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The Wee Kelpie Bartender
The Wee Kelpie Bartender

21 year old Halfblood
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played by Kit
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Firecrest Umbernauld

Full Name: Firecrest Umbernauld

Nickname(s): Cress

Birthdate: November 24, 1869

Age: 21

Occupation: The Wee Kelpie Bartender

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Windkirk Manor, the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Walnut, 12", slighly swishy, kelpie hair

Family: Maternal Grandparents: Rosefinch Umbernauld, Cormorant Umbernauld
Parents: Tristram MacAllister, Redshank Umbernauld
Siblings: Sparrow Umbernauld, Shrike Umbernauld, Peregrine Umbernauld, Owl Umbernauld, Goldcrest Umbernauld, Swift Umbernauld
Nieces & Nephews: Linnet Umbernauld, Jackdaw Umbernauld
Firecrest has dark hair and brown eyes that used to be lifely and full of mischief. Nowadays, they sport a gloomy, haunted look. He is leanly athletic and stands at five feet, ten inches. He tends to wear darker clothing that is easy to be a shadow in. He is ambidexterous and favors his left hand. He also has pierced ears and a couple of tattoos.

Before the death of Goldcrest, Firecrest was a sparkling firecrackler full of life and laughter. He was vivacious, charming and outgoing. He was rarely ever seen without a smile or his identical twin. Since his twins death, very little of his former personality has shone through except for rare instances. He now tends to be dour and grim. Formly optimisitic of nature, he is now pessimestic and very 'well, we all die one day so fuck off' in attitude. He is heavily grieving and struggling with being without Goldcrest when they were always inseperable. He harbours a deeply hidden need to avenge his twins death that he has spoken to no one about but it festers and grows as each new day without Goldcrest passes.
- Since his twins death, Firecrest has taken to long walks of solitude.
Born into a family of bandits alongside his identical twin and bestfrien, Firecrest took to the family trade as soon as he was old enough. His childhood consisted of practicing tricks, planning cons that could utilize their mirror image with Goldcrest and honing his banditry skills. Many times, they would trick their marks with their identical looks making for an easy getaway.

Firecrests first instance of accidental magic consisted of setting a carriage on fire which Goldcrest subsequently put out with his own first instance of accidental magic. And such was their pattern in life with Firecrest being the more fiery of the two and Goldcrest being the more gentle soul to contrast him.

Firecrest was around five years old when his father passed away from a muggle ailment. A death that did not rock him as much as that as Goldcrests in January of 1890. His twin had not only died but had been tortured. This was what caused the family to become reformed and attempt their hands at respectable jobs with Linnet and Jackdaw due to become the first Umbernaulds in living memory to actually attend Hogwarts. Firecrest now works for The Wee Kelpie as probably the most depressing bartender in existence.

Played By: Kit

Contact: PM, Discord

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