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Louisa Clearwater
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Governess to Charity Lloyd
31 year old Halfblood
Governess to Charity Lloyd
5 ft. 4 in.
❤   Spinster
Full Name: Louisa Francesca Clearwater

Nickname(s): Ms. Clearwater, Ms. Isa [ee-sah]

Birthdate: May 14, 1859

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Occupation: Governess to Charity Lloyd

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly – As a Governess, she's moved into Evander Darrow's residence

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Ebony, 12 1/13 in., Thestral Tail Hair, Brittle

William Clearwater, Father [1818]
Elsie Clearwater née_______, Mother [1828 - 1884]
Gertrude Elizabeth _______ née Clearwater, Sister and family [1855]
Heather "Hattie" _______ née Clearwater, Sister and family [1862]

Roland Clearwater, Uncle [1808 – 1883]
Honour Clearwater née —, Aunt-in-Law [1845]
Harmony — née Clearwater, Cousin [1864]
— Her Husband
— Their child(ren)
Cadence Clearwater, Cousin [1868]
Allegra Clearwater, Cousin [1870]
Minuet Clearwater, Cousin [1873]
Vivaldi Clearwater, Cousin [1875]

Louisa has always been in possession of a conventionally pretty face, however, she is no breathtaking beauty by any means. When young she had dark brown hair that slowly transitioned to an even honey blonde hair in her later years, which is usually piled on top of her head in a bun. Louisa is a habitual wearer of corsets and bustles so she often sports an hourglass figure, and she wears darker clothes when on the job. Being of a sterner disposition where her profession is concerned, she has delicate lips that can often err on the side of downturned rather than cheerful. When she does smile (which happens more often than one might think), her blue eyes twinkle and her entire demeanor seems to change. Her wand arm is her right arm.

A Reserved Child...
1859 | Louisa Francesca Clearwater was born the 2nd child of William and Elsie Clearwater, who are in possession of a modest, comfortable house and inheritance. Like any other babe, she entered the world crying, however, she proved later on to be a rather serious child, and tended to not cause the Nanny much trouble in terms of being rambunctious. Gertrude isn't the most enthusiastic of children at the presentation of her new sister.

1862 | Heather is born, and like Gertrude's reaction to her birth, Louisa is decidedly underwhelmed by the seemingly squishy infant. Both sisters go back to their individual activities once they hear of the youngest Clearwater's birth.

1864 | Louisa finds herself rather attached to the family governess, Mrs. Young, and enjoys learning in her care. Soon she is well versed in French and Italian, however, she enjoys playing piano most.

1865 | In a complete 180º, all three sisters are thick as thieves, much to the surprise of their parents. They are all close enough in age that they all get on swimmingly and share each others toys. It's during their time together that Gertrude displays her first act of magic by levitating all their toys in a circle.

1866 | Gertrude is the first of the Clearwaters to go to Hogwarts and is subsequently sorted into Hufflepuff. Distraught that her sister is off to Hogwarts before her, Louisa performs her first act of magic by grabbing turning her sister's trunk and turning invisible. The entire house is thrown into a frenzy to try and find the middle child in a race against the clock. They eventually find her amongst the laundry.

A Gryffindor Among Us!
1870 - 1871 | Louisa's turn to Hogwarts sees her promptly sorted into Gryffindor, and her Hogwarts years seem to go off without a hitch.

1873 -1874 | Gertrude graduates and immediately attracts the attention of a respectable businessman. Heather joins Louisa at Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. Louisa feels slightly left out as the only Clearwater sister to not be in Hufflepuff, however, both girls make it a habit of eating at least one meal together every few days or so, and maintain a close relationship.

1874 - 1875 | Louisa's fifth year sees her made Gryffindor prefect; a great title to bring to attend Gertrude's wedding as a bridesmaid. She also gifts the happy couple a performance of the first movement of her favorite piano piece, Moonlight Sonata.

