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It’s quite unusual for a caster's patronus to be their favourite animal, but very possible that it will take the shape of a creature they’ve never before seen or heard of. — Amy
As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Anne Moony
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Played by Amy
Who am I without my armor
Standing in my father's shoes?
All I know is that it's harder
To be loyal, brave, and true
Fourth Year & Seeker
15 year old Halfblood
Fourth Year & Seeker
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Anne Imogene Moony

Nickname(s): Annie, tried Genie once, she hates it. “Oi, Moony!” also works just fine

Birthdate: November 20, 1878

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Occupation: Fourth Year Seeker

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Pennyworth, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 9 ¾” Hornbeam wand with a Dragon Heartstring Core, firm

Family: Christopher Moony, Father [1850]
Emilia Moony nee Federline, Mother [1853]
Edison Moony, Brother [1875]

Paternal Father
John Moony [1820-1885] Grandfather
Maryann Moony [1827] Grandmother
Dorothy — nee Moony [1854] Aunt
Violet Moony [1860] Aunt
Bronwyn Moony, Aunt [1864]

Maternal Family
Aidan Federline [1820-1880] Grandfather
Erin Federline [1823-1877] Grandmother
Nola Mackay nee Federline [1843-1884] Aunt and family
Rory Federline [1847] Uncle and family
Brennan Federline [1850] Uncle and family

Anne’s currently 4’ 10” and can’t seem to stop growing. (Most likely topping out at 5' 5"). She’s lean and lanky, about as straight as a wand, but with the beginning of puberty, everything seems subject to change. Anne pale, clear skin is beginning to see the beginnings of acne to accompany the scattering of freckles across her nose and it ruins her mood e very time she looks in the mirror. Annie’s always had a thick head of dark hair that always lightens up in the sun and she stanchly refuses to hide under hats all through the year. Anne wears her hair long, the heavy hair nearing her waist. It has a slight wave, like her mother’s and she usually wears it in matching braids. Has a square face like her brother, mum’s nose, a high forehead, and faint dimples. She’s got eyes that are nearly black in color and the only one in her immediate family with that eye color. When frustrated, her lips almost disappear in a harshly downturned scowl. One of the best things about school is uniforms. Anne could not care less about clothes or fashion and, as long as it’s clean, she shows little interest in choosing a wardrobe. Anne is righthanded, but she can almost right legibly with her left.
Act I: You are your father's daughter
Stubbornness and pride

Anne Imogene Moony is born to Christopher and Emilia Moon at the close of a snowy day 20 November 1878 in Oxford, England. She joins three-year-old brother Ned and the four were the perfect example of a hard-working wizarding family. The family was far from wealthy, but Anne lacked for nothing and had little interest in the “finer” things in life. Anne never met a stranger and was a rambunctious, enthusiastic toddler. With both of her parents working, Anne was always close to her big brother and took her first steps clinging to his hand with her chubby fingers. She also had a knack for finding trouble.

Anne begins showing hints of magic at the early age of two, to the terror of her parents and relatives. In 1881, an exploring Anne, too short to reach the door lock, managed to let herself out the front door. The feat was missed by family as it was her wailing that alerted her caregivers she’d escaped her crib and home to begin with. She’d magically opened a door, but gravity still reigned supreme and she tumbled down three stairs in her escape. That summer, Ned saved her life with his first grand showing of magic when a runaway carriage came careening down their street.

Anne could spend hours in books and wasted many days staring at the marks on the page before she ever learned to decipher them. Learning to read was a revelation and nothing in the house was safe. If there was something inappropriate for little eyes, it had better be well hidden. Once she found mother’s star charts, there was no keeping her away. Better than books are animals! Anne adores about any creature she meets and finds many more agreeable than people. She wouldn’t ask her parents to spend the coin, but she dreams of having a dog of her own. And maybe a cat. And a horse. And niffler.

Anne’s favorite part of her day was when father returned home. Proving more faithful than a clock, Anne’s shriek of “Daddy!” could be heard throughout the house every evening. While she adores her mother and considers Ned her best friend; Anne worships her father. He has the best stories, gives the strongest hugs, and answers her questions. While she’s always been affectionate with her family, she may as well have been glued to her father. Anne loves that he hunts bad wizards every day. She strives to be brave like her father and was known to insist after nearly every childhood accident that he know she didn’t cry. Considering she broke her arm after falling from a tree, pretending to be immune to pain took work. Someday, she would be just like him.

