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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Jesse Hatchitt
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Played by Bee
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Head
29 year old halfblood
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Head
5 ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Jesse Patrick Hatchitt

Nickname(s): Jess, JP

Birthdate: September 23rd, 1862

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Occupation: Accidental Magical Reversal Squad Member

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus 1881

Wand: 9 ½”, oak, unicorn hair, flexible

Rufus Hatchitt | [1838] Father
Beatrice Hatchitt née --- | [1844] Mother
Gabe Hatchitt | [1860] Brother and family
Constance --- née Hatchitt | [1864] Sister and family
Victoria Hatchitt | [1867] Sister
Josiah Hatchitt [1869] Brother
Mercy Hatchitt | [1871-1884] Sister
Lester Hatchitt | [1874] Brother
Tall, standing at 5 foot 9 inches, Jess was built to be an athlete. Lean and fit, Jess has never been able to sit still long enough to put on much weight, but his activity level has it so that he's constantly eating. Jess likes to keep his hair short and already has an incurable five o'clock shadow. His eyes are a piercing blue that are always smiling. With a tanner complexion from spending most of his time outside, he looks healthy, with a friendly face and a relaxed stature. He's a lefty and likes the distinguishing feature. He dresses casually, enjoying comfort and function for his work over any semblance of fashion.
[September 23, 1862] | Jesse Patrick joins older brother Gabe and the two are thick as thieves from day one, inseparable in all things, which usually involves hiding outside and driving their nanny crazy

[1864] | The boys are joined by a sister, Constance. She’s quickly nicknamed Connie because that’s a mouthful.

[1867] | And yet another sister, this one dubbed Victoria. Sisters are not nearly as much fun, but this one isn’t nearly as obnoxious as Connie has become.

[1869] | Woo another brother! Josiah joins the family, but doesn’t become interesting for a while yet.

[1871] | Surprise! Another sister, named Mercy. Enough already. This year is slightly more interesting as Gabe is off to Hogwarts, which leaves Jesse in a bit of a lurch. Blegh.

[1872] | A little late to the game, Jess finally displays his first act of magic. Mercy has proven to be a bit of a sickly child and wasn’t really expected to make it this far, but in a moment of older brotherly love, he makes some puppets dance to keep her entertained during a rainy afternoon.

[1874] | Oh hey look, another sibling. This is the last one, thank Merlin, a boy to be named Lester.

[School Year 1874-75] | Thanks to a September birthday, it takes an extra year, but Jess heads off to Hogwarts and is swiftly sorted into Ravenclaw. Odd. He presumed he’d be sorted into Gryffindor like Gabe, but hey. It’s not a bad thing and it’s not Slytherin, so there’s that. It’s not so bad and he’s a social guy, so he makes it work. Quidditch automatically interests him, but he does not make the team as a first year.

[School Year 1875-76] | Connie joins him at school and is sorted into [not Ravenclaw]. Second year sees another failure to make the quidditch team which is frustrating, but thankfully school is still interesting enough to keep him going.

[School Year 1876-77] | Third year sees Jess adding Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Muggle Studies to his roster, and he finally makes the quidditch team as the keeper! It’s a busy year, but he keeps up spectacularly.

[School Year 1877-78] | Fourth year is fairly unremarkable except Jesse starts to perfect the art of flirting at a young age and it gets him into hot water here and there. Gabe graduates and goes off into the AIT program.

[School Year 1878-79] | Victoria joins her siblings at school and is sorted into [house[. OWLs are hard, even for him and he works his butt off to do well on them. That Ravenclaw sorting makes more sense now.

[School Year 1879-1880] | Jess drops down to focus on his more useful classes, keeping Ancient Runes, Charms, DADA, Muggle Studies, Potions and Transfiguration. The last is his favorite and he excels in it both in theory and practice. Surprisingly, Jess is named captain of the house quidditch team.

[School Year 1880-1881] | Josiah will be the last overlapping sibling for Jesse. Graduation looms, but determined to enjoy his last year of school, Jesse pours himself into his studies and into quidditch. Upon graduation he has several options, including quidditch, which is seriously tempting. Still, a sense of responsibility has been instilled in him and so he chooses to follow Gabe into the ministry though isn’t brash enough to ginto the auror-in-training program. He chooses to intern in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

[1882] | Connie graduates and debuts. Mercy heads off to Hogwarts and Jesse joins the Accidental Magical Reversal Squad and enjoys it immensely. Jesse and Gabe decide their house is way too crowded and move out to rent a flat in Bartonburg South.

[1885] | Victoria graduates and debuts. Lester heads to Hogwarts.

[1886] | Connie gets married, though it took longer than she would have liked (though Jess was not surprised in the slightest, given her attitude most of the time).

[Presently] | Jess takes his work pretty seriously, but not much else. With Gabe married and having kids, Jesse moved into a rented room in a boarding house. Still too young to entertain the thought of settling down, he enjoys living the bachelor life, for now.
Responsible; flirtatious; intelligent; stubborn; quick-witted; studious; quick to judge; serious when it comes to work.
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