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Sociopath Socialite
Sociopath Socialite

23 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 3½ in.   ❤   Widowed
played by Lady
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Ingrid Rowle

Full Name: Ingrid Astoria Rowle

Nickname(s): Ingy [in-ghee] exclusively by her family

Birthdate: July 14, 1867

Age: 23

Occupation: Socialite

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Oxford, United Kingdom

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Rosewood, 12 3/4in., Dragon Heartstring, Brittle

Family: Caecilius Rowle, Husband [1860-1887]
Everard Prewett, Father [1825]
Astoria Prewett née Matsuzaki, Mother [1828]
— Augustus Prewett, Brother [1864]
— Mary Prewett née _____, Sister-in-Law [1871]
— Megara _____ née Prewett, Sister [1870] [i]and family[/i]
— Elsbeth _____ née Prewett, Sister [1872] [i]and family[/i]

Gideon Prewett, Uncle [1820-1868]
Harriet Prewett née Potter, Aunt [1828]
— Faustus Prewett, Cousin [1850] [i]and family[/i]
— Frances Crabbe née Prewett, Cousin [1856] [i]and family[/i]
— Felix Prewett, Cousin [1860]
— Florence Greene née Prewett, Cousin [1861] [i]and family[/i]
— Felicity Riley née Prewett, Cousin [1863] [i]and family[/i]
— Frederick Prewett, Cousin [1864]
[i]Through both her natal family and in-laws, Lillian is also related to the Longbottoms, Carrows, and most other wizarding pureblood families.[/i]
By standing at a solid 5 ft. 3 ½ in. Ingrid strikes a rather typical silhouette of a Victorian Woman. Her dark features, however, have often set her in stark contrast to those fairer haired and lighter-skinned; something that doesn't bother her since she thinks those rather dull features for a run-of-the-mill member of her sex.

Her skin tends to tan slightly in the summer; something else that she is rather indifferent about. Full lips complete the rather steely impression she can have on others, and she tends to adopt the latest fashions whatever they may be. She is not shy about her wardrobe, nor about how much she spends, as her late husband seemed to have left her quite a nest egg. Her wand arm is her right arm.

— Childhood —

1867 | Ingrid is born to Everard and Astoria Prewett. She is the second child of the Prewetts with an older brother.

1869 | Ingrid is chasing Augustus around the house and she trips and breaks her mother's favorite vase. It would have fallen on her had her older brother not experienced his first sign of magic and levitated her out of the way.

1870 | Megara is born; Ingrid is intrigued at the newest addition to the family, though doesn't feel much in terms of a sisterly bond.

1872 | Elsbeth is born. The eldest sister, having grown quite a bit (according to her proud governess thank you very much), is far more interested in the youngest sister now. By this point, Megara has latched herself to Ingrid who after some deliberation with the governess sees this as a good sign.

1873 | Ingrid gets her first horse named Perseus and starts riding; she takes to it like an eagle to, well, the sky.

1875 | During the summer when a horse escapes from the barn, Cordelia shows her first sign of magic in the form of making the field gates close before the horse can escape the estate.

— Hogwarts —

1877 | Ingrid receives her Hogwarts letter. At the welcome feast, Ingrid sits upon the stool whilst the Hat deliberating to put her in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Ultimately the hat chooses Slytherin. Early in the first year, she encounters two people – Tatiana Lestrange and Lucille Bianchi. The former, she is not immediately warm towards, after having just [i]felt[/i] that something was off. She and Lucille became quick friends after realizing that both their families had gone to the same town to summer.

The year starts out with Lucille and Ingrid becoming thick as thieves. Conversationally there is no challenge, and the two agree on nearly everything. Throughout the first half of the year, however, Ingrid slowly starts to realize that the conversations she has with Lucille are rather draining. Lucille seems to have rules on practically everything and seems to be extremely specific about the most random things. They end up setting Ingrid on edge and she finds herself avoiding the girl more often than not and exhausted by the sheer idea of the girl.

Though she avoids Lucille, she still does not want anything to do with Tatiana Lestrange, who seems to be doing the exact thing to her.

Eventually, Ingrid feels that Lucille wants to use Ingrid and her connections for personal gain, which promptly sees Ingrid cutting ties with her first-year friend.

