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Moroccan First String Chaser
Moroccan First String Chaser

18 year old Pureblood
5ft 10in   ❤   Unattached
played by Finn
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Nabil Wahbi

Full Name: Nabil Wahbi


Birthdate: December 22, 1871

Age: 18

Occupation: Moroccan First String Chaser

Blood Status: Pureblood


Hogwarts House:

Wand: Sycamore, 12 1/16 inches, Phoenix Feather, Springy

Family: Ikram Wahbi (37) - Mother
Omar Wahbi (Deceased) - Father
Ilyass Wahbi (17) - Brother, Second String Player
Samira Wahbi (17) - Sister, Twin to Ilyass
Chaima Wahbi (14) - Sister
Habiba Wahbi (12) - Sister
Osman Wahbi (10) - Brother
Standing at five foot ten, Nabil is of average build. He possesses a good amount of muscles, but, when clothed, it doesn't look as if he does. He has very dark and curly brown hair and brown eyes. His nose hooks down, and his face is often lit up with mischief. He is still larking about at the very end of boyhood and has yet to grown in any sort of facial hair.
Trickster, Prankster, Playboy, Determined, Loyal, Passionate
Nabil may or may not be a father. He isn't sure.
Quidditch Background: [list] [*]Nabil started flying almost around the same time he started to walk. His father was an accomplished quidditch player and was determined that his sons would follow his lead. [*]He grew up going to his father's quidditch games and practices, learning and growing while he watched and flew with the other players. [*]Around the age of ten he joined a youth league that was established by his father and another one of his teammates. [*]At age 14, his father died in a quidditch accident. A cursed bludger from a scorned lover, aimed at the wrong person. The family is heartbroken, and Nabil nearly gives up the sport. His mother is none too pleased when he decides to continue. [*]At fifteen, he tried out for a local quidditch team and didn't make the cut, but he was persistent and tried again at age sixteen and scored a spot as a chaser. [*]At seventeen, he made it onto second string on the Moroccan National Team. [*]At eighteen, he encourage his younger brother to try out for the team. He landed a spot on second string while Nabil ended up on the first string. He was ecstatic. [/list]

Educational Background: Nabil's education consisted of tutors both in muggle and magical subjects. Up until his father's death, his family traveled with his quidditch team, so Nabil possesses a good amount of life experience along with academics. He never was the best student, but his tutors seemed mostly pleased by his progress. He's particularly skilled at charms. His sisters, whom his mother refused to allow to have a future in quidditch, were shipped off to various wizard boarding schools throughout the world. They are much more academically gifted than he. He speaks Arabic, English, and very terrible French.

Other Notable Events: Nabil has had many an adventure while traveling with the Moroccan team, some of which are questionable at best. He might have had a hand in transfiguring the Spanish quidditch team's robes into ducks the night before their match. Oops. He has also wooed many a lady that has lead to some drama.
Played By: Finn

Contact: PM/Skype/Discord

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RE: QWC Match Two: Britain vs. Morocco 1
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QWC Match Two: Britain vs. Morocco Professional Quidditch Pitches
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Nabil tried to fly out of the way of the bludger, but it struck him right in the arm that was carrying the quaffle. With a loud hiss, he fumbled a bit, nearly toppled off his broomstick, and promptly lost the ball. With a scowl, the youngster watched it rapidly drop toward the ground.

"Ya Ibn el Sharmouta!*"

He shook his arm out. That was going to bruise right to the bone.

**Son of a bitch