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Research Assistant to Emerett Picardy
Research Assistant to Emerett Picardy

25 year old Halfblood
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Peregrine Umbernauld

Full Name: Peregrine Umbernauld

Nickname(s): Per

Birthdate: April 27th, 1865

Age: 25

Occupation: Research Assistant to Emerett Picardy

Blood Status: Half

Residence: Windkirk Manor, the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Hogwarts House:

Wand: Vine, 10", dragon heartstring, whippy

Cormorant Umbernauld, Grandfather [c. 1819]
Rosefinch Umbernauld, Grandmother [c. 1825]
Tristram McAllister, Father [d. 1875]
Redshank Umbernauld, Mother [c. 1843]
Sparrow Umbernauld, Sister [c. 1860]
Linnet Umbernauld, Niece [1878]
— Jackdaw Umbernauld, Nephew [1879]
Shrike Umbernauld, Brother [1864]
Owl Umbernauld [1867]
Goldcrest Umbernauld, Brother [c. 1869-1890]
Firecrest Umbernauld, Brother [1869]
Swift Umbernauld, Brother [c. 1871]
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Peregrine is tall, standing above most men at 6'. His frame is muscular, and spotted with the occasional scar. He has dark skin, brown eyes, and black, tightly curled hair. He wears dark colors and maroon, predominately. He is right-handed. Peregrine is often considered to be handsome, and has always been good looking as far as he's concerned - he sometimes takes advantage of this with confident asks.
He is usually carrying his dirk somewhere on his person, but does not have a particularly impressive presence beyond his height; Peregrine sticks to corners and the edges of rooms, slumps his shoulders when he does not want to appear threatening, is quick to smile. He usually has a notebook on him, and that's quicker to come out that the knife.
He speaks with a thick Isle of Skye (Scottish) accent. I won't write it out, but it's there.
A natural puzzle-solver and observer, Peregrine would have been an excellent librarian were he born into another family. As it is, he's quick-witted, clever, and a hoarder of knowledge and secrets.
He is also unethical and historically committed to the bandit life; Peregrine is concerned predominately with his family and their preservation, and the rest of you be damned. While his focus on knowledge and bookkeeping may lead one to think that Peregrine is more peaceful in nature; this is not true. He's thoughtful, but he was just as involved as the rest of them. He misses it, too.
But as far as new people are concerned: Peregrine is generally friendly to new people and wants to be your friend - predominately so that he can know more about you. He is good at asking questions, is a good sounding board, will offer advice. He is better at navigating the rules of propriety than many of his siblings, and is working on navigating this new world as best he can.
Although he has no formal education, most of the spells Peregrine's knows are in the realm of jinxes and curses, memory charms; things that came in handy in his past life. He is good with a knife, too. His other skills predominately involve lurking in shadows, gathering information, math and the transport of illegal goods - a thoughtful criminal, but a criminal nonetheless.
The Beginning

The Umbernaulds have been bandits for as long as any of them can remember. It's natural for their children to learn to break bones, to ride horses, to stab another man. Peregrine is a quiet child in the jumble of Umbernauld children, but he is also a clever one - his earliest memories are of learning the books from his grandfather.
The Middle

As he grows, Per becomes the family's bookkeeper and keeper of knowledge. He pays some amount of taxes to keep any officials from paying too much attention to them, hides corpses when it's necessary, keeps track of everything. He finds marks for them, advises his siblings, skitters around the edges and places bribes and threats when necessary. This is what's right, for them - they live on the edge, on this island where he can taste the salt in the air.
Frankly, Peregrine never thinks anything will change.
The End, and What Follows

And then Goldcrest dies, horribly. Peregrine is as sad as the rest of them, but shocked by the decision they all take - surely being careful would have been better than changing their lifestyle so drastically? How could they possibly go straight? They've made their wealth on this, lost and earned their lives on it. There is blood on all their hands; sometimes literally.
But Peregrine has never been a leader, and far be it from him to pick a fight on this. It's better to do what he can.
Besides that: there is a part of him that feels guilty. If he, their fixer, had taught Goldcrest better - well, if Goldcrest had picked a better mark that day, then he never would have died.
So Peregrine has to try. He starts popping over to Hogsmeade and London more regularly, establishing connections, performing odd jobs. With a resume claiming him as the 'bookkeeper' for the Wee Kelpie, he gets a position working for Emerett Picardy, an anti-werewolf weirdo who has Peregrine researching at Crowdy Memorial Library and doing all sorts of odd things to get information on pro-werewolf people. That's fine; he has no proverbial horse in this race, and it pays alright.
* Little to nothing.
* Peregrine works for an anti-werewolf researcher, Emerett Picardy.
* Peregrine's family is sketch.
* Peregrine has no formal Hogwarts education.
* Peregrine's rumored criminal connections are genuine.
Played By: Beanie

Contact: Ask for Skype

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"No, he's not the crazy one," Peregrine replied, because anything that involved speaking to werewolves suggested, to him, a certain level of insanity. Also, he had perhaps listened to - or heard, sometimes he tuned out - enough of Picardy's rambles about Marlowe Forfang to have absorbed the sense that Forfang was entirely mad or otherwise being paid off by Big Werewolf.