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Little Prince
Little Prince

10 year old Half-Veela
4 ft. 8 in.   ❤   Unattached
played by Kit
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Eros Mohr

Full Name: Eros Abraham Mohr

Nickname(s): Eerie

Birthdate: December 25, 1879

Age: 10

Occupation: Little Prince

Blood Status: Half-Veela

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Does not have one

Family: Threnody Mohr - Mother
Edward Mohr - Father
Donald Mohr - Stepbrother/Uncle, deceased
Mariah Mohr - Stepsister/Aunt
Rasmus Mohr - Half brother
Adasia Mohr - Half sister
Artemis Mohr - Sister
Perseus Mohr - half brother but believes him to be a full brother
Eros has brown hair and bright blue eyes. He currently stands at four feet, eight inches and has a slim build. He wears typical clothing for an upper class boy though it isn't too uncommon for them to have a bit of the rough and tumble to them that makes it obvious that Eros is a boy that enjoys playing in the outdoors. He is right handed.
- Is a huge Quidditch fan and is a supporter of the team that his father played for. Despite that, he is generally a fan of any Quidditch player because he wants to be just like them one day.
- Generally finds people more than a few years older than himself boring unless they're buying him something - or involved in Quidditch somehow.
1879: Eros is born on Christmas Day to Edward and Threnody Mohr.
1880: Rasmus goes off to Hogwarts, Eros is a baby so he doesn't notice the absence.
1881: Artemis is born and she swiftly becomes Eros's partner in crime.
1882: The Mohrs move to Hogsmeade which is not something Eros concerns himself too much about.
1883: Eros shows his first signs of magic by making his toy broom go a whole lot faster than the toy was designed to do. His love for Quidditch also begins blossoming in full force.
1884: Fire. Plague. Eros doesn't fully understand what's going on and is shielded from knowing too much about things. He does notice that some of his usual playmates are no longer around following the aftermath.
1885: Donald passes away. Eros didn't have much to do with him so he doesn't much care, as callous as that might seem.
1886: The Mohrs are outted as being half-veelas following an incident involving his mother.
1887: Early in the new year, Eros and his father get trapped together in a snow blizzard. It is terrifying and puts Eros off of snow for a long while. There is a halfbreed ban which could mean that if it stays in place, Eros might never get to go to Hogwarts much to his annoyance. Rasmus moves to France. Eros sort of misses him but is more glad that there are less males in the household.
1888: The half breed ban is lifted much to Eros's delight. He has a couple of years yet until he can attend though so he largely puts it out of his mind now that it is resolved.
1889: It is discovered that a bunch of statues turned out to be actual, living children. Eros is equal parts fascinated and horrified. It is also mildly disappointing that the statues they have are simply as they should be - stone.
1890: The Quidditch World Cup is coming which Eros is beyond pumped about.
Played By: Kit

Contact: PM, Discord

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eros is half-veela which means females tend to feel drawn to him with older ladies feeling protective of him

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