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Lily Huddleston

Full Name: Lily Rose Huddleston

Nickname(s): Lils

Birthdate: March 28, 1865

Age: 25

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 10 3/4", bendy, willow, Unicorn Tail

Terrence Huddleston, father, 1841 Sylvia Huddleston nee Brownhill, mother, 1845
Lily has straight, brown hair and warm, brown eyes. Her wand hand is her right hand. She falls just below the average height for a woman at 4'9" and has a figure suited for her height. She is a petite woman with delicate features. Lily prefers to wear wizarding robes as she finds them much more comfortable than muggle clothing.

Charming. Flirtatious. Ambitious. Manipulative. Exuberant. Adventurous. Impulsive. Accident-prone.
1865 - Lily Rose is born the first child and daughter of Sylvia and Terrence Huddleston. She was named for her mothers two favorite flowers. In later years, she would prove to be their only child after Sylvia suffered a miscarriage and a stillborn before being told it was medically impossible for her to have any more children.

1865-1870 - Lily had a happy childhood without much crisis occuring in her life other than her mothers fertility problems and subsequent depression that passed before Lily was even old enough to understand anything that was happening with her mother. When she was five, she had her first bout of accidental magic, much to her parents pleasure.

1876 - Lilys letter for Hogwarts arrives and in September, she heads off for Hogwarts. She is sorted into Slytherin.

1877 - The Huddlestons had the luck of not being exposed during the time when Muggles had turned against wizards. After everything had been taken care of, the family decided to stay in Liverpool as Terrences business was doing extremely well.

1881 - The Huddlestons move to Hogsmeade after deciding that they missed living near family and friends that had moved there in the past years since 1877. This same year she meets a man by the name of J. Alfred Darrow. He is very much to her tastes in that he is precisely her type and she enjoys the adoration that she gets from him. Encouraging his attention, she is personally quite sure that her future is secured.

This is only bolstered when J. Alfred states his intention to wed her once he returns from his expedition. The two become secretly engaged as he sets off on his voyage. Lily is quite pleased to have her future secured all before even graduating.

1883 - Lily graduates and attends the Coming Out ball. She enjoys her first season for the most part but it is marred by the fact that J. Alfred is declared dead. She mourns privately and swears off exploration and adventure books for a while.

1884 - Lily is still a debutante and finds it somewhat difficult to secure a husband for herself. Barnabas Skeeter catches her interest but things don’t go anywhere much to Lily’s annoyance. Things aren’t made much easier with the Laughing Plague salting everyones game.

1886 - Lily’s interest in the world of adventuring is rekindled when she briefly becomes smitten with a man she meets at the Wizarding World Fair. She really does have a type when it comes to men, it seems.

1887 - Lily begins sending in ads to the Lonely Hearts column in Witch Weekly, seeking the type of man that she now knows can keep her interested. In September, J. Alfred comes back from the dead - which is awkward, really, when Lily has believed him to be dead for so long. It’s also confusing and conflicting so Lily decides to try and avoid him until she can fully come to terms with the news.

1888 - Lily resends her ad into Lonely Hearts since the previous communication she had never really got anywhere.

+ She was once engaged to J. Alfred Darrow.
Played By: Kit

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To start off, @J. Alfred Darrow in Crashing Into You
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