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Hermia Bonaccord
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Seventh Year & Chaser; French Club President
18 year old Pureblood
Seventh Year & Chaser; French Club President
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Hermia Lisette Enora Bonaccord

Nickname(s): Mia, Hippolyta or Little One (ironically called by her mother) Sunshine by her father

Birthdate: September 22, 1873

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: Hufflepuff Chaser and Prefect

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London during the season, family home in Versailles, France

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 10" Ash, Unicorn Hair, Flexible

Anselm Edwin Bonaccord, Father, French Ministry Ambassador, 53
Enora Bonaccord (nee Neville), Mother, 46
Charles Anselm Bonaccord, Brother, 24 Pure, Ministry researcher
Silvius Henri Bonaccord, brother, 22 Pure, Healer
Pierre Lucian Bonaccord, brother, d. 1889 Pure, Squib, something never mentioned by the family

While she’s learned to carry herself with poise, Hermia is still self-conscious about her height. Nearly 5’8”, she shot up like a weed between her first and second year and constantly worried about her towering over the boys. It is a perpetual struggle to get her pin straight hair to hold the curl that is so in fashion at the moment. Her hair seems to fluctuate between a coffee brown and a softer caramel depending on the season. There was a solid two years where it was nearly copper red, and she is so grateful it faded into a more discreet brunette. While she wore it long as a child (and whenever away from Britain), Hermia’s hair is now just past her shoulders due to a cruel prank by her brother, Pierre. While the change was initially mortifying, Hermia embraced her difference and learned to bear the change. Her hair is slowly growing, but she isn’t certain if she’s truly ready for it back. No matter the magical product, she can’t seem to keep strands in place and tucked away. When Hermia looks in the mirror, she is most taken with her hazel eyes that seem to shift with mood and clothing. She loves it best when they flash green and gold.

Managing to avoid the cursed blemishes and oily skin most gained in puberty, Hermia is instead splattered with freckles. There is also a small scar on her cheek from an incident with her brother she chooses to forget. They may have been adorable when she was smaller, but now they seem like one more reason people look at her, and she hasn’t learned to love them. The most frustrating part of her appearance is her overall slim, almost lanky, build. She hoped womanhood would give her some shape to speak of, something that wouldn’t leave her feeling boyish, but it wasn’t to be. There is a constant nagging in her mind that she lacks the femininity to attract a husband on anything more than her name and, while she would never voice it, her straight frame concerns her. What if her lack of hips, her slight frame, makes her less capable of birthing children? Without exception, her signature feature is her smile. Governesses have cautioned her to tame her broad grin an accompanying laugh, but Hermia wears her joy for the world to see. Yes, it makes her eyes squint; yes, she shows every tooth; but there is only so much emotion one can repress at a time. Hermia is ambidextrous. She is naturally left-handed, but had her hand slapped enough by governesses that she learned to adapt.


*TW: Sibling abuse and suicide*

1871: After a two-year sabbatical in his home country, French Ambassador Anselm Bonaccord accepts a new post as the French ambassador to Britain. He relocates to London with his wife, Enora, and three young sons.

1873: September 22 – Hermia Lisette Enora Bonaccord is born during an early autumn storm, at St. Mungo’s, following the most difficult of Mrs. Bonaccord’s pregnancies. She adamantly declares that this is the absolute last time she will have a child. Charles, 8, and Silvius, 6, are quick to love their little sister; Pierre, barely 4, wants nothing to do with his new sibling.

1877: -Muggle Queen Victoria is attacked, wizards are expelled and found Hogsmeade Village.
-Ambassador Bonaccord sends his wife and children back to France for their safety
-Charles begins studying at Beauxbatons

1879: -Ambassador Bonaccord accepts temporary post in French Tunisia
-Silvius begins at Beauxbatons
-On a trip to the sea, Hermia sees dolphins for the first time and declares her wish to become one. In a moment of adult inattention, Pierre holds her under the water, later swearing to his mother that he was giving Hermia her wish.

