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Ama Zabini
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Played by Willow
Eccentric Divorcee
55 year old Halfblood
ft. in.
❤   Divorced
Full Name: Ama Sekai Zabini née Ayodele


Birthdate: May, 23, 1835

Age: 55


Occupation: Eccentric Divorcee

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House:

Wand: Dogwood, 10¾", light, dragon heartstring
Acquired on Diagon Alley in 1852 as per Western tradition. But recently Ama has abandoned such pretense, returning to exclusively wandless magic.

Parents: Kofi Ayodele, Uma Ayodele
Brother: Kirabo Ayodele
Husband (divorced): Cosmo Zabini [x]
Children: Victorius Zabini [x], Lavinia Margaret, Camilla Zabini [x], Bellona Zabini [x]
Grandchildren: Victorius's children, Lavinia's children
 hair eyes

Neat and nimble, short and stunning, quick to smile, and vibrant to the point of effervescence. Ama has kinky charcoal hair worn in a vast array of styles, and similarly will dress to suit her mood, whim, or statement of the day. She is right-handed, but practices wandless magic. Ama's broad smile will always reach her large wine-red eyes, for she will never force a smile — at least not these days.

Height: 5 ft. 0 in.
Weight: 128 lbs.
Physique: Rubenesque
Play-By: Viola Davis

From green to grey, from lions to poodles, from cocoa beans to tea leaves — to Ama, London was clearly the opposite of Ghana. Ama was a doe-eyed young debutante, fresh from Uagadou and then finishing school. She was brought to England by her single-minded mother, who desired a fine English match for her beautiful daughter. The match she found for Ama was very fine, very English, and very much a purist. Cosmo Zabini took to Ama like a bird to the sky.

Although his eyes were as blue as the Gulf of Guinea and his grounded manner made her feel safe, Ama could not take their courtship seriously at first, for she was still suffering quietly from culture shock. So she was quite alarmed to find herself wed and with child in a matter of months. Slowly, with Cosmo's guiding hand, Ama accustomed herself to this strange new world; and by the time their firstborn — Victorius — came into the world, she was very much in love with her new little family. On occasion her husband and children witnessed flickers of a mischievous, eccentric side to the increasingly matriarchal Ama, but she remained a figure of great appropriacy. Proud, proper, perfect.

The subsequent decades brought the Zabini family more children, social success, and familial bliss. Until the incident. One grey day in '81, Cosmo's cousin, a genealogy enthusiast, sent word of a discovery: Ama had a muggle ancestor, unbeknownst to Ama. This rendered her halfblood, and completely inappropriate for the Zabini legacy. Horror and heartbreak followed as Cosmo divorced his beloved wife, leaving her at the centre of a public scandal. Despite this, she opted not to flee back to Ghana but to remain close to her now-grown children, even if they do not meet with her, and scavenge back some semblance of dignity.

Life was lonely as Ama proceeded to live for her brood, made comfortable by Galleons from her divorce and late parents. But in '88, another major event would change her life forever. She ventured a little too deep into the forest one morning, seeking curious new additions to her garden, when she was bit by a Venomous Tentacula. By the time she stumbled back to Hogsmeade she was minutes from death, saved only by the urgent actions of a passing healer. Ama awoke in St Mungo's days later, struck not with terror or panic, but with the startling realisation that life is a gift, mortality must be seized; she had to live not just for her family, but for herself. Never mind pride. Never mind propriety. Never mind perfection.

So began the beginnings of eccentricity at last unleashed. Ama did not tell anyone about her near-death experience, but they certainly witnessed the consequences as she began to embrace amusing new hobbies, encourage day-seizing behaviour, and even wink at people. Ama is no longer simply Cosmo Zabini's matriarchal divorcee. Ama is Ama.

23/05/35 Born to Kofi and Uma Ayodele in Sunyani, Ghana.
11/12/37Acquires a brother, Kirabo.
01/09/46 Starts at Uagadou School of Magic.
06/10/50 Registers as a giraffe Animagus.
31/05/51 Graduates Uagadou after Fifth Year to attend a finishing school in Accra.
31/07/52 Graduates finishing school.
07/11/52 Arrives in London, England, with her mother and brother.
Early 1853 Meets Cosmo Zabini.
Mid 1853 Marries Cosmo.
21/04/54 Ama and Cosmo's first child Victorius is born.
1857 Their second child Lavinia is born.
1864 Their third child Camilla is born.
07/07/67 Their last child Bellona is born.
1876 Lavinia marries.
1880 Victorius marries.
1881 Ama's distant muggle ancestry is discovered, tragically igniting an obligatory divorce of Cosmo from Ama. She is outcast from the family and moves out of the Zabini home in London, to Hogsmeade.
1884 Lavinia and Camilla take ill in the Laughing Plague, redoubling Ama's desire to remain close to her children even if they won't see her.
1888 Ama is bitten by a Venomous Tentacula and becomes inches from death. She does not inform her family. But she recovers, and awakens suddenly with a brave new philosophy on her life: carpe diem.
In recent years, Ama has finally let loose the eccentric facets of her vast personality. She is fantastical, instinctual and entertaining, embarrassingly frank, forthcoming and unashamed, all while enjoying a variety of strange hobbies. Ama falls short of shocking or scandalising her friends or family with her whimsical ways; she is simply a known, harmless eccentric.

Patronus: Giraffe.
Amortentia: Leopard orchids, dry grass, her childrens' hair.
Boggart: Each of her children in grey cages.

Voice: Low, melodious.
Accent: Half English, half Ghanese.
Languages: English, Asante Twi, Akan, some French.
Pets: An overabundance of exotic birds.
Special Talents: Wandless spellcaster, giraffe Animagus.

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