807 | Mother

Alonzo Tobias Murphy | 1822 | Brother Fitzgerald Angus Murphy | 1826 | Brother Egbert Bilius Murphy | 1827 | Brother Constance Sue Murphy | 1830 | Sister
Jamie Isaiah Andrews | 1846 | Bastard Son Fergus Andrew Wallace | 1880 | Bastard Son


Once brown, his almost shoulder length hair has progressed from gray to snow white. It is often pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His facial hair is of a matching color and is rarely fully tamed. His skin is weathered and wrinkled from years of constantly being out of doors, but the laugh lines around his mouth and eyes are the deepest. Wallace stands at a tall six feet, two inches, and he's well-built and muscled for his age. His back, however, is starting to ache and become slightly more rounded at the shoulders. He is left handed. Although of middle class, he tends to dress more like a typical working class man, except he is typically ten years behind what is meant to be the current "style." He cleans up fairly well at functions.
1823: Wallace is born the second son to a young Canadian couple in what would eventually be considered Quebec, in a wizarding/muggle community just slightly North of Montreal. His parents are very accomplished herbologists who own a prestigious wizarding shop hidden from muggles in Montreal.

1823-1830: Three more siblings join the family and Wallace exhibits his first bout of accidental magic. He transfigures the neighbors cat into a canary so it can escape a dog. Oops.

1830-1834: He lives a happy, yet wild childhood, darting about their small community and the woods that surround. He constantly brings home animals, both magical and mundane.

1834-1839: Wallace spends five years studying at Ilvermorny. He is a thunderbird and excels at magical creature studies and defense against the dark arts. He's quick on his feet in dueling.

1839-1843: He takes on an apprenticeship with a traveling magizoologist. They take off to South America for the entirety of his hands-on education.

1843-1857 Wallace joins his teacher at a small, research sanctuary based somewhere out of modern day Manitoba. There he embarks on various research trips while also caring for the creatures housed at the sanctuary. There, he meets a woman whom he knocks up one drunken night and fathers a child named Jamie (1846). He isn't alerted to the fact his is a father until the boy is five. He immediately feels as if it's his duty to help raise the boy. He sticks around the area until the boy is old enough to attend Ilvermorny. He contributes financially and takes him on some outings, but he isn't an ever-present father.

1857-1884: Wallace concentrates on his own research, writing a variety of books about the magical creatures who reside in the western part of North America. He becomes somewhat of an expert on the topic and finds his "home base" at a magical zoo in Colorado. When he's not off traveling, he's very dedicated to the care and maintenance of the zoo's creatures. The zoo's owner is an old friend who often helps finance said ventures since Murphy's research helps bring in many visitors to the establishment. He takes on a few apprentices, including his son Jamie (1864). In 1880, Wallace becomes the accidental father to another child. (That he knows of.) Fergus's mother dies in childbirth, and he makes the strange decision to take him in himself. During the boy's younger years, he hires a woman to take care of him while he's working.

1884-1889: Wallace takes on a very promising apprentice, Beau Miller who surprises him and excels quickly so that he is able to be left on his own in only a year. To his delight, the young man decides to stick around the zoo for a few more years, and Wallace is sure to encourage him to accompany him on various, short research projects. During this time, Wallace continues to take care of Fergus and starts allowing him to help out at the zoo once he turns six (1886).

1889: Wallace and Beau join Eavan MacKay and others on a research adventure in Arizona studying Thunderbirds. It becomes incredibly obvious that Eva and Beau are having relations, and Wallace finds it hysterical. He doesn't have the best filter, so he makes some very colorful jokes and comments, but not in a cruel way. Overall, Murphy doesn't mind as long as it doesn't interfere with their work. He is, however, sad to see them both head off to Scotland.

1890: After seven months away, Wallace returns home to Fergus whom he is sure has grown about a foot, even though he popped in on him a few times and allowed him to visit the research site for an overnight. He spends the months leading up to the QWC at the zoo, concentrating on his son. Eva's invitation delights him, and he immediately accepts. He heads off to Scotland the beginning of August, Fergus in tow, eager to reconnect with his old colleagues and to give them Hell. He's especially interested to investigate the zoo in Irvingly!

Eccentric. Somewhat brash. A bit rusty in the manners department. Kind. Has a tendency to sleep around when drunk. Hyper focused on magizoology. Fascinated with muggle guns (but not for killing animals unnecessarily). Loyal. Curses a lot. Incredibly honest and doesn't always try to soften his commentary to be more gentle or politically correct. Good-humored. A fairly good father.
Wallace speaks English and French. He has a Jarvey named Gadzooks!, but he's more often called Zook. He's a cantankerous little imp who enjoys shouting rude words at people and nipping at their ears. Wallace adores him.
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