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Disgruntled Borgin & Burkes Employee
Disgruntled Borgin & Burkes Employee

17 year old Pureblood
5FT. 3IN.   ❤   Married
played by Lauren
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Beatrix Burke

Full Name: Beatrix Agatha Borgin.

Nickname(s): Trixie. Trix.

Birthdate: 28.10.72

Age: 17

Occupation: Borgin & Burkes Employee.

Blood Status: Pureblood.

Residence: Hogwarts & London.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

Wand: Hawthorne. 11 inches. Dragon heartstring. Left handed.

Mr ___ Borgin | Fether | 1812-
Mrs ___ Borgin | Mother | 1850-
Mr ___ Borgin II | Brother | 1878-
5’3. Long chestnut hair usually swept into a neat and pretty arrangement. Long limbs tending towards willowy-ness. Pale skin and green eyes, she has always been a very pretty girl, taking after her mother rather than her father (for which Trixie is ever-grateful!) She has several subtle beauty marks and a scar on her left hand from a burn she received rescuing toast from burning when she was eight.
Precocious and faux-friendly to most, Trixie does possess a wicked streak a mile long that she revels in but takes pains to make sure nobody in a position of authority finds out about. Nonetheless, she does get on well with other girls quite well, assuming they aren’t poor or hideous or fucking werewolves you guys though boys she finds little more than something to be observed for the time being. She is very adept with her studies, applying herself to Transfiguration and Divination especially well, though she finds History of Magic the dullest thing in the world and would sooner run naked through the Great Hall than fail anything.
Has a working knowledge of the Dark Arts that is above and beyond her schooling.

1872: Born into a slightly shady family of shop workers Beatrix, Trixie to almost everyone, is born the oldest child of Mr ___ Borgin and his much younger wife, Mrs ____ Borgin.

1874: Her mother gives birth to a boy and is thrilled but it is something of a blow to Trixie, who is loathe to share the attention.

1878: Trixie displays magic for the first time when her brother upsets her by refusing her demands for sweets by making whiskers grow from his chin without stopping, much to her amusement but literally nobody else's. Despite the monumental nature of the moment she is scolded and sent to bed without supper. She will relish her moment years later when it begins to look like her hated little brother may be a squib. Loser.

The rest of Trixie’s childhood is spent being adorable in her father’s creepy shop and making the place look significantly prettier. And she believes she is a much better attraction that Mr ____ Burke, the younger, who is ugly and stupid and awful, but she is told she will one day be marrying. Suffice to say, she cannot wait to escape to Hogwarts and forget about him, forgetting that he is more or less the same age and will be there too.

1884: Practically skipping to the train, having grown to dislike her father due to the betrothal, Trixie jumps head first into life at Hogwarts with pleasure. She is sorted in Ravenclaw and takes to her house like a duck to water, being inquisitive about anything and everything, glad to be out of the cluttered and dull shop that she hates so much.

1885-1886: Halfway through her second year Trixie is beginning to pay attention to her potential husband. In so much that she notices he is not nearly as hale and hearty as many of his classmates and this is intriguing… if he were to die suddenly then she would be released from the burden and could marry who she pleases! Sadly, she cannot see this happening in the immediate future, unless perhaps she could frighten him to death somehow?

1887: The summer before school begins for her fourth year a piece of legislation is passed about half-breeds that causes Trixie no end of irritation. On the one hand, Adasia Mohr, who she wanted so much to be best friends with, gets thrown out of school and nobody at all seems to care! But Topaz Urquart, the precious Minister's daughter, is somehow the subject of everybody's sympathies and it isn't fair at all! Returning in September Trixie is determined that nobody should be in any shadow of doubt as to her opinion and she is determined to get everybody to see that Topaz probably did it for attention and anyone who thinks otherwise is an imbecilic cretin whose brains are good for nothing but being shrunken inside their heads and put on display in her father's shop.

+ She despises her husband Claude.

+ It is rumoured, falsely, that she has aborted the child of Rasmus Mohr.

+ Her mother is frequently making attempts upon her father's life. Trix is in favour.
+ She lost her virginity to Kristoffer Lestrange some months before her marriage.
Played By: Lauren

Contact: PM

Plot Preferences: Enemies. Frenemies. Eye-opening sexual encounters. Give me your teens.


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The Interloper 1888
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For a long moment Trixie was sure she must have misheard. Not only had she not expected Miss Fairchild to actually say aloud what was on the paper – really, Trixie had anticipated it being a great deal cruder – but she had not thought it would be something like that! The bloody nerve!

She glanced over her shoulder sharply, convinced she had heard giggling and was put out to see no sign of the girls who had written this slander. It would have been worth the detention to knock them down a few pegs!

“I doubt that preening peacock would know how to inflict a child on anybody in the first place,” she spat, taking a step towards Miss Fairchild to snatch the parchment from her hands and read it for herself. She kept her face extremely still, letting the words wash over her and trying to push away the slight niggle that felt like shame that anybody could believe this of her. “It’s not true,” she muttered with spiky need, unable to tear her eyes away from the paper. “I would never. Not with him…not with anyone.