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First-String Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies
First-String Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies

27 year old Halfblood
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Augusta Robins

Full Name: Augusta Frances Robins

Nickname(s): Gus, or just Robins

Birthdate: 1st April, 1864

Age: 27

Occupation: First-String Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade. She and her younger brother share the rent on a squashed but cosy place in Pennyworth, and also share the responsibility of caring for their mostly bedridden mother.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Dogwood and unicorn hair, 9 3/4 inches, firm.

Family: Philip Robins | Father | 1831
Frances Robins | Mother | 1835
George Robins | Brother | 1866
& a couple of canaries supposedly to brighten up the house. They were cheaper than an owl.
Augusta was never going to be a great beauty, no one’s ever been in any doubt of that. She has a round, boyish face and stands at 5’3 tall (though is rather stocky in build, and strong as a horse). She has muddy brown eyes, a pert mouth that can be usually found stretched in a grin, and messy ginger hair that has often been called ‘unfortunate’. Gus doesn’t mind, though: it’s loud and cheerful, like she is. Practicality comes before fashion, of course, and it’s lucky she doesn’t mind the red of her hair making her look like a Christmas elf with Holyhead’s green-and-gold. When not being sporty, she wears skirts like a good girl, though if she has a fondness for matching up men’s neckties to her outfits, it’s not as though anyone cares to admonish her for it. She is naturally left-handed, which is usually a pain - but she likes to think it gives her an advantage on the pitch.
Loud-voiced and with a laugh like a pig’s snort, Augusta has never counted for much on the scale of elegance. She knows that, and is a little sorry for that, and perhaps wished she were better at being what she is supposed to: she suspects she might have been so terrified to try and fail miserably at that life as a girl that she threw herself upon quidditch as a premature escape, because at least there no one can say she’s failed. Maybe she’s a closet romantic, but there are some things that are just not going to happen: see, she’s pretty practical, too. Clownish and funny, the comic-relief sidekick in most respects, she does take quidditch and a few other things seriously and has her rare beats of grumpiness. But mostly she is uncomplaining, breezy and light, a stubbornly loyal friend and partner in crime, never one to back away from a tussle. She doesn’t always gain people’s respect, but she is grateful for any affection from anyone, and failing that, she’s happy to try and make them laugh.
REPUTATION EXPLAINED: Loses points for playing professional quidditch, and has always been a bit quirky and tomboyish. Never a whiff of real scandal, though.

1864 | Maybe it was fate that Augusta Frances Robins was born a few weeks early, just in time for April Fools. In the years to come her mother probably thinks she may as well have named her ‘April Fool’, for the kind of character her daughter shows. In the end, it matters little what she was christened: in a few years all anyone can call her is Gus, because that’s the only thing she’ll answer to.

1866 | Two years later, and a brother comes along. He is the apple of everybody’s eye and is named George.

1869 | Gus is a a wild little thing, a tomboy at an early age, running amok in the village they live in in Cornwall. She enjoys catching wild horses on the moors (and riding them), likes playing gobstones with other wizarding children and kicking about a ball with muggle ones, and likes more than anything when her father takes them to a Falmouth game, and Augusta gets to witness quidditch for herself. She starts begging for a broomstick the very next day.

1870 | They go to a muggle school in the mornings and are educated in wizarding matters by their parents at home - neither of them are incredibly educated, but they are well-meaning and both halfblooded, so they do alright.

1871 | For her birthday this year, at long last her parents get her a real broomstick! It’s the best they can afford, but Gus wants for nothing else. She is so preoccupied with practising on it this year that she doesn’t notice the signs that something is not so right between her parents. So it is a shock when she and George watch their father jump aboard a ship to Australia to seek new pastures, some other lass on his arm.

1873 | She considers throwing away her broomstick just to snub her father’s memory, but she soon reconsiders that, and just decides she’s going to get so good he’ll regret leaving them anyway. She suspects Georgie - a more timid child than her to begin with - has suffered more from this abandonment, and so Gus makes it half her job to keep people’s spirits up in their house with laughter and jokes and silliness. She appoints herself George’s protector out and about with other children, too, because unlike him she can make herself immune to all mockery. She’s a fair target for it - moreso from the girls she knows, who find her scruffy and loud - but she’s used to it.

