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Elon Wildsmith
“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.”
― Jim Carrey

Full Name: Elon Ignatius Wildsmith

Nickname(s): ‘‘Floo Boy’’ is often used by people who want to mention him but don't remember his actual name.

Birthdate: January 30th, 1875

Age: 16

Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogwarts during the bulk of the year; his family owns several properties but Elon considers a family country house in the south of GB his home home.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Semi-flexible, 10'', aspen and dragon heartstring

Cyril Wildsmith, father (1829)
Miriam Wildsmith nee Modiano, mother (1842)
Judith Wildsmith, sister (1870)
Elon isn't a very good looking boy, but that doesn't matter, since he is extremely rich. He has this ‘charm’ that inheriting a large fortune gives to people. He is not particularly tall and doesn't look very imposing. He dislikes sports, save for duelling, so he's got a sort of skinny fat body type. His skin is pale and has dark circles underneath his dark brown eyes. His hair is very dark, almost black under certain lights. He has a large nose and overall his facial appearance has something morose and tired looking. He's right handed.

Style wise, Elon dresses like your typical wealthy boy. He looks very preppy and posh. You really can't tell he's a great duellist by his overall appearance, really.

Elon is rather witty and intelligent. However, there is a void inside of him. He doesn't feel like there is a point to his life. Thanks to Great Aunt Ignatia he'll inherit a lot of money but that also means that nothing he does will ever be considered impressive. All people would see is that he, the privileged heir, accomplished everything thanks to his family's fortune. So what's the point in even trying?

He feels like there's a void inside of him which he tries to fill with thrills. Be that duelling, underage smoking and drinking, etc. He may sound depressing, but that's not really the case. He has a rather laid-back, ‘‘fuck it’’ approach to life. Sometimes he likes to troll and provoke people just to see what will happen.

❧ He's an Elon who will inherit the Floo Pow company, so I had to mention that Elon is considering whether wizards can go to the moon using a new version of the Floo Powder.

❧ He can speak French and German. He also knows Spanish to a lesser extent. He tends to do language lessons during his summer holidays when he's bored and then give them up when it's time for Hogwarts and never revisit them again.

The Wildsmiths

The family owes everything to Ignatia Wildsmith, who discovered the properties of the Floo Powder in the 13th century. Since she never got married herself, the current Wildsmiths are the descendants of her brother. That being said, there are rumours that she actually had a bastard son and that the whole 'nephew inherited the fortune' story was to cover up that fact. Not that anyone cares, really. That happened centuries ago and the Wildsmiths are too rich to care.


Elon is the second child born to Cyril Wildsmith and his wife Miriam, a heiress of her own right of Jewish origin. He is born to privilege and receives the best in life, be that be education, toys, medicine, etc. He has one older sister, who doesn't seem to like him very much. Someone tells her that because he was born, she won't get to be an heiress so she holds that against him.

Elon is raised by stories of how great their ancestor Ignatia Wildsmith was and how the entire world owes her so much. That being said, no other Wildsmith has done anything of importance after Ignatia. On one hand, it is nice that Elon has all this money because of Ignatia. On the other hand, what point is there to his life now? If he is to try and do something of his own, people will say ‘‘Oh, he was only able to do that because of his money and privilege.’’ His father was a magical creature researcher and nobody seems to see beyond his surname and family legacy.

Elon himself is a curious child who loves to research things. He also loved to sneak away from home using the Floor Network. They always had copious amounts of it at home, after all. It also amused him how freaked out eveyone was whenever he did that. At some point, they actually disconnected their fireplace from the Floor Network so Elon would stop doing that. There went one thing that gave some excitement in his life. Meh.


Elon finally goes to Hogwarts. Finally some excitement in his life. He is sorted into Ravenclaw, which isn't a big surprise to anyone. The only thing that seems to motivate him in life is his curiousity and thirst for knowledge.

In spite of the old stereotype of Ravenclaws being studious nerds, Elon isn't the best student out there. It isn't because he's not clever. He simply can't stand the school system. He won't make any effort about things he deems uninteresting or pointless. He's not that great at working with others so he struggles at group assignments. He does manage to form a small circle of friends. One of them is Elijah Urquart, a boy from Slytherin. Elijah has a bit of a bratty reputation, but Elon likes him, he's witty.

In his third year, Elon picks up Arithmancy since it's useful for predicting stock market stuff, Divination because he's curious about those things and Muggle Studies because it seems easy and the best class to troll a little.

Elon also discovers his love for duelling at Hogwarts. Duelling gives him a thrill and that's something he craves in his life. In spite of all his money, Elon feels... empty. He'll probably experiment with drugs when his older to fill the void.

❧ He is the descendant of the inventor of the Floo Powder, Ignatia Wildsmith.

❧ He is the heir to Floo Pow company.

❧ His father is a magizoologist.

❧ His mother is Jewish and she is an heiress of her own right. Her family is a known Flying Carpet manufacturer in South-Eastern Europe.

❧ His sister works for the Ministry.

Played By: Soph

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