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Intern in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Intern in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

20 year old Halfgoblin
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Iziza Noel

Full Name: Iziza Laglig Noel

Nickname(s): Izzy

Birthdate: September 21, 1869

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Half-Goblin

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: fir, 7 1/7 inches, brittle, dragon heartstring

Ragkoff, father, goblin banker
Mary Ann Noel, mother, halfblood witch, b. 1849
- Aggor Noel, brother, half-goblin, b. 1867
- Ranlor Noel, brother, half-goblin, b. 1874
- Vrevvin Noel, sister, half-goblin, b. 1876

Her appearance is striking - if it is a good striking or a bad is up to the viewer. Almost all parts of her hint back to her father's species. She boasts long white hair that seems more suited to someones great grandmother than a teenaged girl that hangs thin and limp around her face, with eyebrows and lashes to match. Her skin is nearly as pale as her hair, pale enough that she avoids the sun out of necessity that she doesn't burn. If you stopped there, she might seem more like a vampire, but no. Her stature is short and at her current height, she only reaches four foot three inches, which honestly, places her slightly short even for her kind, and that alone marks her as half goblin in a time when the average height for a woman is five foot two inches. 

While she was blessed in a biased world to favor her mother's species, she possesses oddly long fingers and feet that cause her to have to have her clothing custom made - though she can often fair just fine shopping wherever goblins buy their clothes. Her last striking trait is her eyes, a light lilacy blue, caused b a slight glitch where her human and goblin genes didn't flow so smoothly. 

As she has long accepted her inhuman looks, she dresses to accent them, often wearing brilliant, bold colors such as reds, whites, blacks, and deep colors such as blues, browns, and greens. Still, she dresses modestly, and her wardrobe is permitted only by the wages her parents and brother make, though stigmas keep them in the lower class even if they have some money. Her look is often accented by metal jewelry, namely goblin forged silvers which are either made for her by her father or herself or borrowed from another goblin.

When she uses her wand, she uses her right hand.

intelligent. clever. tends to hold grudges . bitter . ruthless . pogressive . stuborn . optimistic . cheerful

PRE-1869 | Ragkoff was a banker at the London based Gringotts where he met Mary Ann, who had moved on from maid work to take on a job as a welcome witch at the bank. Over the next two years, the two wound up falling in love and getting married - something that almost cost the two their jobs. Soon after marriage, the couple have their first child, Aggor.

1869 - 1871| The second child of the odd human goblin pairing is born, a daughter by the name of Iziza Laglig - as her mother convinced her father to agree to a goblin name that might pass in human society if she could have a full goblin middle name. As goblins have no last names, she, like her brother, takes on that of her mother's. The two siblings are raised to speak both English and that of their father's tongue, Gobbledegook, which Izzy takes quite a liking to - something that pleases her father. Her first signs of magic come early by human standards and on her third birthday, though it surprises no one due to the fact goblins have their own magic as well.

1874 | Her younger brother is born.

1876 |A younger sister, and the last child is born.

1881 - 1882 | Iziza receives her Hogwarts letter and is excited to follow her brother to school where she joins Aggor in Ravenclaw. Their Goblin like wit and intelligence allow them to excel in school, allowing the two to stay on scholarships. Throughout the year she discovers for the first time a real sense of prejudice on her heritage and self-conscience she starts to introduce herself as Izzy as she deems it more 'human' than Iziza or Laglig - the second of which she shared with no one.

1883 - 1884 | Her third year comes and she adds on arithmancy, ancient runes, and earth magic. 

1885 - 1886 | Her fifth year marks the year in which she finally accepts that she will not be view as important or valuable as humans by the whole population and she stops trying so hard to fit in, rather she starts to work on wandless magic and trying to figure out any form of goblin magic she might have inherited. At the end of the year Aggor graduates and Izzy sits her OWLS.

Ancient RunesO
Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Earth MagicO
History of MagicE

1886 - 1887 | With the new level of classes, she drops Astronomy, Herbology, and History of Magic, but is granted access to the Gobbledegook class due to her experience. This leaves her with eight classes, and though she has two less than the year before, the harder work load all but makes up for it.

SUMMER OF 1887 | With the sudden ban on halfbreeds, Izzy is faced with the idea of not completing her seventh year and she feels bitter and cheated after all the hard work she had put into her scores. Not only that, she had been working towards a career as a curse breaker with Gringotts, but that required the last year of schooling and NEWT testing she no longer had access to leaving her lost and confused as to what to do next, though her saving grace is she at least has her five years in and is old enough to use wizard magic freely. Therefore she signs up with the Goblin Liaison Office, figuring she needs a job to bring in money and she might make some difference there - though should the rule change again, she would totally quite to finish her schooling.

FALL OF 1887 | She gets herself involved in the ministry election as Barnabus Skeeter's halfbreed voice and finds she has a great interest in politics and quite enjoys the rush. The ban is adjusted so only that of known halfbreeds would be expelled from the school, the rest would be allowed to return after the winter break. Izizia is bitter about not being allowed to finish her schooling, but none the less is happy they are no longer forced to suffer because of her.

WINTER OF 1887 | Just days before the winter break ends, it is announced that halfbreed would be allowed back at school and Izizia resigns from her job to return. She is forced to repeat the last half of her sixth year, but at least she is allowed to return. Izzy is, however, questioning her career choice of a curse breaker.

1888-1889 |  Finally, Izzy sits her seventh year, little drama occurs other than a few uppity students still not over half breeds being allowed back. She takes her N.E.W.T.s.

Ancient RunesO
Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Earth MagicO

Played By: Nichole

Contact: Skype

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iziza is a half-goblin, meaning she is quite short. your character might not know why but they will notice her height and white hair that marks her as such.

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