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Fourth Year
Fourth Year

15 year old Pureblood
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Holly Scrimgeour
"One day soon Holly Scrimgeour would be launched on a society that was, Connie suspected, in no way prepared for her. She almost pitied the young men but honestly she was mostly hoping she was still around to see her not-so-secret favorite student decimate all before her with the simple act of being cleverer than any of them could hope to be." - Connie Sykes

Full Name: Holly Herminia Scrimgeour


Birthdate: November 09, 1875

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Walnut, 8½ inches, Dragon Heartstring, Solid

Hadrian Scrimgeour, Father [1828]
Margery Scrimgeour (née Goyle), Mother [1840-1876]
Philippa ------ (née Scrimgeour), Sister [1862-1884]
Stephana ------ (née Scrimgeour), Sister [1863-1884]
Lionel Scrimgeour, Brother [1867-1867]
Virgil Scrimgeour, Brother [1871-1884]
Emilia Scrimgeour, Sister [1876-1884]
Camille Scrimgeour, Sister [1876]

Rosalie Scrimgeour (née Burke), Step-mother [1857]
— Wilton Scrimgeour, Half-brother [1885]
Holly has never been a stunningly beautiful, but the fine fabrics and ornamental accessories she often wears helps distract from her otherwise plain appearance. She seems destined to remain on the shorter side and stands at only five feet tall. She has yet to show signs of womanly curves, and, like many of her older female relatives, may be destined for a slimmer physique.

She inherited her mother's straight blonde hair and has the signature cat-like blue eyes that many of her Scrimgeour relatives possess. Her face naturally rests in a scowl—a warning to passersby that she is not to be messed with. She wields her wand with her right hand.

Ambitious. A narcissist. Vain. Manipulative. Determined. Self-centered and not too concerned about other people. Self-righteous. "My way or the highway" mentality. Impulsive. Short-tempered. Easily frustrated. Academically-inclined. Insecure.
  • Languages: English, French
  • Feminine Skills: Mediocre musician with no artistic abilities whatsoever. A decent singing voice is her only saving grace, and even then she's never refined it.
  • Magical Abilities: A excellent duelist for her age, having perfected spells beyond her years. Skilled with potions and charm work, but an abysmal herbologist.

  • Patronus: TBD.
  • Amortentia: TBD.
  • Boggart: A disappointed Connie Sykes turning her back on her.
  • Despite being a blood purist, she's capable of overlooking her own beliefs when it's convenient.

1875 | Holly is born the fifth child (and fourth living following the death of her brother a decade earlier!) of Hadrian and Margery Scrimgeour. A loud and demanding child, her parents shuffle through different nannies before finding one that can actually soothe her.

1876 | Less than a year following Holly's birth, her mother gives birth to a set of twins. Sadly, the strain on her body proves too much, and she dies of complications within days.

1877 | Muggles riot after magic is revealed to their population. The Scrimgeour family move to Hogsmeade, more so because their desire for magical neighbors than a fear of muggles.

1881 | Holly's father dares remarry—and to a woman five years older than her eldest sister! Even at four years old, Holly does not appreciate her presence in the household.

1882 | Holly's first sign of magic appears during a petty argument with her step-mother.

1884 | The most crushing month of her life takes place when the laughing plague offs all of her elder siblings. Stephana, Philippa, Virgil, and even Emilia are buried in a joint funeral.

1885 | Holly's step-mother dares give birth to a baby and doesn't have the decency to die. He's apparently named Wilton, and Holly spends the weekend complaining to Cousin Cissa about the fact that she now has a little brother. She thinks he's ugly and squirmy and ugh.

1887 | Holly is finally freed from the prisons of her house and is allowed to go off to school with Camille and Cousin Cissa. Holly and Cissa are sorted into Slytherin, while Camille is sorted into Gryffindor. Quickly finding a love for her academics, Holly throws herself into various extracurricular activities and even contests when the time comes. She places second in her age bracket at the potion-brewing tournament as well.

1888 | Holly finds a friend in the Slytherin matron and struggles with her identity. She decides to becoming more morally upstanding, but struggles to overcome her temper and standoffish attitude. When scandal finds its way into her extended family, Holly withdraws into herself and finds herself more on-edge than ever.

1889 | The beginning of her third year means the addition of three new classes to her roster: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures. The year is wholly boring and even lonely. With a love for her new electives, Holly finds herself worrying about what her post-OWL schedule might one day look like.
  • Her uncle, Argus Scrimgeour, was found guilty of aggravated assault and died in the asylum. Her cousin, Bella Scrimgeour, was also disowned and fell to the working class.
  • The laughing plague killed off four of her elder siblings, leaving her as the eldest of two.
  • She is a bit of a bully, picking on the weak and the ridiculous.
  • She is very close with the Slytherin matron, and will use this closeness to "protect" herself from other students' threats.
  • She is antisocial and is unfriendly to nearly everyone.
  • Her nemesis is Meta Lestrange.
  • She keeps library books that she ought not to, but has not managed to get them confiscated. Yet.
  • She struggles with her self-esteem and considers herself wholly undesirable, both as a friend and a future spouse.
  • She has an interest in dark magic.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour; Skype

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