1876 - 1877 | In addition to being made Head Girl, Louisa enlists in Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, Earth Magic and Ancient Studies. As a remedy to the stress of her final years, Louisa takes up watercolors again, and finds it a suitable escape from reality.

A Budding Life
1877 | The Clearwater Family moves to Hogsmeade where Louisa reconnects with their old governess Mrs. Young. The two get to chatting, despite the age difference and form a fast friendship.

1878 | With Gertrude married, Louisa asks her parents to see if they have any connections that might procure her an engagement. Ever the bearer of a pragmatic mind, Louisa is more invested in making a good match that reflects well on her family rather than finding love. Her parents agree and she is soon engaged to a man, Eobard Smith. Both get along well, and throughout their weeks knowing each other grow fond of each other's company. Three weeks before the wedding, Eobard and Louisa are leaving a ball when their carriage driver has a heart attack. The carriage loses control and veers towards the two waiting on the sidewalk. In attempts to protect his fiancée, Eobard jumps in front of Louisa and is trampled to death. Louisa subsequently spends a few nights in St. Mungo's Hospital and assumes mourning.

Starting Over
1879 | Hattie graduates from Hogwarts. While at her coming out ball, it is clear there are suitors interested in the former Head Girl, however, she finds herself decidedly uninterested given she still misses Eobard. Instead, she decides to partake in a profession to keep her education from Hogwarts still fresh. After a brief talk with Mrs. Young, she decides to take up teaching and finds that under Mrs. Young's watchful eye, she finds confidence that she did not realize one could possess. One of her students has a speech impediment that they are self-conscious about and ends up calling her Ms. Isa after she asks if it would be easier to call her by her given name. Soon, the name sticks and that is what she is called by her students.

1881 | Louisa thinks it a good idea to form book clubs during the summer to keep discussion and debate lively amongst her pupils.

1884 | Tragedy strikes again when the Laughing Plague hits the Clearwater family. Elsie perishes, sending the family into mourning.

1885 | While running to get the family some bread at the local bakery, Louisa encounters the new baker, Matthew Hughes and the two immediately are attracted to each other, despite Matthew being part of the working class. Though properly out of mourning, Louisa feels uncomfortable pursuing the attachment. Matthew pursues her still.

1887 | This year sees the Hogwarts half-breed ban in place by the board of governors, which Louisa finds herself rather indignant about and writes many firmly worded letters to voice her discontent. After confiding in Mrs. Young, Louisa finally gives in, not minding the class difference and believing it might be time to settle down finally. While on an outing at the Wizarding World Fair, disaster strikes yet again and Matthew is killed by a flying tiger, resulting in Louisa coming to the conclusion that she and anyone else she might harbor interest in are cursed. She spends a few nights in St. Mungo's and retains 3 jagged diagonal scars on her back as a result of the attack. Despite her fear of large animals (horses and tigers), Louisa is very sympathetic and supportive of Minister Urquart as the revelation of his daughter's condition becomes public, and she is glad to see the ban lifted at the school once Minister Ross is elected into office.

A New Charge...
1890 | Louisa finds herself in the employment of Evander Darrow to look after his newly acquired ward, Charity Lloyd. It is her first time living in Irvingly.
Language – Louisa is fluent in French, Italian and Spanish, and conversational in German and Russian.

Womanly Arts – Louisa is quite proper and expects all of her charges to remain the same while in her care. While a member of the middle class, she has excellent knowledge of the workings of the upper echelons of society which she passes onto all of her pupils regardless of class.

Music – She is quite skilled at the pianoforte, and even more enjoys teaching her pupils. Her favorite piece is Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

Painting – She adores watercolors and often seeks to use it as a stress-relieving technique for her pupils.

Lady's Companion – Louisa might also be seen around the wizarding villages as a companion to the younger ladies who are out in society.

Summer Study Courses / Book Club – Should any students wish to continue their learning, Louisa offers to aid students during the summer. She also likes to host book clubs.

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