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Rosalind Pendergast
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Played by Bree
23 year old Pureblood
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Full Name: Rosalind Lucia Pendergast

Nickname(s): Rose, "Rosie" as a remnant from her childhood.

Birthdate: June 23, 1866

Age: 23


Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: New York, USA (currently staying at the Sanditon Resort)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna ('84)

Wand: Pear, 12 inches, Dragon heartstring, Brittle

Philip Pendergast, Father [1826-1884]
Olivia Pendergast (née Lestrange), Mother [1837-1887]
Regan Pendergast, Brother [1861]
Eloise Manwaring (née Pendergast), Sister [1862]
Evelyn Abercrombie (née Pendergast), Sister [1863]
William Pendergast, Brother [1864]
Ellory Lestrange (née Pendergast), Sister [1867]
Regina Pendergast, Sister [1883]
Warrick Pendergast, Brother [1883-1884]

She is notably related to the Lestranges, Pendergasts, Macmillans, Selwyns, and Macnairs, and the Abercrombies through her sister's marriage.
Rosalind stands at five feet, two inches and is thinner than she is round. With the help of corsets and waist-accentuating fashions she appears more shapely than she is. She favors her father in appearance with her fair hair and light eyes, but inherited her mother's face shape and high cheekbones. She dresses to blend in with the crowd; to stand out, especially in the wrong way, is her biggest nightmare. She wields her wand with her right hand.
The Golden Child
1866 | Rosalind is born the fifth child and third daughter of Philip and Olivia Pendergast. She is a happy child, but a needy one, and goes through a handful of wet-nurses in the first year.

1867 | Ellory is born, but Rosie is too young to acknowledge her, let along have an opinion on her birth. Their closeness in age means they are often grouped together like twins might be, and they grow close over the years.

1869 | Rosie first sign of magic appears after she and Ellory are gifted similar, but not identical dolls. After expressing her unhappiness about its ugly green dress, it turns to a pretty purple.

1872 | Regan goes off to Hogwarts, but Rosie barely notices his absence. She is perfectly content to play with Ellory and annoy William whenever possible. She begins her pre-Hogwarts education under the instruction of a strict governess. It is then that Rosalind realizes that her people-pleasing attitude will do her more harm than good; the governess seems to revel in disappointing Rosie, which teaches her that it is better to show indifference than emotion.

1874 | Eloise goes off to Hogwarts. Rosie writes letters to her as often as possible, and sends her candies and treats to ensure a reply.

1875 | Evelyn goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin.

1876 | William goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff, something seen as peculiar given their family's traditional preference for Slytherin.

School Years
1877 | The Pendergast moves to Hogsmeade during the summer, and Rosalind goes off to Hogwarts in September. She is sorted into Slytherin and makes friends with the other girls in her house quickly thanks to their familiarity with her surname. Potions and Charms become her favorite classes, but truth be told she enjoys any class that involves using her wand. She loves magic, and being able to do magic. By the end of the school year, most of her friends are from outside her house, including Miss Freya Benwick from Hufflepuff.

1878 | Ellory joins her at Hogwarts just as Regan leaves, and, much to Rose's disappointment, she's sorted into Gryffindor. She still takes time out of her day to spend with her youngest sister, and offers help whenever its needed.

1879 | Rosalind adds Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Earth Magic to her schedule. She enjoys all three, but wishes there was a practical use for them in her life.

1881 | Rosalind receives her fifth year supplies list, and with it a shiny prefect badge. She approaches her new duties with a positive attitude and never abuses her position. Her fifth year is primarily spent preparing for OWLs, but also bidding some of her friends adieu. She's thankful that she comes from a family that does not pull girls out to attend finishing school, nor one that cannot afford to have more than two or three children at school at once.

1882 | William is named head boy, which isn't much a surprise to Rosalind. Almost everyone in their family has been a prefect; even Ellory gets her badge during the summer. For her sixth year she chooses to continue with six clases: Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, and Alchemy. She is never good at the latter, which is a source of great frustration for the girl who loves Potions above everything else.

1883 | Rosalind is not named head girl. She cries about this, but only internally; she acts like she doesn't care on the outside, because if she doesn't care then it doesn't seem like a big deal. She wonders what mother thinks of her, especially after William had just been done being head boy. She attempts to make up for it by studying very hard for her NEWTs. Her mother surprisingly gives birth to a set of twins, Warrick and Regina.

