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Spell Damage Healer

32 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 11 in.   ❤   Unattached
played by Seth
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Harper James

Full Name: Harper David James

Nickname(s): Harpo, Harpy, Jamie

Birthdate: 04/05/1858

Age: 32

Occupation: Healer, Spell Damage, Hogsmeade Hospital

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Willow, 12 ¼'', pliant, unicorn hair

Robert James (Father) 1832-present
Emma James nee White (Mother) 1834-1870
Elizabeth James (Paternal Grandmother) 1812-1879
Adelia James (Sister) 1860-present
Nellie James (Sister) 1863-present
Harper is just under 6 feet tall (5 ft. 11 in. to be precise) with a slim but healthy build. He prefers to wear his brown hair short and slicked back, and even shorter on the sides, but despite the popularity of facial hair he has always preferred being clean shaven Luckily Harper is naturally right handed so his tutor never had to beat the left-handedness out of him. Perhaps his most distinguishing feature is his heterochromia. His right eye is a brilliant blue, while his left eye is half blue and half brown.

At work Harper of course wears his uniform robes, but outside of work Harper dresses sharply and modern – no dress robes or eccentric pointy hats in sight. Instead, Harper can usually be seen in a sharp ditto suit expertly tailored. While the ascot was popular over the 1880s, Harper has begun the move to the floppy bow tie, usually in a statement colour or print to stay ahead of the curve.

Harper is gifted with a natural intelligence, but don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s the quiet, studious type. He is gregarious and charming, and more than comfortable to take charge of any room he walks in to. For Harper, honesty really is the best policy, which can lead to some sticky situations, but if you’re not the one being insulted it can be both incredibly funny and informative. Beneath Harper’s charming exterior there is both a deep compassion and sense of inquisitiveness. If you need help, Harper is the man to ask, and if you have a tricky puzzle or fun fact, Harper is dying to hear it.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsEO
Earth MagicEE
History of MagicA


BOGGART – Harper's mother with late stage dragon pox begging to see him again
PATRONUS – Blackbird
AMORTENTIA – Fresh pressed linen, cinnamon rolls, and some unidentified aroma that Harper cannot put his finger on


– Member of Merlin's Gentlemen's Club
1858 – Harper was born a healthy boy to Robert and Emma James

1860 – First sister Adelia was born

1863 – Second sister Nellie was born, and Harper first starts to display magic

1869 – Harper arrives at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw, to the joy of his mother and the disappointment of his Father (a proud Gryffindor)

1870 – Harper’s mother contracted Dragon Pox early in the year, and before Harper could get back to London she passed away. Harper was very close to his mother, and the loss hit him hard. As his father was a busy business owner (and a man) Harper’s grandmother Elizabeth moved in to look after Adelia and Nellie.

1876 – Graduating Hogwarts with excellent marks, enough to land an internship with the Spell Damage Department at St Mungo’s Hospital, taking a step in a dream career inspired by the death of his mother six years prior

1877 – Just as his internship was due to finish, magic was discovered by the muggle population, and Harper’s family fled to Hogsmeade after Harper’s father’s business was quickly bankrupt, almost forcing Adelia and Nellie to leave Hogwarts until Harper helped pay their last few years tuition.

1878 – Finally Harper finished his internship, now at Hogsmeade Hospital, and becomes a Healer

1879 – The stress of the events of 1877 finally catch up with Harper’s grandmother Elizabeth who dies of natural causes.

1881 – When a dangerous patient escaped from Hogsmeade Hospital, Harper was afraid his job would be in jeopardy, but as Faris Spavin was discovered to be behind it Harper was relieved to survive unscathed.

1883 – Harper’s father pressures him to settle down and marry any one of a number of eligible women, but Harper brushed them all aside, under the pretence that he was much more concerned with his work as a Healer

1884 – Though Harper was in the Spell Damage Department at Hogsmeade Hospital, all hands on deck were necessary during the Laughing Plague and Harper’s family narrowly avoided contracting the disease despite their pure blood. Thankfully, their home was not touched by the fire of the same year.

1887 – Harper and his sister Adelia were both trapped, but uninjured in the collapse of the Word Market pavilion

1888 – Now 10 years into his work as a Healer, Harper turns his attention to the position of Healer-in-Charge of the spell damage unit, and begins turning on the charm offensive at society functions to work towards that.

1890 – By all accounts, Harper has the Assistant Head position in the bag thanks to years of careful schmoozing and actual hard work, but his single status is starting to raise the occasional eyebrow.
+ Harper is a talented and hard working Healer

+ Seems to be on track for a promotion through the Hogsmeade Hospital administration
+ Harper had a partial academic scholarship for his 3rd through 7th years at Hogwarts
– Harper initially thought he was asexual or just not interested in romance for quite some time, but in his early 20s began to realise that he may actually be interested in men
Played By: Seth

Contact: PM, email

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Hello hello hello (please read in tone of Vanessa Vanjie Mateo as a regular dad)!

My name is Seth, and I'm super excited to be joining you guys here at Charming, starting off as Harper James and likely with a few more characters to come.

A little about me - I'm 27, Australian, in my tenth straight year of university, and I'm a long-time-lurker and first-time-poster here at Charming. I've recently had a hiatus from RPs, but before that I pretty much RPd for nearly a decade straight - got my start at 13 on the Neopets forums before moving over to more 'grown-up' sites on invison and proboards.

I'm a huge Harry Potter and fantasy nerd, video gaymer, drag fan (and occasional performer) who does community theatre in his spare time (whenever that is). Oh and I'm a super proud and obsessed cat-dad.

Super excited to get to know people and have some fun playing out one of my favourite fantasy worlds in one of my favourite English eras.

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