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Well. That Took a Turn.

Adrestia Dantés
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Played by Dante
Look like the flower, but be the serpent under it
Avenging Angel
20 year old Halfblood
ft. in.
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Full Name: Adrestia Dantés

Nickname(s): Addie

Birthdate: 3rd March 1870

Age: 20

Occupation: Avenging Angel and Scheming Debuntate

Blood Status: Pureblood - but as her gaurdian/adopted father figure was a half blood she presents as Halfblood.

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: N/A - attended Mandira

Wand: Bijasal wood, 10 inches, Byangoma tail feather, unyielding

Henry Villefort - Deceased
Eugenia Villefort - Deceased
Frederic Dantés - Deceased

Pater Salvage - Gaurdian

It is hard to know what other features are 'hers' and not the result of her abilities. As a child she was a pretty child whose hair was variously brown and blonde at regular intervals. To most people however, she presents as a young lady of 5 ft 1 in tall, with blonde hair and greey eyes. If she was asked she would say that that is what Adrestia looks like - if that is what Hermione Villefort would look like - well only the gods know! Appearing as a classic victorian beauty she wears fashionably cut gowns in colours which compliment her skin. She wears bright colours, deep reds and burgandys, a throw back from her Indian childhood, along with a perfume made by her old Ayah used to make.

She does however have a seperate wardrobe of 'costumes' for when she goes out as anything other than 'Adrestia.'
The Childhood...

Adrestia was born Hermione Villefort, the only child of Henry and Eugenia Villefort. Her life was an ordinary and typical wizarding childhood. She displayed magic at 3 by summoning her doll to her during a crying fit. Her mother died in childbirth that claimed the life of mother and child. Still Hermione was the apple of her fathers eye, doted on and petted.

The Incident...
Her life was charmed, but fairly standard for a middle class family -until that day. Her father was arrested implicated in a plot that involved embezzling funds from the people he worked for and using it to fund nefarious doings and illicit activity in the Empire and beyond. Added to that the insult that her father had been having an affair with the wife of one of those clients.

She was taken in by Mister Dantés, a single bachelor distant great uncle with no children, and the pretty little creature who called him ‘Grandfather’ almost immediately won his heart. He took her as his ward and made her his heir. When she took his surname, he had a naming seer give her a new first name as well - all an attempt to escape the 'shame' of her fathers crimes.

largely self made, his money and wealth were based in tea, cotton and opium, so he moved them to India where the nicer climate helped control the tuberculosis he had had since he was a young man. Here Adrestia was raised in palatial white sandstone estates surrounded by Indian servants who called her ‘Missy Sahib’ and she was treated like an actual princess - wanting for nothing.

When she was 11 she received a letter from Hogwarts inviting her to attend, but Mister Dantés and Mister Salvage felt it would be better if she attended Mandira to stay away from those families who might have known, or be involved in her fathers downfall.

She was 15 when Mister Dantés died her care was passed to Mister Salvage. He was the one who told her exactly what had happened with her father- how [i]those people[/i] had ruined her life and robbed her of the only family she had had in this world, and the seed of anger took hold.

She swore revenge on those who had destroyed her family. She was dedicated in school, got good grades but had a penchant for a darker shade of magic than is traditionally considered feminine. Ramdas, a former hit wizard, and a dark wizard of some skill continues her education in darker magics.

The Return...
When she finished her schooling, she stayed in India for a short time to prepare her plan and has now returned to England intent on finding the families that ruined her family and, in her opinion, killed her father.
Cunning - Intelligent - Focused - Dedicated
Wounded - Nerve of Steel - Sensitive - Gaurded
Excellent Actor - Dark Sense of Humour - Intense
Seductive - Broken - Agressive

Adrestia is an armadillo. She is crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Unfortunately the outside is pretty crunchy. She has a good heart, capable of a great deal of genuine love and affection but she has been made bitter by the betrayal of her father and the heart break of seeing her father dragged away screaming by aurors. The fact that she was led to believe his guilt and he died in prison before she was able to see him again has only served to make her hate almost everyone in upper class magical society in England. The only person she trusts is her fathers protégé and Ramdas. She is an excellent actor and appears charming and sophisticated with all the expected airs of someone raised in absolute luxury and privilege. She is aware of her physical assets and uses them to her advantage while appearing demure and proper. While open brazen flirtation is not her usual angle she can and does use flattery and demure coquettishness to woo those around her.

Once upon a time Adrestia was carefree, happy and fun loving - a typical child full of a great capacity to love. Now as an adult that boundless capacity for affection has been replaced a similarly boundless intent to fill the sense of emptiness that sits in that place in her heart. She has a slight sadistic streak, that enjoys watching those she hates squirm and exerting her power over them. She has pushed everyone away from her with the exception of Peter and Ramdas. Although if asked she would insist that she isn't close with either but the truth is she is protective of both, and although untested they might well be her line in the sand.
Look like the flower, but be the serpent under it
It smells like leather, firewhiskey, and fresh picked cotton.

Can't cast one

She has a domestic Caracal cat

Speaks English, French, Italian and Hindi
Owns a flying carpet and she cannot ride a broom
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Lady is a star
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