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Isis Silverthorne
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Played by Dante
Freelance Cargo Ship Owner
25 year old Squib
Freelance Cargo Ship Owner
5 ft. 5 in.
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Full Name: Isis Giselle Silverthorne


Birthdate: September 1st 1864

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Occupation: Ship owner and ‘Freelance Cargo Delivery’

Blood Status: Squib but passes self off as a halfblood

Residence: No where in particular - she lives on her boat.

Hogwarts House: n/a

Wand: n/a But carries her fathers black oak, 7inches, whippy, kelpie

Family: Parents: Gisbourne Silverthorne – Father, Former Captain in the Merchant Navy, Muggle- D Nenet Silverthorne nee  Saad– Mother - witch -D
Isis stands at 5,5, and she weighs about 123lbs with some change. She has a lithe willowy figure. She does not have ‘strength' in the brute sense of the word, but she has great stamina and flexibility, dancers muscles are much more suited to it. She has brown eyes.  Isis has long brown hair, that gently curls around her face, and despite the current fashion for using lead curlers and fashionable braiding she tends to keep it very natural. It is seldom pulled back from her face, save for the rare occasions when she wears it in an elegant bun at the base of her neck. When she was younger she was an awful mess her curled mane was something that took sometime getting used too, and as a result it was a mass of frizz for a while, until she discovered curl maintenance.  Her mother was Egyptian and her colouring reflects this. 
Captain Gisborne and Nenet Silverthorne (then Saad ) met at a salonaire in Paris, on a foggy Parision evening in late October. The topic for the evening was the benefits of the Peace of Lodi. They immediately found themselves on opposing sides of the argument, incapable of agreeing and each unwilling to back down. The Captain was impressed by the firey and charismatic young woman Egyptian woman who argued the decline of the Venetian sea hegemony was the fault of the treaty. She in her turn was pleased that instead of the patronising tone often adopted towards her point of view this man was challenging her logic. Of course everyone in Paris was taken with the lovely Nenet. It was not long before the announcement came, Nenet Saad was formally betrothed to Gisborne Silverthorne. He was a captain in the merchant navy, a respectable but not exceptionally lucrative career.  He also undertook ‘Freelance cargo delivery’, an acceptable euphemism for smuggler or privateer.

But The Saad family were less than happy, who had feared that the tempestuous Nenet would scare off every suitor with her outspoken ways, even despite her charms. Even so they had not been thrilled to see her marry the self made, but ultimately low born sailor,  and in the end she was cast off from her kin. They were married in June the following year, and they were a couple truly in love. Gisborne treated his wife much like an equal, and they were happy in their marriage, both able to respect their partners in life. Nenet even accepted her husbands less than salubrious career choice, and how hard he worked for relatively little money. She missed him when he went to sea, and accompanied him a few times. 

Gisborne was at sea when Nenet discovered she was pregnant, she was determined that Gisborne pursue his money making ventures and it was decided that she should move from their secluded home near Dublin where she could be seen by a doctor. Nenet then heavily pregnant started out for Dublin with her husband by the quickest means possible, the sea routes.

As her time was drawing near, and about number of hours from port their ship became entangled in a storm at sea. The stress of the evening and Nenets own lack of experience in rough seas induced her labour pangs. With no midwife on board, and the ships surgeon ill equipped to deal with the maladie associated with the female birthing process, there was little help or comfort to give her.

A little after midnight she delivered her first and only child to the world. For a short time the baby was to be named after her grandmother, Parenthia, she lay in her mothers arm, the proud father looking on, but it was not to last. As the night spent on, the storm blew its hardest the stress of the birth and the doctor's inexperience proved fatal. Nenet began to hemorrhage unable to stop the flow of blood, and without other help at hand she died in the arms of her husband her infant child only feet away.  Following the death of her mother, he decided to call his child Isis,the goddess of mourning

For a week the Captain locked himself away in his cabin, leaving the initial caring of the child, to his First Mate, a kindly paternal man who took a shine to the baby, even after they docked in Dublin. Caught up in his grief he could not bear to look at his child, he could only weep for his wife. It was his 2nd mate who changed his mind, he told him not to weep for his wife, rather to celebrate the joy she had given him, and the infant child that both she and God had entrusted to his care.

After the death of his wife Gisbourne allowed his business ventures to slide and their fortunes flounder taking lower and lower jobs. By the time she was a young girl her father had little left but a ship and his old first mate, who tried his damnedest to stop him from drinking himself into oblivion.

Her father paid for his grog and their berth but little else and when her Hogwarts letter didn’t come he used the little he had set aside a little of his money to pay for what little education she received.  When she was 14 her father was found dead in a small pub in lands end, murdered by muggles for the little money in his pocket. Her guardianship was passed over to a distant relative that did not care to pay for the up keep of the child. They paid for her basic tuition at a parish school, which allowed her to spend her summer with them in the small public house they kept in Berkshire. She attended only the first 4 years of her secondary schooling leaving with little interest in book learning. She rather liked the sea, having learned it at her fathers knee, as soon as she was done with school she headed to London, to reunite with the Black Kite.

After her fathers death inherited her prized possession, a ship called the Black Kite, a ship built for long voyages but also for smuggling. Isis had been introduced to the sea very early, and shown not only how to survive but to flourish in this environment. Her fathers old Mate was Captain in name when she returned to the ship at 16, and she found her sea legs again under his guidance. She grew to be the very image of her mother, and shared her temperament, a confident young woman, who knew the sea as well as herself. She did not take the Captains chair until she turned 19. At which time she replaced the entire crew, with the exception of the old mate, who was a muggle born wizard. Now her crew consist mostly of wizards of any blood and fellow squibs.

At present she has no fixed address, she splits her time between the sea and her berthing at the harbour and either the homes of friends that she can stay for a few nights. She prefers her own quarters on her own ship and doesn't like to 'owe' people.
tempestuous, outgoing, inconstant, passionate, savvy
She has an irish wolf hound called Bane
She captains a ship called the Black Kite, originally a muggle privateering vessel but it has been magically enhanced inside and out. The ship recieved a retrofit in about 1865 under her fathers care and because of its age, it has both sail and steam/propellor function. The Captains quarters and ready rooms have been magically enhanced and expanded, the same is true of the crew quarters. They are far from palatial but they are a little more comfortable than those expected on a ship of the type and age. Similarly the galley has been enchanted to look like a regular kitchen rather than a ships kitchen. The ship has an old angry house elf called Gibbs.
She participates in bare knuckle boxing prize fights, and is an expert knife thrower
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