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Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor; Gryffindor Head of House
Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor; Gryffindor Head of House

41 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 9 in.   ❤   Widowed
played by Lady
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Octavius d'Orsay

Full Name: Octavius-Auguste d'Orsay

Nickname(s): Given his long first name, he goes by Octavius to his friends, and most commonly, Professor d'Orsay to his students.

Birthdate: August 14, 1849

Age: 41

Occupation: Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor; Gryffindor Head of House

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogwarts during the term; he often stays with his brother's family in London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumnus (Class of '67)

Wand: Aspen, 13 ⅓ in, whippy, single phoenix tail feather
[i]a simple and elegant wand, though each of his siblings' wands was commissioned to feature a single thread of gold provided by their grandfather — the thread starts at the hilt and spirals gradually to end at the bottom where the family insignia rests at the bottom in a small pool of gold[/i]

Family: Marie-Louise d'Orsay née Delacour [b. 1855 - 1880]

Virginie d'Orsay, Socialite | Mother | b. 1829
Philipe-Auguste d'Orsay, French-British Diplomat | Father | b. 1835
Claudius-Philipe, Ministry Occuption | Brother | b. 1850
Augusta-Marie d'Orsay, Ministry Occuption | Sister | b. 1860
Jean-Valentin d'Orsay,  Apprentice Wandmaker | b. 1860

Debonair might be the best word to describe Octavius. In possession of a warm, bronze complexion and kind, twinkling dark eyes, he tends to give off a rather calm aura; a disposition he never hesitates to replace with a cold, stern expression when scrutinizing a misbehaving student. Octavius prefers to appear clean-shaven and with his coarse, thick black hair cropped short with a clean line-up. Due to his career as an Auror, he still keeps his medium, well-toned figure and can be seen around the castle wearing jewel-toned muggle suits complete with wizard outerwear when the occasion applies. His wand arm is his right arm.
— His Patronus is a Great Horned Owl — He speaks with a very slight French accent
1846 | Virginie and Philipe had always intended to stay in Paris, as they'd adored the city and had made their significant influence amongst society there. The two fell in love and married young — an unlikely pair with Virginie the daughter of a famous alchemist and Philipe the son of a wealthy politician. Philipe was never inclined towards his family trade, but it couldn't be ignored that the young man seemed to possess a silver tongue and was a magnet at most societal functions.

1847 | The young married couple never imagined in their wildest dreams that they would end up in England, however, that all changed when Philipe-Auguste found himself drawn to a prominent position as a diplomat. The move to London was only supposed to be for a few months, however, they found themselves strangely drawn to the charming, bustling city and soon decided to commit to the new change. A year later, Virginie found herself pregnant with their firstborn child...

1848 | He is brought into the world with little to no complications, and they name him Octavius-Auguste. With the newest addition to their family, the couple is happy and lead a rather peaceful life for the next few years. Virginie's father visited often, insisting on introducing his grandchildren to Alchemy at an early age.

1853 | Octavius displays his first sign of magic at the age of 5. Whilst playing tag with his younger brother, the eldest d'Orsay discovers himself 5 feet away from his target (and coincidentally hovering over a small hill, which saw him promptly roll down it and break his arm at the bottom). A week later he is gifted a small owl named Archimedes from his grandfather.

1860 | At the age of eleven, Octavius leaves for Hogwarts -- an event that he would have otherwise been ecstatic for if it weren't for the fact that his mother is just about to give birth to twins. He's left rather morose on the train ride there, however, it doesn't prevent him from making friends on the Hogwarts Express over. A few hours on the train seem to right him and he steps into the boats on the Black Lake perfectly content having made friends with one Evander Darrow. He ends up getting sorted into Gryffindor, though he's disappointed that Evander gets sorted into Hufflepuff.

Octavius finds that his fortés quickly made themselves known. Much like his father, he is able to get on with a fair amount of people from different houses, and he can be seen mediating arguments between a few of his friends from time to time. Drawn to the subject of Alchemy at the beginning, Octavius is disappointed he is not able to take it as an elective his first year. Further research sees him investing more time into potions and transfiguration so he can take Alchemy during his final years. The young wizard also finds passions in Wizard's Chess and Dueling Club. As soon as he can, he gets involved in as many clubs as he can. A few months into his first year, his mother gives birth to twins: Augusta-Marie and Jean-Valentin. Over Christmas holidays Octavius meets them for the first time, with him and Claudius enthusiastic at the prospect of being elder brothers.