Act II: All for my family
Reason I'm breathing
Everything to lose

The family began a new adventure in 1886 when Kit Moony secured a home for the family in Hogsmeade. While reluctant to leave Oxford and the amazing Muggle libraries, the thought of living in a town meant for wizards is intriguing. The fact there were fewer people Anne may accidently break the Statute of Secrecy around must have been in her parents’ minds. September also sees Ned off to his first year at Hogwarts. Anne’s excitement for her brother evaporates as soon as she realizes Ned will only be around on holidays. Anne was not meant to be an only child. She must have used her weight in parchment that year to write her brother and ensure he was well. She also wanted every single detail about classes and the castle and, most importantly, if he had fought any dark wizards yet. Learning the answer was ‘no’ brought her to uncharacteristic tears.

Act III: You promised you'd be there
Whenever I needed you
Whenever I call your name
You're not anywhere

Everything implodes in the summer of 1888. Anne’s favorite part of the year is now summer; it means her family is back together. It seems a normal day, both of her parents are off to the Ministry and, as soon as he’s awake, Anne is begging her brother for some adventure. Nothing is amiss, even mother arriving home before father isn’t unheard of. When father isn’t home by bedtime, it is unusual, but nothing alarming. When daddy’s seat is empty come breakfast, Anne has questions. Sensible mother is quick to calm her and Anne trusts mother without a second thought, but she voices her displeasure with daddy. Daddy always says an extra “I love you” when he will be gone overnight, and he never leaves his children guessing.

A missed breakfast stretches into days and days become weeks. While mother maintains outward calm, Anne is inconsolable in short order. Daddy promised he would take Anne for a special day in town and he never broke a promise. A wizard is only as good as their word, daddy often opined, and daddy was breaking his word. It was unthinkable! By August, Anne came to the only possible conclusion – father was dead.

Anne’s change came quickly and with force. Always opinionated, Anne’s opinions became incentive to fight. Laughter and silly jokes were replaced by stretches of deep depression and tears. Night terrors set in within a few weeks and Annie found herself looking in on her brother and mother multiple times a night. While she had never needed the fussing as a child, Anne found every excuse to steal into her mother’s bed or into her brother’s room. When she closed her eyes, they left her.

Ned returned to school and Annie was distraught. How was she going to protect her brother if he was at school? Anne commits to be the new protector of the house and does her best to kill off or hide every impulse to be anything be an adult. She asks for nothing, she does her best to keep quiet, and commits all of her annoyances to the page instead of her mother. To protect mother, she would become mother. Anne would be brave, and she would keep her feelings well buried. Alarm was raised when she wrote Aunt Bronwyn and asked for a list of curses that could kill or maim but were still Forgivable. It took a strong lecture from mother, but Annie reluctantly agreed that she would find less lethal ways to protect the family. This gnawed at her; she only wanted to protect her mother and Ned. When Ned was off at Hogwarts, it fell to Anne to defend the family. There was no other option.

Annie’s tenth birthday comes and goes without her father present. Mother and her extended family are overly generous, but Anne is not fool. While she initially refuses any celebration, she submits to the sham of a birthday. If it will help, she will pretend to give a damn. Spring of 1889 brings a strange reversal of fortune.

Act IV: I follow you around, I always have
But you've gone to a place I cannot find
This grief has a gravity, it pulls me down
But a tiny voice whispers in my mind
You are lost, hope is gone

Mother was acting especially odd, but what did it matter now? One evening, Anne came in from playing to her mother with a strange look on her face. Thoroughly convinced Ned had died, Annie collapsed into sobs before accepting comfort. Shockingly, daddy was coming home tomorrow. Anne had…no words. Ned was granted permission to come home and the front door opened to a familiar sight: daddy was alive. Anne rocketed down to Kit and clamped her arms around him. While she was so excited it made her physically ill, she subconsciously registered that daddy flinched when she catapulted into his legs.

