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Wife of Priam Lestrange
Wife of Priam Lestrange

32 year old Pureblood
5ft 2in   ❤   Married
played by Dante
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Nephele Lestrange
Girl in a jacket

Full Name: Nephele Asteria Lestrange Neé Selwyn

Nickname(s): Nel

Birthdate: 6 Jan 1858

Age: 32

Occupation: Le Strange Lestrange

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: Hogsmeade, Imperial Square

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Apple wood, Augrey tail feather, 7 inches, flexible

Family: Katherina Selwyn Nee Lestrange (Mother)
Edric Selwyn (Father)
Michelle Fawley Nee Selwyn (Sister - deceased)
Lucille Gallaghan (Sister - deceased)
“Kimon” Selwyn - (Brother)
Noelle Selweyn(Sister - deceased)

Priam Lestrange - (Husband)
Agape Lestrange, daughter (1881)
Euphrosyne Lestrange, daughter (1884)
Parthena Lestrange, daughter (1889)
Frida Lestrange
Gretchen Lestrange
Meta Lestrange
She has a fine high, angular bone structure, and delicate features.  She has a womanly figure which she displays to full advantage.  She has long fair hair which is usually carefully styled, and up out of her face.  She is 5,2. 

She believes her clothing is entirely out of her control as she consults her astrological charts daily to find the colour of the day and that is what she wears!  In  much the same vein her jewellry and accessories are usually picked for their ‘purpose’ - amethyst for mental health, garnet for well being, pearls for her skin and lady issues etc. She has a moonstone ring she wears constantly.  It was a gift from her husband. 
She is left handed but was taught to use her right, rendering her functionally ambidextrous.
Nel has something of a mother hen about her, she is deeply caring and has a great capacity for feeling. She has a much more live and let live personality than most purebloods and believes that magic is divine and so everything that comes from magic is divine. 

She is  a big fan of ‘talking it out’ and will try and investigate every kind of spirituality going. She is bright and intelligent but is the sort of person who will let you lecture them on a subject they are expert in, not correct you and simply end the conversation with a kindly ‘that’s interesting’ but if asked her opinion, or for her view she will give it decidedly.  She also can and will talk enthusiastically on all subjects she is interested in.
She believes that the existence of god can be proven through an examination of the physical body as a means of proving the divine nature of creation.
She is a member of the church of magical jesus
Nel is born a generally sweet and whimsical child, even if magic had not been part of the family lineage Nel would have believed in it’s existence.  The world, the universe seemed to hold more secrets and wonders than man kind could explain.  As a child she lost herself in books of theology,  science and philosophy which all sought to explain the fundamental nature of things looking for her answer. 

She was 4 when she first displayed magic, much to the satisfaction of all.  She was raised with all attendant care and skill expected of an upper class child. Her parents while not particularly, overtly affectionate never denied their children access to books and Nel absorbed all she could from the impressive family library. 

She was dispatched to Hogwarts in 1869 where, to absolutely no ones surprise, she was sorted into Ravenclaw.  When it comes to her owls she takes an academic course load that also include divination, arithmancy, and earth studies.  She couples this with interest and academic reading of her own.  She returns to Hogwarts for her final year, knowing that shortly after she graduates she will be married, there is already discussion as to suitors and who might be on the cards for her. 

After completing her education she is formally betrothed to a French pureblood 15 years her senior. She isn’t thrilled about the match, but then her pleasure isn’t the point,  the match makes good sense and the matter is already settled.  The ‘success’ of her match is tempered by the fact that she had found herself intrigued by her cousin Priam, she felt as though something sparked between them at her debut and although they spent some time together that summer nothing came of it and the subject of her marriage was resolved rather quickly.  She is forced to put all thoughts of him from her head because would not do to dwell on something that could never happen. 

Her intended, a hot blooded first born is killed in a dual with another wizard over a gambling debt.  Feeling that she had rather ‘dodged a bullet’ she enters into mourning.  During this time she reignites her correspondence and tentative relationship with Priam - never really dreaming that he might think of her that way.  As far as she is concerned he is just the smartest, handsomest gent on the scene and as such would have his pick of pureblood debs. 

She does her thing within society, as best as she is able thanks to most of it being in mourning. As soon as she is out of mourning she discovers that Priam is asked for her hand and she is pretty bloody delighted by it.  She marries a year later as just about the happiest bride in England. 

They quickly bring a daughter into the world named Agape. 
Within the marriage Nel has relative freedom to follow her own academic interests, which are much as they were before - the nature of creation and society.  She discovers eastern mysticism and begins to include more elements of that in her study and reading. 

In 1884, during the depths of the laughing plague she bears her husband another child, another girl who they name Euphrosyn, a bright spot of happiness amidst so much loss. 

In 1885 her brother in law is killed and his children come to live with them, Nel is happy with the arrangement, they are nice girls and good company for their own. 

Her husband works on his career, running for minister and doing his best for the magical community - he’s so noble isn’t he.  The family find the church of magical jesus. It speaks to Nels interests and general beliefs about the divine nature of magic, and magics role in interpreting the will of god.

She is confined again with another child, a third girl. 
She is married to Priam Lestrange
She is very spiritual and interested in mysticism
She has extensive knowledge of theology and philsophy
She is spiritual, and in the process of joining CMJ
Played By: Dante

Contact: Skype Leapidra

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