1878 | The Prewetts relocate to Hogsmeade.

Ingrid's second year sees the girl sat on the train in the same compartment as Tatiana Lestrange by sheer coincidence. Though things are awkward and somewhat tense between the two young witches, Ingrid attempts to make conversation and the two manage to have a few laughs together. This is seen by Lucille who knows Ingrid's feelings about Tatiana and is promptly infuriated at having been replaced by someone else (despite the fact that neither of the girls would call each other bosom friends).

Lucille's hostilities only grow against the two girls which sees their friendship knight tightly together.

This is also the year she learns at Christmas that she is betrothed to the son of her father's business partner – a young man named Caecilius Rowle. With the knowledge that she is not going to be able to take her NEWTs, Ingrid's ambitions show and she commits to studying even further. She meets the man she will marry – a Durmstrang student whose countenance seems to agree quite well with her own.

1881 | Megara is sorted into Slytherin; not exactly a surprise for the Prewetts.

— Marriage —
1882| Ingrid, rather indifferent to the matter of her betrothal, bids farewell to her friends after they sit their OWLs. Only a select few are invited to the wedding. While originally from Berlin, Caecilius is utterly charmed by the French countryside and she and Caecilius settle in together in the city of Marseilles. They find a comfortable routine, with Ingrid keeping a close eye on the events happening back in Hogsmeade.

She and Tatiana keep a steady correspondence, with Ingrid able to operate as Tatiana's chaperone when she visits Hogsmeade for the holidays.

1883 | Elsbeth is sorted into Hufflepuff; a surprise for the family all around, however, Ingrid is not surprised and writes her sister to give her congratulations.

1884 | After a business trip to Hogsmeade, Caecilius is infected by the Laughing Plague. He succumbs to the illness not long after, and Ingrid is left widowed. While not devastated by the news, she does find herself saddened by this turn of events. Her spirits are lifted when she realizes how much Caecilius has left her.

Independence suits the witch, and she waits until just before her mourning period is over to inquire about a place in Oxford.

— Widowed Life —
1887 | With Ingrid back in British Society, she takes the time to involve herself in various charities. Megara graduates from Hogwarts and attends Pendergast's School for Young Roses.

1889 | Elsbeth graduates from Hogwarts and joins Megara at Pendergast's School for Young Roses.

1890 | Ingrid receives a rather disgruntled letter from her brother. He is betrothed to a woman who strikes him as rather dull and annoying, but he has no extensive issues given that the match is approved by both of their parents. The name of the woman is Lucille Bianchi.

Game. Set. Match.

Played By: Lady

Contact: Discord (lady#0341) or Skype (x14karma)

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8 January 1891 — Rowle Wellingtonshire Home

Casual wasn't usually a word to describe any sort of gathering that Ingrid attended, however when one had the luxury of being in such esteemed company as well as being so familiar with the company they kept, Ingrid's disposition was less guarded than it normally would have been at a regular society ball. Still, she was playing hostess, and it was a role she took on with great seriousness.

With the crystal chandelier newly polished, every piece of silver shined and candles that — when lit — provided a relaxed sense of ease to whoever was within proximity, it was clear no expense was spared for the event, especially when one of her dearest friends' life was hanging in the balance.

With the end objective being to get the man to propose to Tatiana, Ingrid strongly considered spiking his drink with a drop of Amortentia. But after a second thought, they were not that desperate, at least not yet. Still, despite being the welcoming host she was, Ingrid disguised her focus of Tatiana and Mr. Macmillan with pleased and placid scans of the room.

In this particular scan, she was so focuse that she entirely missed the comment her conversation partner had made. "I beg your pardon," she said by way of asking for clarification. "I mustn't get too preoccupied with my hosting duties, else I'll miss something else important!" She fluttered her fan again, signaling to the butler to adjust the cooling charm in the room.

@Tatiana Lestrange / @Aldous Crouch
@Liberty Gore / @Elias Grimstone
@Charles Macmillan / @Ursula Black
@Valerian Macnair / @Holly Scrimgeour
@Enoch Rosier /@Elladora Black

Note: It's a small gathering of the above, however for the purposes of background, there are also a few NPCs your character could react to if need be: extra guests, the butler, servants, footmen etc.

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