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Beau Miller
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Played by Emma
35 year old Muggleborn
6 ft. 0 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Tobias Beaufort Miller

Nickname(s): Beau. Just Beau.

Birthdate: August 1st, 1855

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Occupation: Magizoologist

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Ilvermorny, Pukwudgie

Wand: Dogwood, Phoenix, 13 3/4", Flexible

Eavan Miller née MacKay | Wife (m. Aug 5, 1890)| b.1863

Oscar Miller | Father | b.1820
Lena Miller née Murphy | Mother | b.1823 d. 1856
Sara Miller | Sister | b.1838 d.1846
Ollie Miller | Sister | b.1839
Grover Miller | Brother | b.1840 d. 1846
Clyde Miller | Brother | b.1841 d.1846
Mollie Miller | Sister | b.1842 d.1846
Lester Miller | Brother | b.1843 d.1846
Rena Miller | Sister | b.1844
Irving Miller | Brother | b.1845 d.1846
Philip Miller | Brother | b.1846 d.1853
Nina Miller | Sister | b.1848
Grover Miller | Brother | b.1849 d. 1850
Mollie Miller | Sister | b. 1851
Mary Miller | Sister | b.1852
Lewis Miller | Brother | b.1854

*Beau hasn't spoken to any of his family since he was eighteen.
Beau is exactly what one might picture a ruggish, brutish American to look like. He's outragishly tall — standing at six feet two inches — and a solid wall of muscle. When left loose his hair reaches his mid-back in long blond waves, though is typically kept up and out of the way in a messy bun. He has striking blue eyes and a well kept beard. He is right hand dominant.
His Family History

The Miller's had a decent life in Virgina until Lena Miller began reproducing and didn't stop. Their small house could only comfortably fit so many, and the kids just kept coming. Stories of gold out west gave the young couple hope of something more — something better than their shack of a cramped house. They saved for the trip for over six years, relocating further and further west as they found the means. Eventually, they set off from Missouri and found...death.

First, it was Grover from some sort of animal attack (they're never sure of which animal, as all that's left is his hat and a piece of his scalp). Grover is followed in quick succession by Sara and Clyde. By the time they make it to Nebraska they have lost six of the eight children they started with. Lena, too weary from pregnancy, the trail and all this death forces Oscar to settle in the next town they come across. They weren't destined to see the ocean again, and if they did it would mean sacrificing their last two precious daughters.

And so, they settled and started a ranch. They raised cattle and bred horses and somehow made it work. Their house was still cramped. There were still more kids than either of them wanted, but it was what they were dealt. And they made it work.

His Formative Years

And then in 1855, Beau is born and childbirth, which after fourteen previous occurrences was something of second nature to her, takes Lena's life. Not immediately, of course. Oscar and his surviving children (for of the fourteen only six live) are forced to watch her deteriorate over the course of three excruciatingly long weeks. She is solemnly buried alongside the children misfortunate enough to be born before modern medicine.

A wet nurse is begrudgingly hired for Beau until he's old enough to tolerate cow milk. Ollie is forced into a mothering role, a position she detests as she vastly prefers the openness of the ranch. She didn't survive the horrors of the trail to be trapped in the house raising her siblings and the baby who killed her mother.

Ollie disappears with one of the ranch hands in 1857 as soon as the snow melts, leaving a confused Beau distraught. Rena steps in as best she can, but she's only eleven and can only do so much. He becomes an even worse terror seemingly overnight, throwing tantrums at least once a hour and acting aggressive towards his siblings. Oscar is too busy with the ranch to intervene and Rena can only help so much, Beau's control of anger never develops as it should.

One of the ranch hands' son is close enough in age to Beau that the pair are thrown together constantly. It helps that Joseph's mother comes around intermittently to check on the kids and, unintentionally, keeps them in line. However, just as Rena could only address so much Mrs. Smith can only redirect a child that isn't her own so often. Beau is four (1859) the first time he gets into it with Joseph and breaks the younger boy's fingers in the scuffle. The fight is the first time Oscar really intervenes with Beau's upbringing — it isn't pretty.