Everything was wrong. Annie had more than a million questions and, for the first time she could remember, father was avoiding all her questions. Mother returned to work, Ned went back to school, and Annie was blessed with father-daughter time. Well, she assumed it a blessing. Something was broken with daddy. Her champion was moody now, brooding and short-tempered. If she came into the room without fanfare, daddy snapped at her and jumped. When daddy napped, which was often, he woke in a sweat looking like he’d run from far off. The change in her father struck a chord. The horrible conclusion she’d put off since his return was now unavoidable: father didn’t love them. It was a simple formula: father was either dead or alive. If he was dead, then Anne could grieve. If father was alive, and considering how he’d left and returned, it was not possible that he loved her. Impossibly, daddy no longer loved nor was he trustworthy. It was perfectly logical, but the conclusion left Annie crying into her pillow and at a loss for her next move. No, Christopher betrayed every principle he instilled in his daughter. He was a coward and a liar. There was no other possibility.

Daddy left. Instead of explain his disappearance and fight for his family, Christopher Moony ran away. He did absolutely everything he taught his daughter not to do or be. Perhaps it was better if he died, Anne was quick to tell him so.

Act V: I don't know anymore what is true
I can't find my direction, I'm all alone
The only star that guided me was you
How to rise from the floor?
But it's not you I'm rising for
Just do the next right thing
Take a step, step again
It is all that I can to do

Daddy is gone. Mother is quiet. Ned shouldn't have to protect her. Letter in hand and counting down the days, it's Anne's turn to leave for Hogwarts. She doesn't know will be there or what will happen to her, her excitement around Sorting isn't what it once was. For now, all there is for her to do is wait. Anne has never had the patience.

ESXP – Things aren’t set in stone yet.

Anne has one speed – fast. She moves quickly, talks quickly, learns quickly, and – rather notably – angers quickly. While naturally friendly and outgoing, Anne has little patience with people or subjects she finds boring. While she wouldn’t try to offend, she is quick to speak the truth and sees little reason to mince words. How are others going to improve if they don’t know where they’re lacking? Purists are the exception. If Anne hears such nonsense, she’s going to give you about two seconds to repent your sins and then she’s going for the jugular. 

She sees herself as a leader and if she can’t be in charge, she’s best left alone. Anne gravitates toward group activity, but she absolutely hates incompetence and if she perceives someone as lazy or lacking, there may be a coup. While not malicious in spirit, she has a razor tongue when offended and has a long memory for offense. Anne doesn’t understand the wealthy or, as she’s likely to see them, the idle. The idea of empty hours, tittering over lace, and needing someone to do everything but breath in your name is ridiculous to her. It’s never occurred to her that she won’t have a profession some day and a life where someone is paid to know your business is completely confusing.

Anne has her father’s reckless streak that – try as she might – can’t be fully reigned in. Mother, on the other hand, made her practical. Her family means everything to her and there is nothing that would keep her from defending them, even her unworthy father. Anyone that dares to look at her brother wrong – prepare for shock and awe. Anne learns by experience and wants her hands involved in everything. She frequently traces things in the air to get a better sense of abstract concepts. 

Anne’s temper, when provoked, is a thing of beauty. While she knows how to behave and is reluctantly learning to bite her tongue, it’s only created an emotional volcano. If she gets quiet, evacuate the area. The longer she holds her opinions in, the worse the resulting explosion will be. In all fairness, it takes a great deal to cause a real eruption. Most people will only see a feisty girl with a stubborn streak, but she should not be tested.


classexpected owlnewt
Care of Magical CreaturesO
Defense Against the Dark ArtsO
History of MagicA
Muggle StudiesEE

— skills —

02. Won the 1894 OWL Level Potion Competition and damn proud of it. 01. Dueling, drawing, flying
02. Has an ear for music and language, but little formal training
01. Absolutely would prefer the company of creatures to nearly all humans.

— trivia —

amortentia: info here
boggart: info here
clubs: Dueling, Flying, Club Quidditch, Potions
electives: Arithmancy, COMC, Muggle Studies
patronus: info here
pets:A black cat named Luna, the last gift she has from her father
quidditch: Seeker with the heart of a Beater
religion: agnostic-leaning protestant
romantic orientation: info here
sexual orientation: info here
zodiac sign: Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising
Anne is a hatstall. It took the Hat five minutes and twelve seconds to decide between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

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MJ about made me cry with this one!
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