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Improper Use of Magic Investigator
Improper Use of Magic Investigator

27 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 7 in.   ❤   Unattached
played by Bree
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Freddie Prewett

Full Name: Frederick Cyrus Prewett

Nickname(s): Freddie, Fred

Birthdate: January 05, 1864

Age: 27

Occupation: Improper Use of Magic Investigator

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff ('82)

Wand: Beech, 13 inches, Phoenix feather, Unbending

Gideon Prewett, Father [1820-1868]
Harriet Prewett (née Potter), Mother [1828]
Faustus Prewett, Brother [1850]
— Jane Pettigrew (née Prewett), Sister-in-law [1856-1883]
— Edelweiss Prewett, Niece [1877]
— Iris Prewett, Niece [1882]
— Mezereon Prewett, Newphew [1883]
Frances Crabbe (née Prewett), Sister [1856]
Felix Prewett, Brother [1860]
Fitzroy Prewett, Brother [1860]
Florence Greene (née Prewett), Sister [1861]
— Corey Greene, Brother-in-Law [1857-1886]
— Chloe Greene, Niece [1883]
— Corinne Greene, Niece [1886]
Felicity Riley (née Prewett), Sister [1863]
— James Riley, Brother-in-law [1855-1886]
— Gideon James Riley, Nephew [1883]
— Grace Florence Riley, Niece [1885]
Like many of his brothers, Freddie stands slightly above average at five feet, seven inches. Freddie always imagined he would take on Faustus and the twins' chiseled appearances after going through his growth spurts; but much to his dismay, his softer features never sharpened, causing him to look his age (if even!). He takes after his mother with his flaxen blonde hair and blue eyes, and fair complexion that rarely tans, even when spending prolonged periods in the sun.

While never paying too much attention to trends, Freddie is quick to take fashion advice from his tailor and even his sisters and always looks well put-together He struggles to grow facial hair so keeps a clean shave, and can always be found pomade in his hair. He is left-handed.

Genuine. Justice-driven. Empathetic. Indecisive. Open-minded. Athletic. Can be a follower, especially when he doesn't want to let someone down. Hardworking. Very friendly—almost annoyingly so. A doer. Loyal to his family. Unprejudiced though understands the necessity for marrying right, etc. Not good at hiding his emotions.
— Like most male Prewetts, Freddie is a skilled flyer and prefers to play keeper.
— Freddie used to be able to cast a red squirrel patronus, but has not been able to since he left Azkaban.
— Apart from English, Freddie can speak French and understand written Latin.

— Freddie has a lot of anxiety about being a "good" person and developed a debilitating fear of making bad choices after Azkaban.
— Despite having no younger siblings, Freddie likes children and will entertain them with facts about his brothers (who he feels are far more exciting than himself).
— Freddie, regrettably, is a virigin. He doesn't see the appeal in sleeping with someone he doesn't care about. His brothers and friends probably don't know this.
To Be The Youngest...

1864 | Freddie Prewett is born the sixth and final child of Harriet and Gideon Prewett. Doted on but not spoiled rotten, Freddie is a happy, easy baby who enjoys being entertained by whichever sibling can spare the time.

1868 | Gideon Prewett is killed by aurors and posthumously accused of being a dark wizard. Only four years old, Freddie cannot reconcile with the thought that his father was evil and refuses to partake in any conversation that suggests his father was anything less than perfect. Faustus grades and joins the auror training program for reasons Freddie cannot understand.

1870 | After being spooked by his brothers during a game of hide-and-seek, Freddie seems to poof out of existence and only reappears when dinner is being served.

1871 | Fitzroy and Felix go off to Hogwarts, leaving him at home with the girls. He writes to them, yet responses become more sporadic as the year progresses.

1871 | Florence goes off to Hogwarts.

1874 | Frances graduates and debuts. Freddie grows bored with talk about parties he cannot attend and finds himself counting down the days until he goes off to school. He grows more impatient when Felicity goes off to school and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

Off To Hogwarts

1875 | Faustus gets married to Jane Pettigrew. Freddie does not mind her, but does not see the appeal in marrying just yet. He is more excited about Hogwarts and bugs his mother the entire summer about purchasing supplies. He goes off to Hogwarts in September and is sorted into Hufflepuff alongside Fee. He is quick to make friends with the other boys in his house and year.

1876 | After witnessing Hufflepuff win the quidditch cup the previous spring, Freddie tries out for the position of keeper in his second year. Nobody is too surprised when he—Fitzroy Prewett's younger brother—makes the team. Hufflepuff manages to pull of another win that year.

1877 | Freddie meets his first niece after Faustus' wife gives birth. In the fall he adds Divination and Ancient Runes to his class schedule.

1880 | At the end of his fifth year, Freddie sits for his OWL examinations while Florence graduates. When results come back in August, he decides to continue with NEWT-level Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration, and Ancient Runes. Faustus is appointed head auror. Fitzroy makes first-string on a professional quidditch team.

1881 | Hufflepuff wins the quidditch cup, and Felicity graduates from Hogwarts. Florence marries a muggleborn despite family tradition. Freddie does not mind as much as he ought to, but does not appreciate the conflict it stirs for a short time.

1882 | Freddie graduates and does well enough on his NEWTs. Fitzroy marries Lilianna Carrow, a wealthy heiress. It prompts the realization that marrying well might be the only way to maintain the life he's used to unless he gets a good job like Faustus.

Leaving The Nest

1882 (cont.) | With the help of his eldest brother, Freddie secures a spot in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement as an intern. He quickly finds favor with his superiors given his name and helpful attitude, and is offered a full position shortly before his year mark in the department.

1883 | Faustus and Fitzroy both lose their wives in pregnancy-related complications. Felicity gives birth and, feeling burdened with the task of motherhood, attempts to kill the child. She is stopped much to everyone's relief, but is sent off to a mental asylum by her husband for a time. Felix—thank Merlin for Felix!—manages to prevent the scandal from being published in the papers, saving the Prewetts from another scandal.

1884 | But not for long. Freddie is pressured into an illegal game of Creothceann with Fitzroy and Arthur Pettigrew. They are thrown in Azkaban for a fortnight before public pressure leads to the charges being dropped and the boys released. Freddie struggles with anxiety, especially when facing scrutiny from his boss.

1887 | After the scandal starts to fade from public eye, Freddie transfers to the Improper Use of Magic Office. Felicity agrees to lease a Wellingtonshire home to Freddie, who hopes to solidify himself as a competent, independent adult.

1888 | For the first time, Freddie finds himself infatuated with a girl that would meet his mother's standards. He proposes courtship after a few month's time, only to be rejected. He respects her decision, but cannot help but feel hurt and embarrassed.

1890 | Freddie continues to work hard to show his family that he's not the baby anymore.

— Freddie was thrown in Azkaban alongside his brother Fitzroy and Arthur Pettigrew back in '84 for an illegal game of Creothceann. They were released and the charges were dropped.

— Freddie's brother Faustus is the head auror, while his second-eldest brother Fitzroy is head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

— Freddie is the youngest of Harriet Prewett's six children.
— Freddie was a keeper on the Hufflepuff team while at Hogwarts.
— That his sister Felicity was put in a mental asylum back in '83 for trying to murder her firstborn. He never speaks of it.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour; Skype

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