1881: Pierre never receives his invitation from Beauxbatons, confirming his parent’s fear. Wondering aloud at dinner, a 7-year-old Hermia asks what a “squib” is. An already rocky sibling relationship further breaks down.
-Hermia wakes to Pierre’s hands around her throat, wondering why she just won’t die and go away. Hermia remembers grabbing his hands, feeling everything warm, and then a flash of light. Her parents found Pierre with smoldering hands howling on the floor, and Hermia staring down in confusion. Her big brother didn’t look so big in that moment. Her first true showing of magic seemed to truly unravel something in Pierre.

1883: The Bonaccords consider a new posting to the UK a few years before Hermia is slated to begin at Hogwarts to help her readjust to British life. Pierre is bitter at the move and reminds Hermia with every breath.
-Hermia is with her family, minus Pierre, to see Egypt defeat France in the World Cup final. She asks father for her first broom.

1884: The Laughing Plague kills Charles’ intended, Hermia’s last summer with her family is an uneasy one

1885: Hermia begins her Hogwarts career and is sorted into Hufflepuff. She confronts homesickness and the strangeness of being surrounded by so much British everything by building a small army of friends and throwing herself into clubs. When the History Club found out she could recite the Statute of Secrecy in its entirety, and that she was descended from the Bonaccords, she found a bit of instant bookish notoriety. She also learned that ‘normal’ people’s parents didn’t make they memorize ancient statue as a mark of family pride. She wasn’t amused.

1886: Hermia earns her parents’ permission to join the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team and earns a spot as a Chaser. She leaves the Book Club due to the absolutely boring things considered proper for ladies to read. She can recite the first two books of the Odyssey, for Merlin’s sake.

1889: July – On a rare trip back to the family home in France, the entire family was back in one place. For the first time in years, Pierre seemed to be in good spirits. That afternoon on the way in from the stables, he forcibly cut off Hermia’s braid, labeling the act as something to remember him by. It was the first time in her memory, that Hermia fought back, breaking his nose before Charles pulled her off. For his part, Silvius hexed Pierre soundly. All Pierre did was laugh. For all their magic, he, the Squib, was still the only one of them not slaves to lies. Whatever that meant.

Hermia remembers waking to her mother screaming and her father crying, something she never remembers hearing. Pierre killed himself around midnight, on his nineteenth birthday. He looked smug hanging there, finally free of his worthless family, the pity of wizards, and, he stressed, his stupid sister. His only true regret being he hadn’t killed her first.

Hermia learns she was chosen as a Prefect. The news is overshadowed by the family's grief.

September – Hermia convinces her parents to let her go back to school. Whether it’s because of some guilt over failing to notice how abusive Pierre’d become before his death, or the need to be free of all reminders, Hermia doesn’t ask. Her parents must have notified her Head of House and Headmaster, but Hermia mentions Pierre even less than usual to her peers. She becomes almost fanatical in her studies and subtly distances herself from others. The keen observer would notice her lack of genuine enthusiasm for nearly everything.

1890: Hermia’s fifth year and O.W.L.s behind her, she reluctantly returns home to await her scores and to parents that she barely recognizes after her brother’s suicide. Father’s mentioning engagements and mother is…quiet. If she’s honest, she doesn’t miss Pierre as she thinks she should, but she would endure all his cruelty if it meant having her family back.

Bridge builder and Mediator– Loyal to a Fault – Kills with Kindness – Silently Stubborn – Determined to do her ancestors proud – Fusses over details – Queen of memorization – Sentimental – Finds muggles intriguing – Shuts down when threatened – Rebels with books and Quidditch - Active and Anxious
Ancient StudiesO -
CharmsO -
Defense Against the Dark ArtsEE -
Earth MagicO N/A
Muggle StudiesEE N/A
HerbologyO N/A
History of MagicO-

Languages Spoken: French and English (native languages), Tunisian Arabic, some Italian and Standard Arabic
Languages Read or Written Only: Latin, Classic Greek
Clubs: French Club President, History, Charms, Dueling, Quidditch
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