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First Year

11 year old Halfblood
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played by River
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Dorothea Birdwhistle

Full Name: Dorothea Eulalie Birdwhistle

Nickname(s): Thea, Birdie

Birthdate: July 26th, 1879

Age: 11

Occupation: Being a child

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, a townhouse in Bartonburg

Hogwarts House:


Family: Gwendoline "Gwen" Birdwhistle - mother
Barrington "Barry" Birdwhistle - father
Sophronia "Sophie" Birdwhistle - older sister
Wellington "Wells" Birdwhistle - older brother
Dorothea is a small, slim girl. She stands at four feet and five inches, which leads to lots of complaining about cabinets being out of reach. Her face is oval shaped, with squishy cheeks and dimples that appear when she smiles. She possess a smooth complexion and brown skin. Her hair is naturally curly and is often kept in two, neat buns. She considers herself a young fashionista and is always after her parents for new clothing. They rarely indulge her, however, and she largely wears her sister's nice hand-me-downs. She is left handed.
Thea is a bright, happy young girl whose greatest love is exploring the world around her. She's curious and a bit too friendly with strangers at times, which gets her the occasional lecture on propriety from her mother. She's quite book smart for her age but she does lack common sense, which can make her appear ditsy. Despite occasional antics, she's a good girl.
Dorothea's family has an incredibly old tortoiseshell cat called Madeline that she is very attached to.
Thea's family had just settled in Hogsmeade when she was born in July of 1879. She was her parents' third child and second daughter. Her older brother - who had been furiously hoping that the newest Birdwhistle would be a boy - was terribly disappointed by her birth. Her sister, on the other hand, was beyond thrilled to have a proper playmate.

Sophie was Thea's constant companion when she was home from school. When her sister wasn't available, Thea made do with her same aged cousins and other children who lived nearby. Life was something close to idyllic. Though the Birdwhistles were far from wealthy, they were still comfortable enough that Thea wanted for very little. Her biggest ambition was eating chocolate in bed, away from her mother's prying eyes. At least, it was until her magical ability blossomed.

In 1888, she made one of her brother's favorite books disappear when he angered her by taking the last slice of her birthday cake. The book was eventually found in some unlikely cranny of the house, but by then Thea's attention was elsewhere -- on Hogwarts. She couldn't wait to go now. However, she'd have to wait until September of 1890 until that was a reality.

She's eagerly awaiting her birthday, shopping trips to Diagon Alley, and (most importantly) getting her hands on her very own wand.
- Her father is a respected academic specializing in history and her mother is a homemaker.

Played By: River

Contact: Discord

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Player Name: River
Contact: PM on Dorothea, ask for Discord/Skype, or here!

@Dorothea Birdwhistle
11 | MCHB | Enjoying childhood | Incoming First Year

Friends! Thea is outgoing, friendly, and curious. She's a social butterfly and likes to make new friends wherever she can. Fellow Hogsmeade kids her age would be wonderful. I'd especially like to work out some established connections. Open to anything and anyone here!
Enemies! Thea generally avoids conflict, but she plans to be the best witch in her year at Hogwarts (whether she'll accomplish that is ... very much up for debate lol). I think an academic/social rivalry - friendly or not - with someone would be fun to play out, especially if they sustain it through their years at school. Beyond that ... touch her sweets and you might court her ire?
Lovers! A childhood crush might be cute? That's about it!

@Ivy Rose Shaw
25 | MCHB | Gryffindor Dropout | Freewheeling Bisexual | First String Beater for the Holyhead Harpies

Friends! When she's not playing Quidditch, Ivy is a good time gal. She tries not to take life seriously and is generally unconcerned with what people think of her. If you're decent to her, she'll be decent to you. She likes to socialize (especially when alcohol is involved) so if she's got an invite to your event, she's showing up. With established friends, she's chill and loyal to a fault. She will generally stand by them no matter what. Newer friends can expect to be dragged into whatever nonsense she's up to at the time. I imagine she's got friends from school and she's been on the pro Quidditch scene for her entire post-school life. Friends from elsewhere are welcome too, especially if they're eccentric types.
Enemies! Haha. Ivy comes from a family of troublemakers, wears men's clothing, is known to have a temper, and likes to speak her mind. It's not difficult for her to get on someone's bad side, especially if they're more traditional. I'm sure she's had unpleasant run ins with people who don't like the way she conducts herself. On her end, she's not particularly forgiving, so if you get off on the wrong foot things are likely to stay that way. Conflict is fun, so I'd like her to have some people she can snipe at Tongue .
Lovers! Ivy isn't particularly interested in a traditional relationship at the moment. It's not impossible for the right kind of gentleman to come along and sway her, but she's far more likely to carry on an affair with a woman. She's had affairs with both sexes and is discrete about it, but she's not perfect and people talk. Past/present/future options here would be fun to discuss!

@Ciaran Midford
37 | UCPB | Hufflepuff Alumnus | Widower on the Market | Owner of a Shipping Company

Friends! When not under the shadow of grief, Ciaran's charming and friendly. He's not back to his old self yet, but he's showing his face in public again, so that's something. He would have friends from childhood and school (Hufflepuff, '70) as well as his various travels. New ones would have a bit of a hill to climb, but he's not closed off to them. Gentleman friends would be great!
Enemies! Though Ciaran wasn't exactly responsible in his youth, he has shaped up and prefers to mind his own business these days. Lingering resentment could exist from some people though. He subscribed to some purist ideologies but that's also softened over the years, so he may have fallen out of certain social circles on purpose. As his late wife was black and his daughter is mixed-race, he's obviously not fond of racists but for #realism he may tolerate them out of politeness.
Lovers! Ciaran is very much on the hunt for a wife. He's been widowed for four years and, though he's not completely 'over it', he wants his daughter to have a mother. All the hurling! I'm up for anything here, but the intention is that he end up married at some point. His mother is being very pushy about matchmaking him, which offers plenty of opportunities for convenient run-ins at balls or elsewhere. Whirlwind romance is a possibility too!

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