A World of Opportunities
1884 | Rosalind is enrolled in her mother's finishing school at the beginning of June. She takes to finishing school with ease and is eager to prove her worth as a woman before officially debuting the next year. Ellory is named head girl, and Rose struggles to contain her jealousy at the time. She was never able to secure the coveted badge, but she eventually decides it does not matter. She will marry before Ellory, of course, and that will be something her mother is truly proud of. All hell breaks loose when the laughing plague and Wellingtonshire fires engulf Hogsmeade, leading to the death of many of her relatives, her father and youngest brother included.

1885 | Immediately after debuting Rosalind meets a handsome gentleman that checks off every box on her mother's list. He's tall, handsome, polite, pure-blooded first son from a wealthy family. He gets along with everyone from Rosalind's friends to her immediately family members, and lacks any visible faults apart from his disinterest in intellectual conversations. Rose, who had long worried about her future happiness (and not to mention pleasing her family), accepts his first proposal, which happens less than eight months after meeting him. Everything is looking bright: she's engaged to be married, her family is happy for her, and she's remained the image of a perfect English rose in society's eyes.

Harsh Realities
1886 | Her fiance, who she previously knew as a kind if not daft fellow, reveals his true colors. He speaks of all the requirements he'll have of her as a wife, and speaks of them as if they're positive things: she will not be allowed to wear anything he finds silly, she will remain at home unless throwing a party in his name, and how all of their children will be born in dangerously close succession to get the years of child-rearing out of the way. Red flags start popping up all over the place, and attempts to voice her concerns are brushed off as premarital anxieties. The day of the wedding comes and Rose makes the difficult decision to flee. Her mother's hand comes down hard and swiftly, and before the summer is through she's off to live with her sister Eloise in New York, far away from the tabloids and the magical society she grew up in.

1887 | After being treated like she's in mourning for almost a year, Rosalind debuts into American society and attends numerous events as Eloise's guest. It doesn't take her long to draw the attention of suitors with her connections and her foreign accent. She turns them all down, though, as she has no desire to become the wife of an American businessman. She wants to go home, but that's not an option right now... except it not only becomes an option, but a necessity, when her mother dies at the Wizarding World Market disaster later that summer. Rosalind mourns for her mother in private, as it would've taken more strength than she had to face her Britain-based relatives after her disgrace the previous summer. She spends the funeral at Eloise's side, exchanging only pleasantries with everyone before returning to America.

1888 | The death of her mother does nothing to bring her closer to her family. When the year-long period of mourning ends, Rosalind reenters society alongside her sister, who is determined to see her married off. It's then when she catches the eye of a younger, less wealthy gentleman whose humor and charm, in turn, catches Rosalind's eyes. Still anxious to entertain a romance when her last ended so horribly, she keeps him as an acquaintance—which only encourages his interest more. They spend time in public spaces where their meeting could be seen as a coincidence, and it's not long before Rose fancies herself in love with him. For now.

1889 | One argument is enough to turn Rose against him. He wants to court, and she knows how well that will end given his age and lack of stability. He says something stupid, and she says something stupid, and then it is over. She avoids him at all cost, going as far to ignore him at society events when he approaches her. She takes to philanthropic endeavors instead of romance as the year progresses.

1890 | With Ellory and William set to marry their cousins Claude and Cornelia, Rosalind returns to Britain with her sister's family. While staying at the Sanditon, Rose is given the opportunity to stay in England or return with her sister, once more, to America. She doesn't know what the summer will bring, but she is certain she will make a decision before it is decided for her.
Once a needy child with an eagerness to please everyone and especially her mother, Rosalind learned quickly that the easiest way to impress is to seem as though she has no desire to impress anyone at all. Her tender interior is carefully protected by a shell of indifference and feigned affability; she has no desire to have her emotions analyzed by those around her, and the easiest way to avoid that is to pretend they don't exist at all. She conforms to society's expectations with the hope of blending in, only standing against them when they put her happiness at risk. She is quick to channel her mother's ferocity when the people she loves are slandered or attacked, although in recent years she's been more detached than ever.
— She speaks fluent French, Italian, and knows some German. Her desire to learn new languages died with her introduction to magic.
— Skilled with practical magic, though none of that seems important nowadays.
— She never learned to apparate and prefers carriage as her mode of transportation.

— Her patronus takes the form of a dove. She hasn't been able to cast it since she was first engaged.
— Rose is only a soft purist. She doesn't reject the privileges her heritage gives her, but she does not actively discriminate against muggleborns and halfbloods.

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