1861 | When the time comes for Claudius to attend Hogwarts, he is sorted into Hufflepuff. While Octavius is disappointed, he's content that his brother's ended up in the same house as his best friend, Evander, and thus knows Claudius will be in safe hands. His friendship with Evander also grows as the two lads do, though truth be told, Octavius feels he might be a touch more inclined towards letting loose every now and then (within reason at least).

1864 | His first few years pass with little consequence, though just before his fifth year is about to commence, he receives a surprise. In addition to the regular list of school supplies, he finds a rather heavy medal clattering onto his plate. The d'Orsay's are overjoyed that their eldest has been made Prefect, and Octavius (though never one to gloat) is rather proud of himself for this feat. He soon hears word that Evander has been granted the same privilege and he's delighted to the point he sends Evander a rather enthusiastic owl with some of their cooks delicious (poorly packaged) food. By the time it arrives at his mate's house, half the food is missing as it had fallen out somewhere over the north river.

His final three years at Hogwarts see Octavius begin to seriously contemplate on his future. His main passions point towards a career as an Auror and the more he thinks about it, the more he warms to the idea. The requirements to even get into the training program are absolute, and so Octavius plunges himself into his studies. After he gains stellar marks on his OWLs, he gains more confidence in his ability to achieve his goals.

1866 | Before he knows it, it is his seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Having spent the summer with his family and taking care of the twins he's frankly relieved at the prospect of returning and doesn't even notice the lack of Head Boy badge until he's on the train. The summer had proved to be rather exhausting; both twins had exhibited their first acts of magic by making all of Octavius' books disappear, which sent him into a bit of a state. Thankfully they were found after a day or so, but not without Octavius chasing his siblings around the dining room table a few times.

The year is filled with nostalgia, and Octavius leaves all his clubs hoping that he's left a significant mark on them. Both he and Evander study incessantly, which ends up paying off. Octavius finds out that he's been accepted into the Auror Training Program and eagerly looks forward to the moment he can step foot inside the Ministry as an official employee...

1878 | Life as an auror ends up being a lot more paperwork than Octavius thinks people are aware of, which doesn't bother him too much. In tandem with this profession, Octavius also persues Alchemy studies alongside his grandfather, which is how he meets his wife, Marie. She is an Alchemy student studying with him, which sees Octavius coming around to visit his grandfather's more often than he probably would have. Visits also see him delve into alchemy studies more on his days off.

Later in the year, Octavius proposes and the two are married. 1879 | Married life suits both Octavius and Marie well, however they discover they have trouble conceiving. As both long for children, they consult as many doctors as they can, but to no avail. Given the prospect of being harmed in the field, Octavius requests an Instructor position in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He moves to the Combative Magic Instructor position and finds that he has a knack for teaching.

1880 | Finally, Marie is pregnant — a joyous occasion that will unfortunately not last. In the summer whilst visiting her parents, Marie and her immediate family are brutally murdered in their sleep. The perpetrators are ever found.

1881 | A hole is left by his wife and unborn child, and Octavius doesn't seem to find much joy in life at the Ministry. After further investigation, Octavius applies and is accepted to the Alchemy Professor position at Hogwarts. It is a bittersweet moment, returning to a place of such happiness without the love of his life.

1884 | Chastity Cuffs are input at Hogwarts — Octavius finds them to be rather useful in some aspects, though he knows that Marie would find them outrageously unfair.

1887 | The World Market provides a welcome distraction, however, it proves to be less so when Octavius finds himself confronted with a horde of flying tigers and a group of Hogwarts students to defend. All get out alive, though Octavius injures his arm. Additionally, his return to Hogwarts sees him made Gryffindor Head of House.

1890 | With Nikolai Sleptov's retirement comes the open Defense Against the Dark Arts position. Octavius' history as an auror as well as instructor provides a rather thorough resume for the position. He finds himself rather excited at the prospect, as he realized once he started teaching Alchemy that he missed teaching Combative Magic. While he still misses Marie, he knows it's been almost ten years, and he knows she wouldn't want him to mourn this long.

Played By: Lady

Contact: Discord (lady#0341) or Skype (x14karma)

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Octavius speaks with a French accent
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