The autumn of 1864 is an interesting time for him. He's still a tightly wound ball of rage, but he's finally allowed to help out with the horses outside of mucking the stables. His life is no longer an endless chore list that leads him lonelier than any nine year old has a right to be, for even now — nearly a decade after his birth — his siblings still don't seem to like him much. It's a frequent wish of his to replace his life with his dead mother's, to relieve himself of the guilt he had no control over. But, he cannot. All he can do instead is ride his horse and herd the cattle and pray no predators come on his watch.

But, of course they do.

He's alone in one of the far off fields when the bobcats come prowling through. His horse, one of the steadiest in the stable, is spooked in the attack and throws Beau before taking off back towards the stable.  The bobcats take down at least five of the cows while he lies on the ground in shock and fear. It isn't until one of the fearless beasts turn their attentions towards him that magic graces his life. Right as the cat went to pounce a shield bursts from him. The cats, all taken aback by one of their own soaring through the air unnaturally, slink off. Beau tells no one of the truth of that afternoon, as he has no way to make sense of it. Instead, he comes up with a lie of hitting one with a felled tree branch. Luckily enough, being the hated son of the family comes with its perks as none question him.

It isn't until his admission letter to Ilvermony comes that the shield burst makes sense. Oscar doesn't understand much of what the school director is saying, just that the first year's tuition is paid for and it would be one less mouth to feed. Beau's bags are practically packed for him, and in 1866 he's sorted into Pukwudgie (which, what the fuck is a Pukwudgie?!). He starts off way behind the rest of his classmates due to having a rudimentary understanding of literacy. But, he eventually catches up enough to manage decent enough grades. Beau knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that if he doesn't at least manage a partial scholarship for the next year he won't be returning.

By the grace of God (and a few helpful hints from bullied classmates), he manages a full scholarship for his second year. And then his third. By his fourth year in school Oscar is so relieved to have his wife's killer out of the house he pays the full tuition willingly for the remainder of Beau's schooling.

His Young Adulthood

Beau repays Oscar's monetary donations by not returning home after graduation in 1873. The choice is an easily made one, as he has little desire to spend any additional time surrounded by resentment and no magic. He sends Oscar a letter, politely telling his old man to fuck off, and turns his future towards Boston. The weather there isn't entirely dissimilar to home (a bit warmer, maybe, but Beau doesn't mind) and he blends easily into the crowds. He gets a job as the muscle behind some not great men. It's mindless work and an outlet for his unrelenting childhood rage, which, after eighteen years of suppression is sorely needed.

Being the muscle leads into a traveling underground boxing ring run by the magical community. For the first time in over a year he isn't only doling out the hits but receiving them as well. And, oddly enough, he likes it. He's hardly the strongest or most agile guy on the lists (though being a former farmhand is certainly a strike in his favor) but he's the most resilient — the most willing to get back up after devastating blows.

The high from the fighting ring eventually diminishes, leading Beau to seek out other avenues for his adrenaline rush. He finds another illegal ring in 1877 in Colorado, but this time instead of fighting against other men he's battling various magical creatures. The only positive outcome from his childhood is his fearlessness with charging animals. If he could outrun an angry, charging bull, he could outsmart whatever beasts thrown at him. And he does, for just about a year until he discovers how the beasts are being tended to outside of the ring.

Perhaps it was naive of him not to consider it sooner, to not think of the beasts' caretakers as anything but the scum they are. The thought should've occurred to him at least once in the year of battling them. However, it isn't until he's leaving after a particularly brutal day that he sees the cages of the animals and sees red. The stalls of the larger animals are filthy. The cages of the smaller ones are discolored from the amount of waste. Beau nearly strangles the first person he comes across in his sparked rage, stopping only at the promise of freeing the beasts. He packs up the carts, uses his winnings to hire coaches willing to transport illegal animals, and makes a break for the vast openness of Utah.

