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First Year

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Andy Vainart

Full Name: Andrew David Vainart

Nickname(s): Andy

Birthdate: August 27th, 1879

Age: 11

Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Flexible, 11'', cypress and unicorn tail hair

Christobal Vainart, father (1852)
Grace Vainart nee Houghton, mother (1858)

Notable mentions:
His two grandparents, William and Mary.

His father's effeminate features combined with his mother's typical 'English Rose' good looks, produced a rather good-looking young boy. He has an almost femininely beautiful face, though he could use some more weight to it for his beauty to truly show. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. He has a delicate build and a sort of round bone structure. His clothing is the average for a boy of his social status. He's right handed.

Thanks to his father, Andy didn't have a smooth childhood. Because of that, he had to mature sooner than most of his peers. He feels a great responsibility not to end up a selfish, horrible man like his father. In fact, something that Andy can't stand in people is selfishness. You can't bite the hand of the one who feeds you, or ruin someone and then leave them.

He has a great respect for women and deep down feels like men are horrible. It is a huge value of his not to continue the circle of terrible men who abandon their families and treat their wives poorly. Especially as he grows up, he'll want to have a family of his own to ‘fix’ the damage his father has done.

— His mother had taught him some basic conversational French.
Pre birth back-story

Andy's father, a wizard, was his muggle mother's art tutor. During the upheaval of wizard hunting, it was discovered that he was a wizard as he tried to magically paint Grace. The Vainarts were hunted down and Grace was considered disgraced and corrupted by the devil. Christobal's parents took pity in the young woman and took her along with them to London. There, they forced Christobal into doing the right thing and marrying her.

Childhood in London (1879-1882)

Andy is born in the London slums. His mother names him after her two brothers. His mother doted on him, as he was the first good thing that had happened to her since she was cast out by her family. She doted on him and stayed at home to raise him for as long as it was possible for the family.

Andy doesn't remember much of his life in London. There was tension because of his father, whenever he remembered that he lived with them and not one of his scandalous ladyfriends. His grandparents worked various jobs and Grace, due to her good upbringing, managed to find work as a governess.

From a young age, Andy was taught good manners.

Childhood in Irvingly (1882-present)

In 1882 the muggle/wizard village of Irvingly was founded and the Vainarts decided to move there, as it would be a more suitable environment for the wizards and their muggle daughter-in-law. They found a nice little house, a bit on the outskirts of the village. His grandparents found work locally and Grace started working as a governess. Christobal unwillingly moved there with them, though he'd often be absent for months at a time.

His childhood was nice in Irvingly. The community was quaint and he was close to nature. The worst periods for Andy were when his father returned home. He would speak disrespectfully to his grandparents and his mother, whom he loved very much, stink of alcohol and generally be a terrible human being.

In the spring of 1890, his grandmother had had enough of him and she didn't allow him to return home, after he'd been absent for months. Andy hopes that he'll never return again, he can't stand that terrible man who's so nasty to those he loves, father or not!

Meanwhile, he is waiting eagerly to go to Hogwarts. He has dreams of being a great student so he can then find a great job and take care of his mother.

— His grandparents work as domestic servants and his mother is a governess.

— His mother is a muggle.

— In regards to his father, Andy and the family say that Christobal goes to work abroad etc to explain why he's almost never at home.

— If you're the Vainarts' neighbour in Irvingly, you might have heard fights and tension from the house.
— The scandal which lead to his parents' marriage.
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