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He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.Helga Scamander in Helga's Boy Book
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25 year old Halfblood
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Aristotle King

Full Name: Aristotle King

Nickname(s): Ari

Birthdate: July 3, 1864

Age: 25

Occupation: Freelancer, Artist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Elsewhere, Currently at his family home in some wizarding manor.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Pine, Flexible, Unicorn hair 10"

Family: He has a father, mother and an elder brother, Cadmus, and younger sister, Calantha.
He's 5'11" and decidedly average in both height and build but can be considered weedy or skinny as his frame isn't too muscular. He has pale brown hair and blue eyes, and pale skin that barely sees any sunlight. He's ambidextrous and thinks he's quite clever because of it and he leaves his clothing choices up to either his sister or his manservant. If he had his way he probably would never change clothes and be a complete bum in garb covered in either paint or clay. His lack of care bothers his sister greatly. He is the type to ruin a good pair of pants by sitting down on grass and watching a meteorshower.
Absent minded / Creative / Friendly / Hardworking - will forget everything around him while inspired / Fluffy / Dreamy / Introvert - being around people is exhausting.
In his own words nothing exceptional has ever happened to him - he was born the middle son of an uppercrust family with an ambitious Slytherin brother and father and Gryffindor younger sister and mother. He sort of floated along through childhood and preferred greatly to look at the world around him than actually interact with it. He preferred to read, paint and draw and was quite talented at it. His family expected him to go into Ravenclaw at sorting however it was not to be and he was sorted into Hufflepuff. School was pretty much a non-event for him as he received passing grades in all but the electives of Art where he shone though in Charms classes which allowed for his own brand of creativity also proved his skill. He would much rather daydream and pursue his own passion than do what others would have him do. He went abroad on a Grand Tour after graduation to museum hop, and visit and view great sites - bankrolled by his family however the death his grandfather in June has called him home and his mother and sister have decided that he needs a wife to look after him properly and to provide proper motivation to do something with his life.
Played By: Jen

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RE: Charming Life Milestones 3
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Charming Life Milestones Games
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I started in my last year of University so:
  • Graduated.
  • Got my first full time job
  • Tried to date and had my first kiss (he was only a summer fling though and he didn't consider us to be "dating" and it was slimy ewww)
  • Went clubbing for the first time
  • Met My Husband and got in my first boyfriend.
  • Went on my first trip by myself - I stayed with Bee!
  • Moved out of home.
  • Got Engaged
  • Got Pregnant
  • Got Married
  • Had a Baby
  • Started my Masters
  • Got.... pregnant again. Dropped out of my Masters.
  • Had My Second Child.
  • Bought a House.

And then I left because seriously how busy were those years????? After that though life managed to quiet down and all that seemed to happen in the mean time is that I got a cat and killed half of my yard...