1875 | And very soon, it’s Hogwarts time. Their mother has a steady job and has savings left over from when they had their father’s pay, so with secondhand supplies they manage reasonably well, and Gus can look forward to a fair few years. She is thrilled to go, and delighted to be sorted into Hufflepuff, because the truth is she would have been delighted no matter where she was put.

1877 | She has found herself some good friends in classes, mostly by playing the clown - though oftentimes this does go down better with the boys, again. She chooses Care of Magical Creatures, but that’s it, because this year she also gets onto the Hufflepuff team as chaser. Hah! She was sure she would. She’s never been good at anything, but she knows she’s good at this.

1879 | Fifth year comes around and Gus, while benefiting from a partial scholarship for her decent marks thus far, knows full well that she’s not the kind of person to get through NEWTs. And that’s fine. Maybe Georgie will get to go to Hogwarts longer. He seems to enjoy the learning more than she does, anyway. She’ll be sad to leave the quidditch team, but. Needs must.

1880 | Once she’s left school in summer and got her OWLs, Gus considers doing something [i]proper[/i] for a profession for a while - oh, who is she kidding, she signs on immediately with the Holyhead Harpies. (She tried out for Falmouth first, but they wouldn’t have her. She’s still not quite over it.) She gets a little more side-eyed in the streets now she plays quidditch professionally, but no one who knows her is really surprised. And it’s not like people eye her for anything else.

1883 | It’s the quidditch world cup this year. Nothing else is really worth mentioning - even to Gus, who didn’t make the team.

1884 | She celebrates making first-string Chaser for the Harpies by pitching in with her brother to start renting a place in Hogsmeade, bringing their mother along with them. Worst timing, really, because only a few months after they move there, the laughing plague sweeps around town and hits their mother hardest. She recovers eventually, but thereafter her health is never quite the same. But after the worst summer, it’s back to quidditch, the love of her life! (There’s certainly no one else lining up to claim the title.)

1886 | Their mother’s health worsens again - her lungs are the main problem, but she’s always tired, too, and her heart might be weakening - so Gus and George have to spend more time thinking of her. They have been pragmatic with money enough that they can afford a move to Pennyworth, which is a little more comfortable; Gus thinks the new house helps lift her mother’s spirits, if nothing else.

1890 | Gus feels like she’s hardly grown up at all in the last five years; she certainly hasn’t grown out of quidditch. Home life is a little less fun; their mother is bedridden most days of the week, leaving Gus and her brother to care for her, the house and their finances. Still, Gus is pretty good at keeping her head up and ploughing on. It’s worked well enough so far.

— Professional quidditch player.
— Bit of a tomboy.
— Has a chronically ill mother she cares for.
— Her father is no longer in the picture, having run off to Australia many years ago.
Played By: MJ

Contact: PM Elias Grimstone

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This was rather an unusual turn of events, even for a quidditch player (- she supposed, technically, that being one, she had fans -) and while she hadn’t hesitated in replying to the letter or in showing up to the lakeside, in the last few minutes loitering here Gus had cursed her own tendency to take everything at face value. Or her tendency not to think.

But if this was just some joke, or trick from the press, it would be odd to use the Ollivander name, she supposed; she couldn’t say she knew the family herself, but she had walked past the Hogsmeade wand shop enough to know that everyone and their pet cat had heard of him. And this was him now, apparently, and indeed with his young ward in tow.

She shoved down the sudden disconcerting feeling that perhaps she might have prepared a proper speech or some sort of thing for the young girl going off to Hogwarts rather than showing up empty-handed like this - and her hands had been crammed in her robe pockets until she removed them to shake Mr. Ollivander’s hand. She had smiled good-naturedly at the man as he introduced her, though he made her sound a little formal and a little more impressive than she usually felt; but when Billie introduced herself she broke into a broader grin, and stuck her hand out to her as well. “Well, I hope they didn’t say anything too abysmal about me,” she began cheerily, “and I’m very pleased to meet you too, Billie, but you’d better call me Gus. Everyone does.” She shot a mock-reproving look at Mr. Ollivander, because Ms. Robins had done no favours - and the point of this was that Billie might actually want to talk to her, after all! Ms. Robins made her sound a terrible bore. She cupped her hand to her mouth to make this confidential, as if the Prophet hadn’t likely already given her away. “It’s Augusta really, but -” She pulled a face to properly advertise her disgust.

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