His Revolution

On the way to Utah he meets the proprietor of a magical circus. They're a strange lot, each more bizarre than the last, but they allow him the freedom to rehab the animals as best he can. The too damaged ones are sent to various zoos specializing in their care. It isn't the best system, and if Beau were being honest he'd admit that he's a tad uneducated in these beasts' needs. There isn't anyone else willing to step in, though, and after rescuing them from the horrid conditions he found them in he's a bit attached.

He stays with the circus for six years, traveling to every state and even sometimes venturing further north into Canada. The creatures in his care vary over the years as the initial ones age, but, for perhaps the first time in his life, he's haopy. Truly and sincerely happy. His fellow carnies become his adopted family, and they all teach him the life lessons he should've learned as a child. Slowly, much like the rescued animals, Beau heals himself, too. He transforms his rage into productive energy, choosing the less vengeful action in hostile situations nine times out of ten. The anger still lurks beneath the surface like a monster in the shadows. He knows one foolish mistake will set back all his progress, but he's trying. And that's all he can do.

The carnival disbands in 1884, leaving Beau at a bit of a loss. His established contacts with various zoos from their travels comes in handy in placing the beasts. Beau settles each of them in their best placed environment, keeping only the demiguise, Demitri, as his personal pet. They roam aimlessly for a few weeks (mostly Demitri keeps disappearing and Beau has to constantly find him) until an invitation for an apprenticeship under Mr. Silva is made. Beau, having always been blown by the wind, takes he and Demitri to Colorado to become a magizoologist apprentice.

Care taking has always come naturally to him, so he takes to his new profession like a fish to water. The apprenticeship is a breeze, and by halfway through he's knowledgeable enough to work independently. When the year is up, Beau doesn't have anywhere else to go. He's been off traveling for so long that home hadn't meant anything to him in over a decade. Beau decides to stay working for Mr. Silva, even if he detests Colorado.

The zoo becomes home more than his own rented room does. If not for Mr. Silva's demands that he leave periodically, Beau would never stop working. Demitri takes up with the resident demiguise, Cassidy, and it seems as though all is to remain still. And it does, until the spring of 1889 when the zoo's owner decides to sponsor a research mission on thunderbirds. Research had never been Beau's interest, as he was always content to focus on just caring for the beasts, but Mr. Silva is too old to travel that far and the zoo has to be represented somehow. He says his goodbyes to Demitri (and Demitri's babies) and sets off in May.

The research opportunity ends up working in his favor, though, for it leads to him meeting Eavan MacKay, a beautiful Irish woman who he can't help but flirt with. They bond over the course of the mission, and when she asks him to head back to Scotland with her...well, Beau can't think of a reason why not. And, if he gets to fuck with the man who broke such a wonderful woman's heart, all the better.

Periodically Irrational. Impulsive. Earnest. Strong. Adaptable. Angry. Graceless.

Name Etymology/Reason | Hebrew; God is Good
Birthplace | Nebraska Territory (Modern day Montana), USA
Birthmarks/scars | Hard to find a spot on his hands and forearms that aren't scarred. Most noticeable ones are on his knuckles and a six inch gash on his right forearm. All sorts of small scars on his legs from various creatures and fighting. Three puncture scars on his left ribcage where ribs poked through after a particularly vicious fight.
Scent | Smokey, like a campfire.
Health | Excellent; has strong, firm muscles from a lifetime of hands on work.
Languages | English only, used to know some Algonquian learned from the nearby Blackfeet tribe.
Phobias | Fatal illness
Traditions/superstitions | Celebrates all Christian muggle holidays out of habit. Often says "Jesus" or "Lord" instead of "Merlin", all signs of his muggle upbringing.
Instruments | Never had time for an instrument.
Pets | Demitri [1876], demiguise currently living in Colorado
Amortentia | Hot black coffee, Rain, Whatever Eva smells like
Patronus/Animagus | Unable to cast a corporeal patronus, if he could it would be a grizzly bear.
Quirks | American accent
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